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The Digital Skills Gap: What It Is and How to Address It

What is the Digital Skills Gap?

digital skills gap

HubSpot Growth Stack: A Review of the Free Marketing Software

As a small business you may face more obstacles than normal.

Having a free (yes, I said free!) marketing software like the HubSpot Growth Stack...


The 15 Best Photos from Inbound 2016

Every year our team gets the opportunity to spend a few days in Boston at HubSpot's annual Inbound conference. We recently just returned a few...

inbound 2016

Ohio Inbound Marketing Day 2016 Keynote Speaker: George B. Thomas

Ohio Inbound Marketing Day is right around the corner and as we move into the final countdown until the event, we wanted to introduce you to our...

ohio inbound marketing day

Mother Teresa Site Reaches Page 1 and Generates 1500+ Contacts

Mother Teresa was a force of nature and wholly unique. This strong and independent woman was born Gonxha (Agnes) Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Yugoslavia,...

case studies

Why Every Company Should Start with Minimum Viable Buyer Personas

Creating, implementing, and learning from buyer personas is one of the most if not the most important cornerstones in the inbound methodology—and...

Buyer Personas

My Quick & Easy Synopsis of Moz's Beginner's Guide to SEO

In recent years, eBooks have become some of the best content that can be found online. Unfortunately, at times, comitting hours to comb through...

Taking a Historic Publisher from Outbound to the Next Inbound Frontier

Franciscan Media, established by the Franciscan Friars in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the 1890s, is one of America's oldest Catholic book and magazine...

case studies

The New Facebook Reactions vs. HubSpot Reporting [The Showdown]

Confession time: While everyone else spent the last week of February concerned about the presidential election and the (possibly) tanking overseas...

HubSpot Facebook

Repurposing Content: 8 Methods to Diversify Your Content Strategy

Has your content strategy quickly become stale and repetitive? This problem seems to pop up very often in the content marketing world. You may be...

repurposing content

The Modern Marketer: 5 Critical Marketing Skills to Have

A wise man once said "the quickest way to become an old dog is to stop learning new tricks."

Being four months away from obtaining my college...

professional development

A History of New Years and a Special Thanks

As we approach the holiday season and our transition into 2016, I thought it would be fun to take a break from our usual marketing-focused content...

Interview with Ohio Inbound Marketing Day Speaker: Tim Farrel

Our long time friend and fellow Ohio Inbound Marketing Day sponsor Tim Farrel of Conrad | Phillips | Vutech sat down with us for a one-on-one...

ohio inbound marketing day

Deciding to Work with a Social Media Management Company

Businesses both small and large are looking to tap into social media as a part of their content and inbound marketing mix. With that, marketers...

Inbound Marketing Social Media

What You Need to Know Creating a jQuery Modal Popover in HubSpot COS

Disclaimer: This is not a post all about how to "block popups".

Despite the fact that Google records 2300 searches a month of some version of "how...

HubSpot COS development

Columbus Chamber of Commerce: Leading a Booming Local Economy

Ten years ago, if I would have told you that Columbus, Ohio would be one of the fastest growing cities for business, you probably would have...

Applying Inbound Techniques to Restaurant Marketing

When I started out as the event planner for a well established restaurant, I figured there was little I would have to do to drive sales.  

Inbound Marketing restaurant marketing

Meet the October Columbus HUG Presenters: Tim Farrel & Erica Malone

On this month's Columbus HUG webcast, we are proud to feature Tim Farrel and Erica Malone of Conrad Phillips Vutech. Their presentation will...

Inbound Marketing October HUG Webcast

HubSpot's New Predictive Lead Scoring Tool

We are still coming down from the high that is the annual HubSpot Inbound conference - with its thousands of eager attendees, prolific speakers,...


Top 5 Marketing Automation Systems and Why Your Boss Should Invest

So, what is marketing automation systems anyway? Just another buzzword?

 If your company has failed to step into the 21st century and update your...

marketing automation

I Need An Inbound Marketing Career, Stat!

I'm about to graduate, and I know I want a career in inbound marketing! Yay! ...Now what?

Welcome to the million dollar question. Regardless of...

Inbound Marketing Career

Should My Staff Complete The Inbound Marketing Certification?

If you follow my updates on Twitter, you probably know that I teach a course at Ohio University on Thursday nights that I call Inbound Habits.


inbound marketing certification

Impulse Purchasing with the Pinterest 'Buy it' Button

My Aunt LOVES Pinterest.


Top 5 Best Marketing Books for a Hip Marketer

As a recent college graduate, I cannot tell you how over reading textbooks I am.

As a marketing student, I wanted to be reading about things I...

Marketing Tools Content Marketing Digital Marketing

What is a HubSpot User Group (HUG)?

So you've heard about the monthly HUG meetings in your city.

You know they are about marketing something-or-other. Or perhaps your company or...

Columbus HubSpot User Group

So, What is HubSpot?

Inbound marketing is the golden child of the marketing world and for good reason - it is a proactive and fundamental shift that matches the way...

HubSpot Inbound Marketing

8 Essential Skills of the Inbound Marketing Consultant

Is Snapchat's Content Marketing Growing Up?

Snapchat started out as a photo messaging app. It had 14 employees and a cute Silicon Beach address in Venice.

Today, the company has an estimated

Social Media

Is an Online Content Destination Worth the Investment?



What is the difference between traditional content marketing and an online content destination?

First, we need to define...

Content Marketing

4 Podcasts for Essential Listening: Storytelling Edition

How many podcasts do you listen to on a weekly basis?

Or, are you a newbie who wants to listen to quality podcasts, but you aren't sure where to...

Series Marketing Tools Podcasts

Digital Marketing Conference Interact15 a Success

Interact15, a digital marketing conference that took place in Springfield, Ohio, was a jam-packed day of panels, presenters, marketing insights...

Content Marketing Speaking Digital Marketing Marketing Insights

What are the risks of LinkedIn's Elevate app?

LinkedIn's tagline for their new app Elevate is "empower your employees to share great content with their networks, and become a socially engaged...

Personal Branding Tips for Your Sales Team

Does your sales team have what it takes to build a personal brand? If the answer is no or not a resounding yes, read on.

Why do they need to?



Is it the Year of Content Marketing Distribution Companies?

Officially 2015 is the year of the sheep, but it can also be argued that 2015 will be the year of content marketing distribution companies.

To be...

Content Marketing

A Simple Check to Stop WordPress Hackers

This week, a huge Yoast SEO WordPress plugin vulnerability was uncovered.

Marketing Insights Search

Coke Killed the Sales Voicemail

One of the best sales training events I ran for a team was one on prospecting. It was focused on gaining accesss at high levels with a series of...


3 Media Production Hacks They Don't Want You to Know

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Video Media Habits

What a Black and Blue Dress Can Teach Us About Customer Engagement

Years from now, February 26th, 2015 will be remembered for the day Net Neutrality legislation was heavily discussed and analyzed. Just kidding....

Social Media

Being a Marketing Professional: A Blessing and a Curse


Register for Columbus HUG Meeting #2: Building Personas

Who are your ideal customers?

Inbound Marketing

The 5 Top Sports Marketing Jobs To Get Today

Sports extends beyond what occurs on the grizzly gridiron, the pristine pitch, the icy ice, the dusty diamond, and other playing battlefields.

Education Marketing Insights

Strategies for Tackling Organizational Change Management

According to Forrester Research, 70% of organizational change management initiatives fail. That means 2 out of 3 attempts at change, whether that...


Secrets to Creating Memorable Content: Super Bowl XLIX Style


Source: Wikipedia

At $4.2 million for thirty seconds of exposure, the purchase of a Super Bowl ad spot during face off XLIX was "the most...

Content Marketing

Calorie Counting and Expectations of the Menu Labeling Rule

Oh, the joy of counting calories.


B2B Marketing on Twitter - How Many Companies Are Failing

Twitter is in the top social-media echelon for B2B relationship building and lead generation. While there may be some debate about the degree of...

Social Media Strategy

What's the New Wave of Digital Storytelling in Sports?

Statistics show that people are digitally composing their own stories frequently.

Social Media Marketing Insights

The State of Consumer Research in Higher Education

The higher education research and development sector is a 65 billion dollar annual behemoth.

Podcast Marketing Insights

Use Facebook Apps for Business and Grow Your Email List

We live in the age where billions of people spend unbelievable amounts of time on Facebook, sometimes checking their news feeds multiple times...

Inbound Marketing

4 Continuing Trends for Restaurant Marketing in 2015

2014 proved to be a year of new developments for restaurant marketing, from mobile apps to kiosk ordering. Many restaurants took on the technology...

Restaurants Marketing Insights

Newcastle's Super Bowl Ad is the Most Refreshing in Years

Perhaps my title of this blog post is a bit misleading. At first glance it may appear that I am of the opinion that Super Bowl ads need refreshing...

Disruptive Innovation

Make the Most of Restaurant Marketing with Marvelous Merchandise


Marketing Tools Restaurants

Did You Know About Columbus HubSpot User Group?

It's been a long time since I have done one of these videos, but we have an event coming up that I think you might want to check out.

Inbound Marketing

Examining Government Marketing in Columbus Ohio

With the advent of the new year we are thrilled to bring you a brand new NR Media Group production - The Columbus Marketing Show.

Podcast Marketing Insights

3 Predictions on How Digital Media Services Will Evolve in 2015

It's that time of year again.

Inbound Marketing Content Marketing Media Habits

The Best Marketing Podcasts of 2014


Marketing Tools Content Marketing Podcasts

Making the Most of Your Brand with Marvelous Merchandise

Restaurant marketing is vital to the livelihood of any company, new or old. A key to success is having a catchy, identifiable logo for your...

5 Tips for Coming Up with Content for Business Blogs

Content and inbound marketing sit atop the marketing world and their right hand man, blogging, is a big reason for why they are there.


Content Marketing

HubSpot Pricing in a Nutshell

Inbound Marketing Marketing Tools

What Are Sports Marketing Videos Missing?

Is J.J. Abrams the man behind the sports marketing videos coming out of the Ohio State football office?

Video Strategy

Understanding Inbound vs Outbound Marketing


Inbound Marketing Marketing Insights

10 Mind-Blowing Video Marketing Statistics You Have to Know

Video Marketing Insights


By now you’ve heard the term GMO and may even know all about it. For those who are still in the dark with what it all means, a GMO is a Genetically...

Connected Products - The Future of Business Innovation

The Internet of Things has become one of the most highly discussed topics in general and in business. For those not familiar with the concept, the...

Marketing Insights Disruptive Innovation

How To Get Better Results from Video Marketing Services

Over the years, I've worked with a ton of companies to help them hire video marketing services so that they can begin to build libraries of assets...

Video Content Marketing Media Habits

Emotion in Marketing - The Single Most Powerful Tool

Before we jump into the meat of the post - take a look at this recent video from outdoor apparel producer North Face.

Strategy Marketing Insights

The Future of Storytelling: What Does Your Brand Voice Sound Like?


Disruptive Innovation

How Businesses Can Excel on Snapchat

Snapchat, the app based on sending photos to your friends that disappear, is rapidly evolving. The Verge reports that Snapchat Stories are now ...

Social Media Social Business Design Content Marketing

Preventable Social Media Marketing Mistakes

A national brand has an online presence in social media, including Twitter. A marketing team or individual looks at the trending hashtags, and...

Social Media Marketing Insights

Is Social Media Changing Civic Engagement?

from the City of Ventura
Social Media Media Habits

How to Track Competitor Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

How To Create Effective Infographics

Created by Carson Reider, NRMG
Content Marketing Stories

How to Listen to Your Customers With Social Media Customer Service

Chances are, you've heard of Zynga, the maker of games that take over your life such as Words With Friends and FarmVille. Zynga recently made an...

Social Media

A Unique Approach to Improving Brand Reputation

You are already an expert in the industry. Your brand has a strong reputation and you feel confident about the quality of your services. That’s...

Facebook's Latest Updates: Policy Changes and Mobile Payment?

So far, October 2014 has been an interesting month for Facebook. In the last week, their latest updates included two policy changes and a sign of...

Social Media

The Curious Case of Bethany Mota, YouTube Star

Who is Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota was just 13 when she started posting videos to her YouTube channel, macbarbie07. In those early days, she offered...

Social Media Video

The Social TV Reality

Before we went dark for a few weeks, we detailed a study being conducted by the Council for Research Excellence (CRE).

Social Media Media Habits

The Rise and Impending Fall of Anonymous Social Networks

What do you think of when you hear "social networks"?

Social Media

Marketing Technologists - Unicorns or Just Horses?

Content Marketing Marketing Insights

What Role Can Blogging for Restaurants and Breweries Play?

Did you know that there are over 3,000 breweries in the United States and that this figure is the highest it has been since prohibition? But what...

Podcast Restaurants

3 Ways to Make the ALS #IceBucketChallenge Better

I was helping my younger brother record his ice bucket challenge today, and while he was going through what he was saying, it donned on me that...

How Pinterest Works

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that has quickly become a top social media in the world.

Social Media

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #018: To Play Games or be Useful?

To play games or be useful? In this week's show, Brandon and I discuss the outcomes of game mechanics vs. being useful.

What Is The Social Sharing of Emotions?

Think why and what you share...

Social Media

Learn from these Brands on YouTube

Last week we introduced the topic of creating effective content on YouTube and took a look at The Fine Brothers, one of the best content producers...

Social Media

What's the Role of Marketing and Finance in Restaurants?

Fast casual is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry and Zoës Kitchen is championing the market.


Facebook's Celebrity App

Source: Facebook
Social Media

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #016: Big Data in Your Restaurant

In this week's show, Brandon and I open by discussing an interesting move by Applebee's to assure their customers that their staff won't steal...

Facebook's Emotional Contagion? About That

Thanks, Bill Watterson!
Social Media

Why Google Needed to Buy Songza

Google is years behind other companies out there. While their algorithms and wearables seem like they come from the future, Google falls flat in...

Media Habits Strategy

Why Kallpod's Communication Technology Works

In past posts, we've highlighted ways to improve content marketing effectiveness, operational efficiency and profits by means of numerous online...

Restaurants Marketing Insights

#044: Anthony Lye on Mobile Devices and Cloud Computing

Microsoft spent 90 percent of its 2011 research and development budget on cloud computing strategy and products, according to Wired. Since 2011,...


Mastering Social Media for Customer Service: A Workshop

Social Media Guests Strategy

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #013: The Latest in Restaurant Reservations and More

In this week's show, Brandon and I look at news articles and some supplemental information released this week that cover some strategic tech...

Series Restaurants

What's Polarizing About Brazil's Midia NINJAs During the World Cup?

from Twitter
Social Media

What's Up With All This Bragging On Social Media?

Image from Glossy Musings
Social Media

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #012: Content Marketing for Restaurants

In this week's show, Nate and Brandon look at 3 news articles released this week, as well as a review of some books that we think you need to read.

Series Content Marketing Restaurants Marketing Insights

What is Socialnomics' "World of Mouth"?

The way we live and how we interact have been transformed by social media.

Social Media

Who is the Ideal Content Marketing Manager?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of all business-to-business marketing firms utilize content marketing, with 58% planning to...

Content Marketing Strategy

#041: Jarod Kelly on the Craft Beer Business

Did you know 77% of America's hops come from the state of Washington, yet most Americans live within 10 miles of a craft brewery?


Millennial Search Behavior

Is your brand aiming to capture millennial attention?

Content Marketing Media Habits Search

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #009: Technology at the NRA Show

Technology at the NRA Show

In this week's show, Brandon and I dig into the Tech Pavilion at the upcoming National Restaurant Association Show in...

Series Restaurants

Why Do We Act Differently Online?

Have you ever re-read a tweet or post from you or a friend and thought, "Well, that doesn't sound like me/them at all..."?

Social Media

How To Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool utilized by over 70 million users to share and explore ideas and products. It stands out from social giants...

Social Media

How to Write the Perfect Apology Tweet

In this day and age, most business owners know the basics for how to apologize on Twitter, but now it's time to learn how to write the perfect...

Social Media Guests Strategy

The Challenges Facing Brands on Snapchat

In an age where the attention span of a goldfish outlasts that of a human, marketers are tasked with creating concise captivating content.

Social Media

Wait, You Can Search by Emoji on Yelp?

Are you ever so hungry for a nice cold ice cream cone that you only have the energy left to type a single character?


This Week in Restaurant Technologies #006: New Technologies for Restaurants to Consider

This week, Brandon and I are back with episode 006 of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

Series Restaurants

036: Dan Kim on Using Social Media to Grow a Frozen Yogurt Franchise

In October if 2013, CNBC reported that major American private equity firms have been pouring money into an early stage restaurant industry segment...


How Does Google Separate Authority from Popularity?

In some ways, building a great reputation online can be like politics.

Social Media Search

This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Social News and Online Ordering

This week, Brandon and I are back with episode 004 of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

Series Restaurants

Will New Options Increase Twitter's Photo Shareability?

According to Alex Roetter, Twitter's VP of Engineering, "It’s rare for a day to go by when we’re not releasing at least one experiment."

Social Media

What Is SoMoLo and How Will It Affect Your Brand in 2014?

At the heart of content marketing is the desire to build a customer-strategy that is formulated by standing in customers' shoes and understanding...

Marketing Insights

033: Michael Atkinson on Wearable Technology in Restaurants

Do you wear Glass?


What is the Future of Big Data?

Today, marketers and the businesses they serve are experiencing a new kind of problem. IBM, an industry thought leader on big data management and...

Marketing Insights

This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Google Cards and Pickle Data [VIDEO]

I love the way the internet works.

Series Restaurants

Nice Map! Network Mapping the Social Media Landscape.

New technologies have been beneficial to humanity throughout history: the sextant, the printing press, semiconductor electronics, the Internet,...

Social Media

Social Media Conversation Structures: If 3's a Crowd, then 6 is a Twitter Party

Do you recall the public squares of yore? You know, the ones where orators would deliver their message to those walking by who would care to...

Social Media

The Golden Circle at #Sochi2014

Wondering why brands having nothing to do with sports feature athletes in their messages? This post will tell you how technology is letting brands...

Content Marketing

#029 Matt DeBusk on Content Marketing for Franchised Restaurants

How important of a role does brand play when growing a franchised restaurant system? And, what about content marketing?


Fascinating Olympic Digital User Trends from Social Sochi 2014

Digital user trends are changing how we experience the Olympics...

Social Media

Listly Lists: Why HTML is a Thing of the Past

In this post we explore, the online center for social lists, and interview co-founder Nick Kellet about his involvement with the site and...

Content Marketing

Restaurant Marketing Goes Hand-in-Hand with Media Production

One of the best ways to connect with a target audience in today's increasingly media-saturated world is through recipe videos. These digital gems...

Content Marketing

The Psychology of Gamification and Social Media

Have you been awarded a trophy or a badge in recognition of an achievement?

Marketing Insights

#025 Kelly Roddy on Building Restaurant Brands

As a marketer by trade, the power of branding has always fascinated me. But for multi-unit restaurants, developing and stewarding a brand is a...


Your Brain and Social Media: Digital Storytelling

It goes without saying that social media influences our lives: it affects our self-image and simulates feelings of love.


#021 Firehouse Subs CEO Don Fox - Building Great Restaurant Franchises

What does it take to grow and operate a successful restaurant franchise system? One might imagine that it’s a huge undertaking that requires quite...


#019: Joshua March of Conversocial on Social Media Customer Service

How long do you keep your guests waiting for an answer when they reach out to your brand on Facebook or Twitter?

1/3 of social consumers expect...

#016 Fishbowl CEO Scott Shaw Talks Restaurant CRM

Email marketing is no stranger to the restaurant business. Why? It’s incredibly effective at driving up guest counts and opening wallets.


#013 Restaurant Catering with Erle Dardick of MonkeyMedia Software

Here's a tough question for any restaurant operator:

As we gear up for the holiday season, just how important are off-premise sales to your...


#011 Epic Content Marketing with Joe Pullizzi

Have you heard the term Content Marketing being thrown around online and in your marketing department lately?


How To Help Your CEO Rewire Their Brain for Social Media Engagement

Social Business Design

3 Tips for Managing Customer Expectations on Social Media (And Why Chase Bank Wins)

Social Media Social Business Design

Use Listly for Your Content Marketing (7 Reasons Why You Should)

Do you already use Listly as a tool in your content marketing program?

Content Marketing

What are the differences between Apple iOS VS Android Users?

My post on Thursday that discussed push notifications and social media engagement habits seemed to get a bunch of you all fired up.

Marketing Insights

How To Cause Brand Advocates' Story to Change (Part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of this story on brand advocacy and how to avoid changing the stories that your brand advocates tell. If you're just...

How To Make An Entrance (And Have Everyone Remember It)

For the GoInbound 2013 speakers, Wednesday evening began by gathering with the team from Element Three for dinner and an evening of relaxed...

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy: Mixing Live-Stream and Recorded Video

Content Marketing

#003: Zoës Kitchen on Social Intelligence

How does your brand sift through all the social media noise to get to the trends and insights that help you make better decisions?

My guests this...


Market Research Sources: 5 Simple Tips for Validating Insights

You and I are living in an age where content is rising over the banks of the web like flood waters.

Marketing Insights

#001: How Moe's Southwest Grill Did the Harlem Shake

You've already heard of the Harlem Shake meme. It seems everyone has these days.

Perhaps maybe you've even pulled out those crazy costume props...


Blended Family Stories #1: Permission Works Both Ways

Let's be honest - step parenting and learning how to adapt to blended family life can be one of the toughest challenges that we face as parents...

Is Your Content Marketing Team Going Google?

I've been preaching it since early July of last year.

Social Media Strategy

Master LinkedIn Today -- Learn to Save Time with 3 Stellar Features

This is a post I originally ran over at OpenView Labs. Enjoy your Monday!

There's a few things you come to accept after some time working in...

Social Media Content Marketing

Start-Up & Developer Jobs in Columbus Ohio? Find them on TechLife HotJobs

Are you an application developer or software engineer looking to find a job in a Columbus, Ohio start-up?

Workaholics: Research & Tools for Establishing Work-Life Balance

Today's guest post comes from Anita Brady, chief executive of I think this post has some excellent tools you can use to establish...

Using Tweet Adder: How To Upset Twitter Followers with Automation

I've disappointed quite a few of you social media folks over the past couple of weeks, and it was absolutely unintentional.

Social Media

Smartphone Adoption and the iPhone VS Android App Conundrum

A conundrum has been on my mind for weeks now related to smartphone adoption, and I want to get your take.

Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Marketing Case Study: How Logitech Wins a Moment of Truth [VIDEO]

The illustration above comes from the folks at and their post on Google's ZMOT eBook. It cleanly highlights three different...

Pinterest: 5 Reasons the Valuation of the Darling Discovery Network is Bogus

By now, you've probably see the articles flying around the web that are citing the $100 Million investment into Pinterest by Japan's top online...

Social Media

23 New Marketing Books to Keep Your Nose Pointed (Plus 1 More)

Photo by fmgbain

Social Media Content Marketing

How To Use Buffer to Manage Twitter for Business

A few times each year, I take a long hard look at the tools I use to manage my presence and do some Spring cleaning.

Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

The Cart and Horse of Social Media ROI

For some reason, it seems that a good deal of brand marketers expect their promotions on underdeveloped social media channels to drive immediate...

Social Media Content Marketing

Saturday Morning Cartoons -- Sex for Your Brain from the Week of April 16th -- April 22nd


Marketing Insights

Is Disruptive Technology Adoption Accelerating?

As far as disruptive technology adoption goes, it seems like web users have flocked towards Pinterest like grade school kids flock towards the...

Disruptive Innovation

Pinterest Experiment: How To Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest is still the pretty and mysterious girl on the block that's fascinating just about everyone online these days.

Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

Balancing Business, Travel, and My Kids - What I'm Learning from Other Professional Speakers

I'm lucky.


Embrace Disruption - My Slides from #PLA12

Perhaps you've already heard that the presses have stopped.

Disruptive Innovation

3 Tactics to Employ As An Alternative to Like Gating on Facebook

Welcome back to my series on the recent update of the Facebook Timeline for business pages!

Content Marketing Strategy Marketing Insights

The Role of the Agency in Social Business

I'm pleased to give the floor to Marjorie Clayman today.

Social Media Guests Social Business Design

A Case Study in How To Dreadfully Screw Up a Scarcity Play via Email

The guy you'll read about below is absolutely doing everything 100% wrong.

Chuck Hemann Shares More on Making Social Media Insights Work in the Enterprise

The first day at SocialFresh was a blast!

Social Business Design Content Marketing Marketing Insights

When Does Reciprocity Kill the Gift Economy?

In his books and blog, author Seth Godin often discusses an idea he's coined as the gift economy. Because of the vastness of the internet and the...

Social Media Content Marketing

Case Study: Go Viral on YouTube with Shock & Awe Content

I was turned 0nto this video on YouTube when I sat on a panel at a co-branded Columbus AMA and AdFed event a few weeks ago. Since that time, I've...

Content Marketing Strategy

The 5 Honest Requirements of the 'Me Time'

Up until recently, I hadn't been spending enough 'me time' each day.

3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week #10

Welcome to 2012, my friends!

25 'Best Of' Blog Posts on in 2011

As I get ready for next year on, I always look back at what posts preformed the highest with you and all of the folks that visit...

Social Media Content Marketing

The Fascinating Personal Brand of Tim Tebow

As of this post, the Green Bay Packers are still undefeated.

Social Media

Jump Start Blogging & 26 Completely Random Cables

The thing about grinding your blogging practice to a halt is that it's incredibly difficult to start-up again. Cold engines and dormant batteries...


My Case Against the Henge Dock for Macbook and Macbook Pro

I bought a Henge Dock last week. What is a Henge Dock, you ask?

Disruptive Innovation

3 Basic Mindsets of Video Content Programming

Remember this guy?

Content Marketing

The Personal Brand: Daily Work List

In the next few weeks, you'll see some more posts on all of this personal brand stuff. The stories, lists and how-to's will be derived from my own...

Social Media Content Marketing

On Building a Small Agency

I'm surrounded by friends and fellow entrepreneurs who don't nearly blog as much as I do. They don't have time - they're busy building businesses.

Social Media

More On Death and Social Media

We talked yesterday about the aspect of death and dying, and what happens to the digital self you create by using all this online stuff.

D.J Collier on Godfather Social Media

Today, I'm super excited to welcome the musings of a guest to D.J Collier makes his home up in Delaware, Ohio. He's a musician, a...

Social Media Guests

3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week - Connectors

And we're back!

Social Media

About Maximus

I've been MIA since last weekend so thanks for your patience. I'm so grateful that you care enough to send tweets and Facebook messages supporting...

5 Simple Steps to Learning from Your Blogs Top 10 Traffic Referral Posts

Have you ever done a Top 10 Posts post on your blog?

Content Marketing Strategy

The Weekly Blogging Style Guide #7: Media Styles

Social Media Content Marketing

The Thing About Viral Video Marketing

I hear that a lot from the clients I meet with.

Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week #7 - College Edition

Happy Monday, kids!

Social Media

Columbus Ohio Firm Webbed Marketing is Acquired by Fathom SEO

Today is a great day for one of the leading small agencies in Columbus, Ohio and congratulations are in order for Bill Balderaz, Amy Marshall and the...

3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week #6 -- College Edition

Happy Monday, kids!

Social Media

Columbus Bloggers on the Loose: 18 of My Favorite Cedar Point Photos

This one is just for some Friday entertainment. Enough thinking for this week, okay?

Social Media Content Marketing

Doing Good Content Marketing

I'll start by being honest myself -- I don't really like that a lot of people are giving Chris Brogan shit for building out a training webinar on...

Social Media Content Marketing

Blogging Style Critiques from the Week July 11th

Social Media Content Marketing

The Speed of Ford - 7 Key Lessons for Big Brands Using Social Media

I want to start this post by stating that I have a hell of a lot of respect for Scott Monty and the work he's been leading up in Michigan.

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy

A Framework for Taking Time for Life

One of the things I'm doing in an attempt to gain more focus amidst the chaos of everyday life, is to use a framework and a series of exercise...


How To Use Google Plus Sparks as an Internet Listening Post

Are you tuned into the web today?

Social Media

3 Cool Kids You Should StalkThis Week - #3

Happy 4th of July, kids.

Social Media

Facebook Page HOW TO: Building Online Communities and the Art Conversation

If you've tuned in for the last two days, you might just be getting up to speed on how to use a Facebook page to build online communities around your...

Social Media Content Marketing

BeKnown - How a Monster Makes Facebook Look Like LinkedIn

Yeah, I know -- I'm a day late.

Social Media

Blogging Style Critiques from the Week of June 25th 2011

Here's the second installment of this weekly series on blogging and post writing styles.

Social Media

3 Secret Ingredients to Master the Short Form Content Marketing Sauce

Short form content marketing?!?

Want to learn more about content marketin? Discover how to build a content marketing team with your clients.
Social Media Content Marketing

A Story for Fathers Day - Ice Cold Milk and Doughnuts

I originally published this post over on Patrick Reyes few months ago. There's lots of good posts over there about dad stuff. But, I thought the...

7 Practices to Increase Weekly Actives on Your Facebook Page

And we're back...

Social Media Social Business Design

3 Ideas to Help You Build a Content Marketing Business Culture

Strategy Disruptive Innovation

The Happy Sandbox Manifesto


How To Sell Sandwiches

The best way to sell sandwiches is to not sell sandwiches at all.


How We're Experimenting with Fan Page Duels On Facebook

The folks at Incept (client) and I have been working pretty hard on the community management surround the upcoming Ohio Growth Summit on June 7th...

Social Media Strategy

Quiet Balance

I owe you and all the rest of my readers an explanation. Same for you folks who follow me on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn.

How To Build Presence on Twitter Like a Pirate

If you're not using ManageFiltter Pro as a tool to help you build presence and follow the right people on Twitter, you should be. And by the way,...

Social Media Strategy

QR Codes - Driving Adoption by Doing it Right

In 2010, we started to talk about QR codes ... a little.

Strategy Disruptive Innovation

9 Ways to Use EdgeRank to Rule Your Facebook Experience

So, we finally have something to call it. Facebook's magic behind the news feed and our real life social graphs has been revealed.

Social Media

Jim Canterucci on Using LinkedIn to Increase Blog Readership

Social Media

On Attitudes

When I was a little kid, my Oma hung a poster with the saying you see to the right in my bedroom at their house.

Social Media

On Recognition

I'm guilty of "meh" sometimes. Maybe we all are on occasion, but we probably should work on that, right?

On Relationship Layers, Time and Facebook

Social Media

Your Weekly Branding Activity

Before I had the chance to talk with a group of students at the AMA International Collegiate conference on personal branding, I wrote this post. It's...


10 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Flickr

Allright friends. I'm experimenting a bit with some different days for guest posts on

7 Ways to Ensure You Don't Fumble in Your Comment Section

There's nothing quite like getting a few comments on your blog from time to time. It's motivating to know that there are enough people out there...

Social Media

SXSW Trend Spotting: The Rise of Group Texting Sites

Aside from great friendships, amazing memories and about 10 additional pounds of belly weight, I took away some killer ideas and got a bead on...

Social Media

3 Influence Metrics That Klout Forgot

Hi, folks. I've been quiet here for a few days, since I've been spending time creating content with Team Cbus over at our blog, as we compete for...

Social Media

Why Values Simplify Work

Today, you get to hear from my good friend Perry Maughmer. Perry has influenced the way that I think about organizations, humans and social media...

Paula Berg on Poisons and Antidotes at Social Fresh Tampa

Do you remember Paul Berg? If you're into the social media stuff, you should.

Social Media Social Business Design

5 Ways to Be a Better Negotiator

How often do you bargain with people?

Social Media

One Butt in Two Places

When my brother and I were young, our Oma (that's German for grandmother) used to say something to us when we hit activity overload:

[For effect,...

How to Get on the Bus and Support Team Cbus

There's a buzz starting around the city of Columbus, and I want to help show you the way.

Social Media

Giving Out Your Number

Every morning I scan my reader, lists and Twitter looking for good content. I do this because I want to keep learning, and I want to share it with...

Social Media

The #BZBowl and Why DVRs and Internet Conversations Don't Get Along

Tonight’s the big game.

Social Media Disruptive Innovation

Groupon: The Brand You Actually Buy

My son Kaden was born in a Columbus-area hospital.

Social Media

Content Marketing World: Register This Weekend for the Super Early Bird Discount

Social Media Speaking

How To Use HootSuite's Bulk Schedule Feature

I'm surprised that I've not seen more buzz about a neat little add-on feature from HootSuite.

Social Media Disruptive Innovation

Quora: What's Your Opinion?

Happy Saturday! May I pick your brain? I promise it will take less than 2 minutes. Okay?

Social Media

Culture, Symbols and Human Affinity

I'm like a lot of my fraternity brothers in Pi Beta Sigma.

How To Avoid Getting The Red X on Twitter

There are a few red X's down there. Wonder why?

Social Media Strategy

Growing Your Permission Asset Traditionally

Your permission is very valuable.

Social Media Strategy

Steer Tightly Around the Curves

Happy 2011! Today, we are here.

Michael Vick's Brand and Media Ripples

Michael Vick is quite controversial these days. His return to the NFL after time served, and his subsequent re-rise to fame as the quarterback of...

Social Media

Customer Experience Works Both Ways

You and I talk a lot about delivering the customer experience here.

SurveyGizmo and Marketing Through Your Company Culture

Lots of companies are wrestling with how to show and share their company culture. Some are even wrestling with determining what their company culture...


Improve My Klout Score: 7 Tips You Can Use to Improve Yours

Klout has been on my mind a lot over the past few months.
It's a fascinating set of metrics, and while I still don't necessarily believe that...
Social Media Strategy

Beware Technology That Buries Your Brand Experience

This is cool.

Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Questions On Our Maps

Marketers often call me and want to learn about how things like Facebook and blogs can help their organization.

Social Business Design Strategy

Your People and Your Company Culture

Here's something to consider...

Would You Take a Short Reader Survey?

You may not know this, but I really appreciate that you read

Being Welcome in Communities

Today’s kind of a big day for me.

Social Media

Customer Service with a Smile

We've always been taught to deliver customer service with a smile. It's a good idea.

Dear Columbus, I'm Voting YES on Issue 4

I'm on the side of believing that libraries are a good thing for Columbus. Are you with me?

Free Ideas to Help You

It's been a pleasure getting the chance to write for Junta42's Content Marketing Institute. Joe and Michelle are good people and fun to work with.

Marketing Insights

The Frames We Use

My friend Becky Johns did her first speaking gig in front of a few hundred people at the Detroit 140 Conference on Wednesday.

Social Media

Kick in the Ass

We get these sometimes.

8 Things to You Need to Know about Your Avatar Image

I think my recent interest in photography has been sparked by all the wonderful photographers I've come to know over the past few years. For...

Social Media

Free Lunch at the Taste of L.A. Catering

Dear Columbus folks,

Remember to Pay It Forward

Last week, at the AMA Marketing Research Conference in Atlanta, I had the chance to lead a Social Business Team of about 22 people to extend the...


Spinning in Circles & Releasing Momentum

I learn valuable lessons from my kids every day. Below is yet another one.

New Radios or New Telephones?

Here's a question to think about: Is Twitter a medium that is more like new radios or a new telephones?

Social Media

Tips for Getting the Audience to Tweet Your Speaking Content

Yesterday was a panel marathon in Columbus.

Social Media

This Week in Columbus: Panel Discussions, Gen Y & Social Media

This is a cool week for us Gen Y kids in Columbus. Starting on Wednesday, I'll have the chance to to sit with other sharp members of my generation...

Social Media Speaking

Extending the Event Experience Online

Meet my friend Becky Johns.

Social Media

Tips for Managing a More Productive Calendar


Case Study: TasteCasting Applies Human Business Teams to the Restaurant Industry

Human Business Teams truly are not that complicated of a concept.

A Simple Tactic to Increase Email Subscribers to Your Blog


Social Media Social Business Design Speaking

Creating Social Media Messaging is an ART

I'm grateful to have my friend, Kristyn, as a guest blogger today. Kristyn leads media relations for MediaSource, a group of Columbus folks who...


Blended Faith

I was baptized and confirmed as a Lutheran. What's interesting is that I've recently made the decision to start the RCIA process and join the...

The Rise of Human Business Teams

Welcome to Monday. I'm glad you're here. And I'm glad you're doing your part to inhabit the Interwebz.

Social Media Social Business Design

Building Collaborative Blogs With Words From Gen Y

Do you remember what it was like after graduating college? How did you feel as you prepared to jump head-first into the professional world?

Social Media Strategy

How Radio Can Win at Facebook

The convergence of radio and social media fascinates me.

Radio, unlike television or print, seems to have significant gains to make by learning...

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Building a Corporate Blog Team - 6 Essential Tips to Get You Started

It seems that almost every company out there is trying to figure out the art of blogging and how to do it right for business. There are tons of...

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy

How To Build a Customer-Centric LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is still gaining momentum in the B2B world.

Social Business Design

Old Spice Viral Video Campaign & Why It's Brilliant

If you have an Internet connection, you probably know what's going on with the Old Spice Guy. He's everywhere. And people are talking, laughing...

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Facing the Decision to Donate Life - Rocky's Story

This Saturday, I'm going to limp my way through a 13.1 mile race for Lifeline of Ohio's Dash for Donation. Things have been busy for me lately and...

Social Media & Human Evolution

In the past two days, I've been a part of two very powerful hugs.

Social Media Disruptive Innovation

How the Happy Sandbox is Changing Business

It's been interesting to see how the economy of the past two years has caused paradigm shifts in the way business is working.

Social Business Design Disruptive Innovation

35 Things You Can Do To Have Better One-To-One Meetings

Anymore, I'm selective with the meet-ups and events I attend locally. I have to be. However, things out of my own backyard are a different story...

Run Dash for Donation - Lindsay's Story

Today I met Kathy Harrington and had the chance to learn about Lindsay's story.

Talking Human Business Works with Chris Brogan

What is Human Business? You might recognize that term. It's become a buzzword in 2010.

You'll recognize who's in the next video interview and he...

Social Media

Meet Jim Lecinski from Google

My brain is flooded with new and exciting information right now.

Talking Video with Nick Jones & Dan Hoffman from Palestra Creative

A few months back, I gave props to Nick Jones, Dan Hoffman and my old friend Eric Leslie for some damn good storytelling, as well as artistic video...

More iPhone Customer Loyalty Apps Would be Nice

I've been focused on brand and communities this week.

Strategy Disruptive Innovation

7 Outcomes of Organizational Communication & Social Media: A Framework

We seem to have been trained to lump all social media into the bucket of marketing and external communication. Why is that?

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Getting Back in the Game

And I'm back.

Social Business Design Speaking

Strategy & Action For When The Audience Talks Back

"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many...

Social Media Strategy

Columbus, Ohio Business Community - Synergy Challenge

Going about my daily routines online today, this image caught my attention.

Communities and the Importance of Rituals

Since I started attending St. Francis of Assisi Church in Victorian Village, I've been learning about the idea of building a community around...

Social CRM Features for Better Social Media Management

Is your CRM a Social CRM?

Social Media

Desktop Tools To Help You With Productivity

Productivity can be rather tough to maintain. Over the past few days, I've felt less than productive. It's not really that big of a deal. I'm...

Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Getting More Twitter Followers & Why You Should

Getting more Twitter followers seems to be a big trend and, at the same time, a heated topic of debate in social media.

Social Media Strategy

Flowtown Makes Connecting on Social Media as Easy as Email

Flowtown is one of my favorite new social media tools.

Social Media Disruptive Innovation

Updates on Social Business Strategies &

I'm pressed for time and playing catch up. Here's a short explanation as to why and what you can expect from me in the next few days. Okay?


I Still Like Business Cards

Do you still do business cards? I sure do, and probably always will.

Social Business Design Strategy

40 Amazingly Helpful Business Software Tools

One the the coolest and most helpful blog posts I've read recently came from Jason Baer, covering 39 of the tools he uses on a regular basis for...

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Never Let the Lizard Send Email

If you're not reading Seth Godin's Linchpin, the title of this post (which is actually a quote from the book) probably won't make a lick of sense...

Social Business Design

Staying in Bed, Guilt & Linchpins

I don't get sick much, but this morning it hit me like a semi-truck doing 70 mph.

Social Business Design

ROI of a Sandwich & Why Katzinger's Deli Knows Customer Experience

On all fronts, Columbus-based Katzinger's Delicatessen is the best in the world. At the very least, they're the best in the Midwest. Hands down,...

Social Media

Double-Edged Sword of Transparency

CEO blogger Michael Hyatt, is one of the people I make it a point to read on a regular basis. He's a shining example of how a CEO can position a...

Skype Session: Mike Figliuolo, CEO of Columbus's Newest Start-Up, TiXiT

I hope you've been enjoying the Skype Sessions. The goal here is to help enlighten you with some of the good ideas that today's technology...

HOW TO Use a Foursquare Strategy for Customer Retention & Foot Traffic

As I go deeper and deeper into analyzing Foursquare and its potential, I've begun noticing ways to apply their strategy ideas to a variety of...


Columbus AMA SIG Roundtable Discussions Best Trends for Using Social Media in Business

The Columbus AMA has been kicking butt and taking names so far this year, bringing the community together at events and providing forward-thinking...


HOW TO Save Time at Work & Home

Your time is valuable.


Human Business Lessons with a Dash of Shameless Self-Promotion

Harrison Hove is a trust agent, and I'm glad we met. I'm so grateful to him (and ONN) for featuring me in this TV interview. Harrison really went...

Social Media

Social Media Strategy Ideas for Photographers & Visual Artists

In the last month, I've come to know Larry Hamill and Pamela Willits through interactions on LinkedIn, email, their blog and in person. Larry does...

Social Media Strategy

HOW TO Build Your Business Communications Dashboard

Managing business communication used to be much easier.

Even five years ago we had email, letters, fax machines, and conference and private...

Social Media Strategy

Josh Platt on MediaSource & How To Distribute Media Content

Part of my mission in 2010 is learning about a variety of Columbus-based businesses and then sharing what I learn with you. My hope is that you might...

Social Media Strategy

Want ROI in Social Media? Focus on the "I"

The term ROI has become overused and is almost meaningless.

Social Media Strategy

Tungle CEO Marc Gingras Talks with Nate Riggs: Skype Sessions

Today is the official launch of a new series on Skype Sessions is something that I've been thinking about for the past few months. The...


Mobile-Only Households Are Growing

You probably have a mobile phone of some sort. I've had an iPhone since 2007 and really couldn't imagine life without the sidearm. My fiance, Sarah

Social Media

What I'm Doing in 2010 - About My Firm, Social Business Strategies

Yesterday was spent in Canton, Ohio, working with the good folks at Incept Corp. Incept is an inbound and outbound call center that helps blood banks...

Social Media Strategy

Mark Whitman on How To Get a Job - Managing Your Job Search

This is Part 4 of the How To Get a Job series with Mark Whitman and myself, where we discuss strategies for finding career placement. In today's...


Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas to all. And to all a good night.

My Take on Some Enhancements to Social Media Tools for Business

Do you read Mashable? It's great stuff, and widely read by us "social media" types. Maybe you should read too?

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

My Letter to AT&T's Facebook Page Admin

I wrote this as a letter on AT&T's Facebook page today, in response to today's trending article on Mashable, and have given them the opportunity to...

Social Media Strategy

Social Business Strategies - My Business Plans & Wish List for 2010

Most of you know I read Chris Brogan every day, I read everything he writes. If you're into learning about how business is once again becoming...


Using Facebook to Build Focus Groups: Featuring Bryna Jones of Engine Communications

I'm delighted to have a guest blogger today. Many of you have probably already started following my friend and fellow social web enthusiast, Bryna...

Social Media Strategy

How To Use Facebook Fan Pages & Get Results: Making the Case for Organizations

I've been helping the wonderfully talented Sarah Bednar (disclosure: my fiance :)) with some ideas on how her non-profit, LifeCare Alliance, can use...

Social Media Strategy

How Would You Handle Someone Slamming Your Business on the Social Web?

The social web is amazing because now anyone with an internet connection can become a publisher and have their voice be heard. It takes hours of time...

Social Media Strategy

Automated Messages Start Online Conversations

Yesterday, I turned 29.

Social Media Strategy

Using Deliberate Practice to Master Social Networking for Business

Good social networkers have a natural tendency to understanding how the web works. They are early adopters of technology and are comfortable to...


I'm Looking for a Hustler to be My Personal Intern at huber+co. & TweetMyTime

I need some help and I have a lot to teach any student or marketer who is willing to hustle.

Social Media Strategy Speaking Disruptive Innovation

Build Brand Armies by Seeding Conversations

It's almost the end of 2009, and you and I both know the social web is about conversations between humans. We've figured that part out....

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

How To Use LinkedIn Company Profiles in Business Development

About two years ago when I made the choice to really focus on LinkedIn as a main tool, my average conversion rate from leads to closed deals jumped...

Social Media Strategy

LinkedIn Profile Organizer for Premium Users Delivers CRM Functionality

LinkedIn seems to be moving into the realm of a true CRM. If you are a premium user, you may have noticed a few changes being released on your...

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Interview with CC Chapman at the Inbound Marketing Summit

If you read Chris Brogan's blog, do you remember this video post from a few months back?

Social Media Strategy

Live From the Inbound Marketing Summit - Some of Day One

We're coming up on the end of day one at The 2009 Inbound Marketing Summit, and the only way I can describe the experience is that it's kind of like...

Social Media Strategy

How To Protect Yourself from the Social Web

I wrote about a personal experience yesterday where some snarky scam artist tried to take advantage of my grandparents with information he found via...

Social Media Strategy

Blogging & Dependency

Lunch today with Eric Vessels was a cool experience. We first met on Twitter and then through OWL. Eric has been an internet entrepreneur since 1999,...

Social Media Strategy

Interview with TweetMyTime Creator, Matt Hornsby

As of yesterday, we are one month out from the starting line at the Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon, and with it, the BETA launch of ...


Will You Help Us Get the Word About TweetMyTime?

I'm really grateful for everything you investing me and my friends at huber+co. You do a lot to lend us your trust and social capital. That's...

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

10 Tips for Communicating on Twitter

One of the nuances of microblogs, like Twitter, is understanding that your messages have the potential to spread like wildfire - at times, reaching...

Social Media Strategy

Behind the Curtain

Ever watch the Wizard of Oz?

Social Media Strategy

Brand Ownership

I'm happy to be speaking tomorrow morning.

Social Media Strategy Speaking

Happy Birthday Kaden

If you read this, you probably know I'm nuts about being a dad. Yesterday was a very special day as it marked my son Kaden's third birthday. This...


On Interpersonal Human Needs

I think that humans are inherently pack animals.

Social Media Strategy

I've Bought Trust Agents

Chris Brogan has more social capital than anyone I know. There's obvious reasons for that. Aside from being a true thought leader in new media...


On the Soapbox

Over the course of this year, I have been so fortunate to have opportunities come my way as a speaker and panel moderator.


Education is BIG

If you haven't guessed, the focus this week has been on innovative people in Ohio.

You Are NOT Entitled to Free Stuff

To quote writings by Stan Lee, "With great power comes great responsibility."

Social Media


The opposite of being transparent is being opaque. Opaque can be defined as:

Random Connections Through Social Networking

I meet a ton of people through social networks. In fact, I would say that most of the people who have impacted my professional life in the past few...

Advice for Busy Parents

Being an engaged dad and an engaged professional can be a challenge. My friend Chris knows this and blogs about it here.

Just Laugh

People shouldn't take themselves or what they do for a living too seriously. It kills the fun in things and, most everyone wants to have a good laugh...


Good Tactical Marketing

Marketing is becoming more about tactical communication. Plain and simple.


On Using Tools

Have you ever built anything out of wood? I built a beer pong table in 2007. I didn't really need to, but I did it anyway. While I love a good...

Social Media Strategy

A New Rennisiance

Sarah and I have been watching a PBS documentary on The Medici family, known for being one of the most powerful families in Florence during the...

Social Media

Lessons About Transportation Marketers

I'm back form San Diego and the Annual TMCA Marketing Conference & Expo 2009.

How to Improve Student Enrollment with Inbound Marketing

With more than 68 million Gen Z-ers entering college for the first time over the next 15 years, colleges and universities will be forced to adapt...

Inbound Marketing higher education

Website Redesign & Conversion Rate Optimization for Local CrossFit Gym

One of the best perks about working with HubSpot is the ability to help local small businesses market their company in an efficient and affordable...

HubSpot Impact Awards

Ohio Inbound Marketing Day 2016 Keynote Speaker: Isaac Moche

As marketers we know that in order to stay up on all the latest trends in the industry, you have to attend a bunch of boring conferences that may...

ohio inbound marketing day

Ohio Inbound Marketing Day 2016 Keynote Speaker: Marcus Sheridan

ohio inbound marketing day

HubSpot's State of Inbound Report Recap

"In five years, marketing and sales will no longer exist."

This statement was the focal point of this year's State of Inbound Report, which argued...

Inbound Marketing The State of Inbound

INBOUND 2016: "The One That Was Scheduled On Election Day"

Here's how I picture the INBOUND 2016 conference event planning committee:

Person 1: "Hey so how are we going to make this year different guys? I...

HubSpot inbound

There's a New Sales Methodology in Town

Many of you are probably familiar with HubSpot's Inbound Methodology.

If you have taken HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Certification, you should...

HubSpot Sales inbound sales strategy

How to Join the National Speakers Association, and Why You Should

For any of you who read this and know me personally, you know that I have been speaking on and off since 2009.  
It was actually my friend...
national speakers association nsa speakers professional speaker

HubSpot CRM FAQ: 7 Questions to Consider Before Jumping In

One of my first jobs out of college was in outbound sales and cold calling for a retail design company in Columbus, Ohio.  

When I showed up on...

HubSpot hubspot partner hubspot crm sidekick for business sidekick

4 Great Digital Marketing Strategies by Columbus Nonprofits

The nonprofit business space is very different from a for-profit business. Not only does it make money differently and have different goals, a...

nonprofits marketing strategies for nonprofits

Your Marketing Reading List Just Got Organized With Pocket

Every marketer has a dream of becoming the best. Either working for the best agency or being the best marketer in the game. To get there, we know...

marketing books marketing reading list

10 Tips for a Productive Winter Break: College Style

You just finished another semester of college. You go Glenn Coco! After packing up weeks (or months) of dirty laundry, throwing away leftover...

Interview with Ohio Inbound Marketing Day Speaker: Paul Roetzer of PR 20/20

We are thrilled to be able to interview agency owner, author, and HubSpot superstar, Paul Roetzer, on the success of his business PR 20/20, and...

ohio inbound marketing day

Interview with Ohio Inbound Marketing Day Speaker: Jill Fratianne of HubSpot

We are so excited to have the opportunity to interview immensely successful HubSpot employee, Jill Fratianne, on change management and how HubSpot...

ohio inbound marketing day

Interview with Ohio Inbound Marketing Day Keynote: Joe Pulizzi

I'm absolutely delighted to have some time to shoot this video interview my friend Joe Pulizzi on his new book, Content Inc.  

Joe is the founder...

The Best Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits Who Want Donations

Sometimes it seems ridiculously unfair to nonprofits that they can't make money like everyone else. We've worked with several nonprofits ranging...

marketing strategies for nonprofits

Social Media Marketing Tools: Hootsuite vs HubSpot

To be honest, I have no idea what social media managers did before social media marketing tools like Hootsuite were created. Although, I guess the...

social media managment social media marketing hootsuite

6 Event Promotion Tips Sure to Get RSVP's

If you have ever planned an event you know that opening the doors to the sound of crickets is a planners worst nightmare.

October Columbus HUG Webcast is Open for Registration


Are your content offers working to add leads to you marketing database?

Inbound marketers understand that offering informative and educational...

Content Marketing VS Inbound Marketing: Comparing Origins

As a marketer or business owner, you're tasked with understanding a variety of marketing approaches and techniques and determining which can and...

Inbound Marketing Content Marketing inbound marketing agency content marketing agency

5 Tips for Hosting a Networking Event on the Cheap


Networking is essential for the success of a marketing professional.  You may have found yourself wanting to host a meetup of great minds, but...


Why Canva-for-Work Kicks Inbound Marketing Ass [An Overview]

Why does Canva-for-Work kick inbound maketing ass, you ask?

Because the average graphic designer charges $75-150 an hour. And every inbound...

Inbound Marketing

The Power of A/B Testing in Marketing

One of the classic challenges in the marketing world was having the ability to accurately measure the results of your marketing efforts.


Inbound Marketing Strategy

A Simple 5-Step Formula for Re-optimizing Old Blog Content

Publishing remarkable blog content that attracts visitors and converts them to join your marketing database can be a challenging and ongoing...

Inbound Marketing Content Marketing

The Internet vs. Expectant Mothers - A Buyers Journey

I'm having a baby!

...Did I get your attention?

Google knew about my pregnancy long before any of my friends or family did. 

Marketing Insights

A Business Development Tool No Marketing Executive Should Overlook

Are you building the game plan for your next marketing campaign?

Maybe, you're digging the foundation for your company as a whole.

Whether you're...

Marketing Tools Content Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing Marketing Insights Search

What is the Buying Behavior of the Millennial Consumer?

The millennial consumer is all grown up.

Now between the ages of 18-34, millennials are trendsetters in most areas, but their economic power is...

Marketing Insights

Columbus HUG: The Inbound Sales Process

Does you strategy involve smarketing?

If you have attended a Columbus HubSpot User Group meeting in the past, you have likely heard us use the...

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Sales

Can UberEATS Deliver on 10 Minute Guarantee?



Packing a nice healthy lunch and then forgetting it at home is the worst. Or worse still, that disrespectful co-worker who swipes...


The Benefits of Mentoring New Sales Associates

How can I get new sales associates selling faster?

This seems to be a frequent topic of discussion. Training and technology seem obvious. And the...


Marketing Innovations at Ohio Digital Marketing Conference


Source: Interact14 Activities

Are you curious about the future of digital marketing? Do you need some fresh ideas to...

Content Marketing Speaking Digital Marketing

Columbus HUG: Inbound Marketing for non-HubSpot Users

Interested in inbound marketing?

If so, I encourage you to join our upcoming Columbus HubSpot User Group (HUG) meeting. There's no need for you to...

Inbound Marketing Speaking

When More Doors are Bad for Business - Doorway Pages

What makes a website the most successful?

Useful, timely content certainly helps.

However, there’s something more to creating a sturdy...

Marketing Tools Content Marketing Strategy Search

Exploring the Latest Trends in Millennial Marketing

Millennials make up 24% of the population. By some estimations, they spend over $1 trillion a year, making them a prime target for marketers....

Marketing Insights

Marketing Strategies for Technical Products

Recently, the Harvard Business Review (HBR) conducted a marketing leadership study that interviewed over 350 CEOs, CMOs, and agency heads, as well...


Facebook Launches Topic Data for Marketing Insights

This week Facebook launched their newest marketing insights tool: "Topic Data." While the name is almost puritan in its simplicity, the results of...

Social Media Marketing Tools Marketing Insights

Permission to Ditch Your Old-School Keyword Strategy

Now SEO's and content marketers, before this title makes you angry, I implore you to peruse this post.

Strategy Search

Marketing a Specialized Product In a Crowded Industry

According to, there are now about 50,000 stores that are considered to be part of the US coffee and snack shop industry. These stores...


What's Working? Positive Content

Tired of all the terrible news today? So am I.

So is Ariana Huffington, of The Huffington Post.

NPR recently covered Huffington's stance on...

Content Marketing Strategy

How to Master B2B Marketing Strategies

A recent study shows that 97% of B2B marketers see a dramatic increase in the breadth of skill needed. When mastering B2B marketing strategies,...

Marketing Insights Podcasts

Avoiding Common Social Media Mistakes

With a plethora of social media platforms that business and individuals can use to promote their company and themselves, it makes sense that there...

Social Media

Are We Entering the Age of Copywriting Automation?

As the Content Manager and an Inbound Strategist for our company, I get to wear a lot of hats that take me away from the day-to-day copywriting...

Disruptive Innovation

What is Sports Marketing's Biggest Obstacle?

Have you ever attended a sporting event and wondered why there are so many empty seats?

Marketing Insights

What is the Impact of Event Marketing on Today's Brands?

According to EventTrack 2014, a report published by the Event Marketing Institute, event marketing is one of the world's fastest growing forms of...


Using Twitter for Business - An Executive Use Case


Photo Credit: Alist-Magazine
Social Media

6 Fantastic Business Blogs to Follow in 2015

What components lead to a successful business blog? A blog must not only produce captivating content for a target audience but must also provide...

Content Marketing

5 Ways for Improving Brand Reputation Online

One of the most important aspects of your brand is how it is perceived online. Building and maintaining a favorable brand reputation takes time...

Inbound Marketing Strategy

What is Content Marketing in 2015?

Gone are the days that a television ad or the distribution of a print coupon will be enough to market a business. The modern day company needs to...

Content Marketing

Just How Important is Sales and Marketing Alignment?

According to Marketo’s 2013 Sales and Marketing Alignment Study, alignment between sales and marketing can help your company become 67% better at...

Podcast Strategy

5 Steps to Using Twitter for Restaurant Marketing

According to the most recent statistics, the total number of Twitter's monthly active users has exceeded 284 million people.

Restaurants Marketing Insights

How Does HubSpot Pricing Compare to Alternative Systems?

Last month we summarized HubSpot pricing in a nutshell. Now you may be wondering, how does it compare to alternative systems?

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5 Tried-and-True Copywriting Tips to Always Follow

Content Marketing Strategy

What is Digital Marketing in 2015?

How would you define digital marketing?

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Innovation in Sports Marketing: Seattle Sounders Ticket Renewal

As mentioned in the opening stanza of the first post in innovation in sports marketing series, the current state of sports marketing is shifting....

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Innovation in Sports Marketing: Sponsorship

The current state of sports marketing is shifting due to innovation.

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How to Select an Inbound Marketing Agency

Do you feel exhausted juggling daily responsibilities with content production for various media?

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An Introduction to Sports Marketing


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Why You Need a Dedicated Content Marketing Specialist

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How to Optimize Video Marketing for Mobile Devices

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What Is the Relationship Between Social Media and Shopping?


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Restaurant Marketing: Focus Shifts to Custom Options

From QSR to fast-casual to pizza, the restaurant marketing world has changed. This year, the focus has shifted to customizable options. Taco Bell's

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3 Essential Videos Every Restaurant Should Have


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How to "Say Thanks" on Thanksgiving, A Debate

Marketers have a busy season this year for the holiday shopping season. As retailers attempt to reel in customers, moral issues rise: when should ...

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4 Components of a Strong Mobile Presentation for Business


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How Social Media Affects Elections


via Pew Research Center
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What is the State of Healthy Dining in the Restaurant Industry?

According to a recent study released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, working age adults consumed an average of 118 calories less per day...

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Why Is User-Generated Content Popular?

from Foxtail Marketing
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How to Choose (and Use) the Perfect Focus Keyword


MOOCs in the Workplace Leverage Education

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Companies are Reflecting Television Consumption Behavior

The television game is about to change in 2015: HBO is launching a subscription-based streaming service.

How does this reflect on the state of...

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Content Creation Companies: Selling One Word at a Time

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What is the State of the Fast Casual Industry in 2014?

I was fortunate to have the privilege of attending the 2014 Fast Casual Executive Summit this week in Denver to co-facilitate a round table...


Does Local Store Marketing for Restaurants Work?

For a franchisee, local marketing can be an important but somewhat ambiguous focal point. According to, a majority of marketing...

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Digital Multitasking - Why Do We Do It?

Do you multi-task?

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The Future of Virtual Reality Marketing

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What Role Does Real Estate for Restaurants Play?

There are hundreds of thousands of restaurant locations in the U.S. forming a massive $680+ billion industry. One topic we haven't hit on too much...

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Facebook's Auto-Playing Videos: Like or Dislike?

from TechCrunch
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Clickbait on Facebook Is Going Away & It Will Blow Your Mind Why

Does that headline look familiar to you?

Many websites use similar headlines (i.e. You'll Never Believe This Weight Loss Secret...) to draw users...

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Want to Get Paid for Using Social Media?

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This Week in Restaurant Technologies #019: Opinions on Restaurant Technology Trends

In this week's show, Nate and Brandon dig into two op-ed pieces from industry consultants who have strong opinions on some of the potential...

Bored with social media. Are we?

In a time when we check Facebook when we're bored, I recall a line from Harvey Danger's smash hit, "Flagpole Sitta:" if you're bored than you're...

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These Fortune 100 Brands on YouTube are Failing


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Sally Hogshead on Her Fascinate Book and 7 Triggers to Captivation

How does the world see you? Do you know your Fascination Advantages? 

Out of the seven Advantages, everyone has a Primary, Secondary and Dormant...

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The Future of Location Based Apps

While we've all heard of Foursquare and checking in on Facebook, the future of location based apps reaches much further. Geofencing, in-store...

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This Week in Restaurant Technologies #017: Mobile Payments and Localized Social Media

In this week's show, Brandon and I go deeper into some of Amazon's plans for a mobile wallet Starbucks's bigger plans for their mobile payment...

How Does Social Media Affect the Lonely?

What do you do when you're bored?

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How Effective is Your LinkedIn Content Marketing?

Source: LinkedIn
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#045: Chris Tomasso on Yelp for Restaurants

Did you know every star on a Yelp review leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue for restaurants?


5 Steps to Being a Digital Leader

Digital footprints are what you post about yourself.

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Does Social Media Marketing Work for Everyone?

Source: Social Media Today
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This Week In Restaurant Technologies #014: Point of Personalized Service Systems

In this week's show, Brandon and I look at some of the latest news and examples of chain restaurant systems who are pushing the boundaries by...

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The Innovation of Loneliness: "I share, therefore I am"

"I share, therefore I am."

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Why Instagram's Advertising Strategy Works

Instagram, the photo and video sharing app owned by Facebook, recently announced plans of expanding its advertising strategy internationally....

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Privy Helps Restaurants Drive Online to Offline Sales

In TWIRT episode #010, we highlighted tech marketing startup Privy by interviewing its co-founder and COO Jake Cohen. This week, we take an...

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The Trifecta of What Makes Customers Loyal to a Brand

My family and I finally settled down this past month.

How to Revamp Content with Marketing Apps

In today's marketing environment, we are all aware of the power of good content marketing. We think we understand what it means to "create and...

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Gentry's Top Five Social Restaurant Podcasts

The Social Restaurant Podcast has been coming to you guys every Friday and now it's time for a recap.

After 41 episodes, the Social Restaurant...


The Latest Google Algorithm Updates: Panda and Payday Loan



This Week in Restaurant Technologies #010: NRA Show Recap

NRA Show Recap

In this week's show, I just returned from four days at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago, IL. I spent lots of time getting to...

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What Happens on Social Media During a Crisis?

This is not fake.
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How Will Wearables Impact Content Marketing?

In March we talked to Michael Atkinson about how wearable technology might impact restaurants into the future. Today we consider the broader...

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#039: Peter Cancro on Point of Sale Systems

It’s rumored that the Sub or ‘Submarine’ had it’s origin in Boston, MA around the time of World War II. Since that time and due to large pushes by...


How to Reap the Benefits of Rich Snippets

Have you noticed some search results show more information than others?

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Three Problems Your Mobile Platform Must Solve for Customers

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#038: Dan Ponton on Building Corporate Culture While Working From Home

Forrester Research predicts that by 2016 more than 63 million Americans will be working from the comfort of their homes. Does this stat actually...


What Are the Seven Social Media Building Blocks?

How do you use social media?

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How to Build a Strong Restaurant Loyalty Program

The true strength of any brand is its ability to sustain meaningful relationships and build customer loyalty. Relationships are formed when a...

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This Week in Restaurant Technologies #005: Restaurant Social Media Rankings

This week, Brandon and I are back with episode 005 of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

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What to do about our short attention span on social media?

What has a longer attention span?

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Why Should I Have a LinkedIn Company Page?

In two weeks, LinkedIn will be removing Products & Services Pages from company profiles.

Until now, some brands have used LinkedIn Company Pages...

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034: Jonathan Luther Jr. on the Great American Hotdog Joint

If there's one food that’s made its way into the mouths of just about everyone in America, it's probably the hotdog.


How Your Brand Can Advertise with Augmented Reality

With all the talk about wearables lately, the advertising implications can get a little overwhelming. How can your company start to integrate new...

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This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Yahoo, Yelp Reviews and Tipping in Apps

Brandon and I had a lot of fun with our episode of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

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Happy for St. Patrick's Day? Your Facebook Feelings Are Contagious!

Are you excited for today?

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How to Leverage Email Marketing Best Practices for Your Brand

In today's digital world, all communication is not created equal. Choosing the right Email Marketing Service Provider can help to ensure that the...

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#031 Chris Arnold on Chipotle and Farmed and Dangerous

We talk a lot about restaurant trends on the Social Restaurant Podcast. From consumer demand for ‘farm to table’ options to the shift towards fast...


#030 Shannon Payette Seip of Bean Sprouts on Healthy Menu Options for Kids

I love my kids, but sometimes they can be the pickiest of eaters. And when they’re not happy with the menu, my wife and I hear about it to no end.


What the @#*&!? is Up with Cussing on Twitter?

Think of all the words you speak in a given day.

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Did the NBC Bode Miller Interview Cross the Line?

Make no mistake -- its emotion that sells everything.

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Tweet from the Seat: Your Morning Social Media Habits

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed each morning?

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Can We Trust Social Networks?

Using social networks releases feelings of love, but research has shown that individuals may be less trusting of others on these sites.

Social Media

How do mirror neurons affect our use of social media?

Monkey see, monkey do.

The history behind that idiom has an impact on actions we all take today. The scene was 1992 in Parma, Italy. Bespectacled...

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#024 Brian Bailey on Growing a Fast Casual Franchise with Multiple Concepts

Most restaurant holding companies grow by blowing out a popular concept and then acquiring concepts to add to the mix.


Social Media Research and the Six-ish Degrees of Separation

The well-known six degrees of separation, which proposes that any two people are connected in a maximum six steps and has turned into a Kevin...

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#022: The Best Social Restaurant Podcast Interviews of 2013

The Social Restaurant Podcast launched with it’s inaugural episode back in March of 2013.


Has Facebook Made Us All Narcissists?

You are more than likely one of the 1.19 billion monthly active Facebook users.

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#018 Jeffrey Rohrs on Developing Your Proprietary Audience

Did you know that you and your brand have the potential to build a proprietary audience?


#015 Eric Chester on Building Employee Work Ethic on the Front Lines

Can you pinpoint the most important space in your restaurants?

Some operators believe that it’s the space in-between your guests and your menu....


How To Rock a Trade Show on a Budget

I'm delighted to have my friend Audrey Walker as a guest on the blog today.


#010 Mobile Search Trends for Restaurants with Michael Westafer

Reach into your pocket or look on you desk right now? What did you find?

I’m willing to be that at your fingertips, you noticed your trusty and...


#008: Cherryh Butler on Fast Casual Restaurant Trends

In this week's episode of the Social Restaurant Podcast, we're taking a deep dive into the most explosive segment in the restaurant industry!


#007: Matt Thompson of Shiftnote on Employee Scheduling Software

In this week's episode of The Social Restaurant Podcast, I welcome Matt Thompson,the CEO and Cofounder of ShiftNote.

Matt is a restaurant...


#005: Santiago Jaramillo on the Most Underused Tactic in Mobile Marketing

I'm willing to bet that your restaurant already has a mobile app.

Am I right?

Truth is, most restaurant marketing teams in the game today already...


Do Push Notifications Increase Social Media Engagement?

One of my new fascinations has become learning about how you and I build the habits that impact our lives, families, businesses and just about...

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How To Cause a Brand Advocate Story to Change (Part 1)

My Instagram of our son Jacob at the Columbus Zoo

GoInbound 2013: One of the Best Marketing Conferences in the Midwest

I get asked this question about a lot by folks I meet: "What are the best marketing conferences in the Midwest?"

Inbound Marketing Speaking

5 Social Marketing Conferences in 2013 That Will Tear Off Your Blinders

At some points during my career, we've all been guilty of wearing blinders.


The Power of Habit: A Review from the Lens of a Marketing Student

I'm delighted to have Kritika Murli as a guest author today.

I met Kritika, a bright young marketer from Indiana University's Kelly School of...

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#002: Identifying and Activating Brand Advocates with Rob Fuggetta and Chelsea Hickey of Zuberance

Would you rather have one blockbuster celebrity endorse your brand or the lady who chairs the parent-action committee at the neighborhood grade...