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Entrepreneur Bootcamp at ASU and Draper University

If you caught last week's episode of The Digital Skillscast, you'll recall Isaac Moche of HubSpot talking about the HubSpot Education Partner...

higher education The Digital Skillscast

How to Engage Students with Facebook Live: The Digital Skillscast Episode #003

This week on The Digital Skillscast, we talk the future of Facebook Live and how that applies to Higher Education. As the industry of digital...

higher education The Digital Skillscast

The 15 Best Photos from Inbound 2016

Every year our team gets the opportunity to spend a few days in Boston at HubSpot's annual Inbound conference. We recently just returned a few...

inbound 2016

Ohio Inbound Marketing Day 2016 Keynote Speaker: George B. Thomas

Ohio Inbound Marketing Day is right around the corner and as we move into the final countdown until the event, we wanted to introduce you to our...

ohio inbound marketing day

Mother Teresa Site Reaches Page 1 and Generates 1500+ Contacts

Mother Teresa was a force of nature and wholly unique. This strong and independent woman was born Gonxha (Agnes) Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Yugoslavia,...

case studies

Why Every Company Should Start with Minimum Viable Buyer Personas

Creating, implementing, and learning from buyer personas is one of the most if not the most important cornerstones in the inbound methodology—and...

Buyer Personas

7 Layers of Social Media Analytics: A Framework

With the prominance of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ... and now SnapChat, Instagram and the dozens of other social platforms...

social media analytics

6 Critical Insights to Hiring a Keynote Speaker for Your Event

Planning a networking event is a huge undertaking. There are endless details to double check, vendors to chase down, and a budget to maintain.



Anchor for iOS Takes Audio Blogging To New Heights

If you're a mobile app guru specifically on the iOS side of the fence you've probably heard the recent buzz about the new app

This app...

mobile apps audio blogging

5 Reasons Consumers Download Snapchat

I have a 6 month old kitten named Theo. To me, he is probably the cutest kitten out there. What better way to show the world his adorableness than...

Social Media snapchat

The HubSpot Keyword Tool - Why You Need Google AdWords to Keep it Honest

As you may know, one of the key components of inbound marketing is building a strong and consistent blogging platform in order to support organic...


HubSpot COS Design Tricks for Non-Developers

Nowadays, you would be hard-pressed to find an organization, company, sidewalk lemonade stand, or even a wedding that does not have a website....

HubSpot COS development

Ohio Inbound Marketing Day - The Allstar Keynote Lineup

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday season is always filled with fun activities to end the year on a good note. But if you're...

Inbound Marketing ohio inbound marketing day

Interview with Ohio Inbound Marketing Day Speaker: Marge Murphy

We recently had the opportunity to interview Marge Murphy of Acadia Lead Management Services on the relationship between sales and marketing and...

ohio inbound marketing day

Get to Know the Ohio Inbound Marketing Day 2015 Sponsors

If you're an inbound marketer, you've probably heard about HubSpot's Inbound conference. For those who were fortunate enough to attend, you know...

Inbound Marketing ohio inbound marketing day

Ohio HubSpot Partners: How to Find the Right Inbound Marketing Company

Ohio is incredibly rich in boutique marketing companies who focus on creative, digital and even full-service offerings.

The state's agency density...

Inbound Marketing inbound marketing agency Ohio hubspot partner inbound marketing company ohio hubspot partners inbound marketing companies

10 Tips for Becoming an Inbound Marketing Rockstar

With the recent growth of inbound marketing, companies are seeking professionals with a higher degree of knowledge in inbound. With that being...

Inbound Marketing

Ohio Inbound Marketing Day - A Full Day of Inbound Marketing Education


If you are a HubSpot user or inbound marketer, you may have heard of or attended the INBOUND conference in Boston, Massachusettes.  Held...

Inbound Marketing Columbus Ohio HubSpot User Group

Why Small Business Owners Need Northstars (And How I Found Ours)

As a business owner, it took me a while to get my head around NR Media Group's core values.  

I've spent years helping clients develop these...

Six Business Interview Tips From an Introvert

I am convinced that there are few things less enjoyable in life than interviewing. I would choose a dentist appointment, driving to Cleveland on...

Inbound Marketing Career Resources for the HubSpot Shopify Integration

HubSpot is becoming more and more known for not only its robust marketing automation platform, but for the ever-growing list of 3rd-party...

8 Incredible Features of Sprout Social (And How to Try Them)

With social media marketing catching fire as a critical element in the overall marketing tool kit, companies are seeking new and better tools to...

Social Media

How to Create and Follow Through on Your Professional Development Plan



Are you still following through on your New Year’s resolutions?

If you are like most people, you came up with a goal...

Education Strategy

As Mobile Search Surpasses Desktop, You Should Be Adapting

You've been following the news lately.

You've absorbed the news that mobile searches have surpassed desktop in some parts of the world.

Did it...

Strategy Digital Marketing Marketing Insights Search

Columbus HUG Summer Social With #Hashtag Comedy

There comes a time for every group to leave the business talk at the door, let loose and have fun.

Columbus HubSpot User Group

Blog Content That Generates Leads: It's Not What You Think

I'm learning that blog content that attracts leads is not necessarily what you think.

If you follow the Inbound Marketing school of thought,...

Inbound Marketing

My Magical Life as a Marketing Intern

When you hear the term marketing intern, you will be forgiven for not automatically associating the word magical with it.

After all, the ...

Inbound Marketing Digital Marketing

Top 3 Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

While the internet has made life a lot easier for everyone in many respects, it has not made it simpler to get consumers’ attention.

Social Media Strategy Digital Marketing

What Will Inbound Marketing 2.0 Look Like?

Currently we in the marketing world are in a time of exciting opportunity for both ourselves and our clients.

With the initial groundswell and...

Inbound Marketing Disruptive Innovation

Instantaneous Media Marketing: Capturing Micro-Moments

Think back to how you consumed media ten years ago. Five years ago. Three years ago.

Even since last year, new habits have crept in to your daily...

Push-Button Purchasing and the Amazon Dash Button

Having just taken out the garbage, you reach into the cupboard for a new trash bag to discover that there are none. You forgot to get more when...


A Crucial Update for a Winning Mobile Marketing Presence

What's the buzz in every digital agency lately?

It might be Google's hugely impactful mobile algorithm update that is rolling out tomorrow.


Inbound Marketing Marketing Insights Search

Why Hybrid Marketers will Rule the Industry

Last year a hot topic amidst the perpetual shakeups in marketing was the rise of marketing technologists. The idea behind this term is that with...

Marketing Insights

The Truth About Digital Media Production Equipment

In the world of digital media production, it is easy to be convinced that the key to creating attractive and engaging content is by acquiring the...

Video Media Habits

Why Simplicity is the Secret to Business Success

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo DaVinci

I'm breaking one of my own personal pet peeves by opening up with a quote. Let's...

Strategy Marketing Insights

Register for Columbus HUG Meeting #3: Workflows


Inbound Marketing

Who Killed Voicemail?

One of the best sales training events I ran for a team was one on prospecting. It was focused on gaining accesss at high levels with a series of...

Animal Ad-diction - Emotional Marketing


Look at the puppy!
Marketing Tools

5 Inbound Marketing Persona Survey Tools

At the foundation of all marketing is research and persona building. If your business doesn't know or understand its target audience and market,...

Inbound Marketing Marketing Tools Marketing Insights

Fast Food and Your Feed – Social Media for Restaurants

The importance of social media for restaurants is greater than ever.

Social Media Restaurants

NR Media Group Welcomes Ray Taylor as VP of Inbound Sales Strategy

I'd like to welcome Ray Taylor the NR Media Group team as the VP of Inbound Sales Strategy. Throughout his career, Ray Taylor has repeatedly been...

Inbound Marketing

The Power of Effective Infographics

It is more difficult to get a readers attention and therefore necessary to provide relevant information in a digestible format.

Inbound Marketing Content Marketing

Media Production Tips, Tricks and Hacks from a Seasoned Pro

Media Habits

6 Signs of a Great Content Marketing Agency

The ever-expanding field of content marketing means every year companies grow their content marketing budget, which in turn means there are more...

Content Marketing

Top 6 Marketing Blogs to Start Following Today

What did you think of our list of business blogs to follow that we posted earlier this week?

Inbound Marketing Marketing Tools

What is Sports Marketing's Role in 2015

Secrets to Creating Memorable Content

After the holiday season, the belt around your ad budget may have moved a few notches. No matter the direction, we all want to get the most bang...

Content Marketing

10 Blog Management Tips to Live By

A few weeks ago we discussed some great tips on content guidelines and how to come up with content ideas for your business blog in order to help...

Inbound Marketing Marketing Insights

Will New Digital Advertising Help Sports Marketing?


Anna Kendrick in Newcastle's ad
Marketing Insights Disruptive Innovation

A list of Content Marketing Agencies in Ohio

In a previous post, we gave some advice on how to select an inbound marketing agency. The good news is – there are plenty of agencies to choose...

Inbound Marketing Content Marketing

How Is Rebranding a Game-Changer in Sports Marketing (and Elsewhere)?


Out with the old. In with the new.
Series Strategy

How Can Market Research Techniques Learn from the Army?

"Market research is the systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals or organizations using statistical and...

Podcast Marketing Insights

The Power of Multimedia Rights in Sports Marketing


Series Marketing Insights

5 Benefits of Working with an Inbound Marketing Agency

Inbound Marketing

Restaurant Branding: Molding Your Brand Identity

Diners aren’t just expecting food, they're expecting an experience.

Guests Restaurants

Examining Restaurant Marketing Musts for the New Year

The start of a new year is a great time for restaurants to take a hard look at their marketing strategy to see what's bringing in guests and...

Social Media Marketing Tools Strategy Restaurants

How to Master Restaurant Service through Servant Leadership

I recently came across a Harvard Business School case study which analyzed Starbucks and their successes.

Podcast Restaurants

Restaurant Mobile Apps - 3 Use Cases and Opportunities

For some reason, the thought of talking to an actual pizza representative on the phone gave me a special kind of anxiety.

Social Media Marketing Tools Restaurants

HubSpot Pricing in a Nutshell

HubSpot is an inbound all-in-one marketing software platform that provides marketing tools to manage your marketing strategy. 

HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Restaurant Branding: Balancing Tradition vs. Innovation at White Castle

Burgers. You love them. I love them. We all love them.

Podcast Restaurants

How to Focus Your Video Marketing Services on Engineering

If you're from in and around the Cleveland area (or perhaps even Miami, Florida), it's hard not to watch this new video asset from Nike without...

Video Content Marketing Strategy

How Is Social Media Affecting Our Communication?

Look down at your phone.

Social Media Education Media Habits

A Look Into Today's Fast Casual Restaurant Trends

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the 9th annual Fast Casual Executive Summit in Denver. During this event top-level executives from the...

Podcast Restaurants

Why Is The Matthew Stafford Can Cave So Awesome?

Have you seen Pepsi's new commercial, "The Party Awaits"?

Social Media

The Influence of Brand Journalists in Content Marketing

Journalists have an old adage: if it bleeds, it leads. Content marketing is all about providing content that is not only useful, but engaging, to...

Content Marketing Media Habits Stories

5 Ways To Use Social Media


Social Media

10 Marketing Apps to Make Your Life Easier


Marketing Tools

The 3 Benefits of In-Person Networking


Education Speaking

What's Up With Virtual Segregation?

Heard of the domain .SOY?

Google launched the new domain for Latinos recently, amid controversy and backlash from those online, deeming it...

Media Habits Strategy Marketing Insights Disruptive Innovation

What is the State of Food Safety in the U.S.?

According to the CDC, each year foodborne illness impacts roughly 1-6 americans which translates to about 48 million people who are affected. Over...

Podcast Restaurants

Twitter's Influence on Events: The Good & Bad

Social Media Media Habits

How Marketers are Mining Social Media Photos

Social Media Marketing Insights

Gamification for Business: Reward Users (and Alter Their Behavior)

Source: We Play Co.
Marketing Insights

New Study Reveals Crucial Content Marketing Trends

Source: Content Marketing Institute
Content Marketing Marketing Insights

How to Build a Content Marketing Team With Your Clients

You want me to write about windows?

Content Marketing

What is Ello, The Ad-Free Social Network?

You might have heard about Ello, the ad-free social network.

Social Media

Navigating the Marketing Technology Landscape

Inbound Marketing Content Marketing Marketing Insights

What Craft Cocktail Trends Should Restaurants be Aware of?

The first ever "cocktail party" was allegedly thrown by Mrs. Julia S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis Missouri in May of 1917. Since then, cocktails have...

Podcast Restaurants

Is the Second Screen As Influential As We Think?

The definition of "watching TV" has been changing fast.

Social Media

My Summer of Facebook: Why Social Media is Social

As an E.W. Scripps of Journalism at Ohio University student and an aspiring public relations and marketing professional, I'm active on nearly...

Social Media

Is the "Random" Old Spice Marketing Technique Just a Fad?

Source: The Mill

NoWait: How to Reduce Wait Time At A Restaurant

Did you know restaurants have wait lists an average of 6.6 hours per week, with the average wait time being 23 minutes? This begs the question of...


What Can The Yo App Do Besides Say 'Yo?'

Ever think that a one-word messaging app could become successful? The Yo App has nailed it.

Social Media Disruptive Innovation

TWIRT: Best of Mobile Ordering

This Week in Restaurant Technologies is taking a break for a recap of the top mobile ordering episodes. We've handpicked these as the best of the...

3 Great Examples of Content Marketing in Sports

Sports have long been a source for positive association for brands because winning teams and successful events create a favorable return for the...

Content Marketing

Unlock the Secrets to Producing Effective YouTube Content


Youtube #1 in Unique Visitors
Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

#046: Erle Dardick & Mike Tyler on the Documentary Back to Basics

With just under one million restaurants in the United States, 10% of our work force is employed by the restaurant industry.


The Role of Government on Social Media

By now, nearly everyone has seen this tweet from @CIA on their timeline. But what does this mean for the role of government on social media, and...

Social Media

Goodbye Blog Post to Sarah Robles!


This Week in Restaurant Technologies #015: Depersonalizing the Dining Experience?

In this week's show, Brandon and I comment on some news and examples of chain restaurant systems that are implementing mobile and tablet...

Series Content Marketing Restaurants

What Did Neymar Jr. Do With the Panasonic 4K Camera?

from Digital Trends
Social Media

Making the Most of Content Marketing Resources

2014 is expected to continue to be an important year for content marketing. Budgets and content production are increasing, strategies are becoming...

Marketing Insights

#043: Sam Oches on Fast Food vs Fast Casual

2013 brought the sixth consecutive year that the fast casual segment has grown. According to a study by The NPD Group, fast casual held to an 8...


The Next Snapchat

In the world of 1.2 million apps available on the App Store, it can be hard to tell which will be the next Snapchat. Snapchat is the one app...

Social Media

What is the Nimble Contact Widget?

If you haven't heard of Nimble, the customer relationship management (CRM) system for small businesses, you need to.

Marketing Insights

#042: Cynthia Harriman on Integrating Whole Grains

It takes one pound of flour to make a standard loaf of bread. But did you know you can get your recommended servings of whole grains from other...


Farewell, Morgan! Goodbye Blog Post

Social Media Content Marketing Stories

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #011: Mobile Technology in Restaurants

Mobile Technology

In this week's show, Nate and Brandon look at 4 articles related to the trend towards rolling out mobile technology in...

Series Restaurants

Why is the TL;DR Phenomenon Happening?

After reading "Faking Cultural Literacy" in the New York Times, I began thinking, "why is this happening?" which then snowballed into academic...

Social Media

The Business Benefits of Bitly

The end goals of content marketing today are twofold: create good content that speaks to your target audience, and make that content easily...

Marketing Insights

SRP #040: Sean Kennedy on Rotisserie Chicken and Credit Card Security

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and left your copy of the receipt on the table? If so, you could be playing a risky game with your credit card...


Hearables, The Next Big Thing?

"You mean wearables, right?" Wrong.

Hearables, according to recent sources, are the next big thing.

Nick Hunn of says...

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #008: Mobile Ordering and Payment

Mobile Ordering and Payment

In this week's show, Brandon and Nate look at some different takes on mobile ordering and payment including a new...

Series Restaurants

The Need for Professionalism on Social Media


Social Media

Who Are Snapchat Users?

On Monday, we investigated the business challenges for brands using Snapchat. Today we look more closely at the app's user base.

Social Media

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #007: Your Restaurant in the Mobile World

How to Improve Your Restaurant in the Mobile World

In this week's show, Brandon and I continue the chat on mobile payment, highlighting some...

Series Restaurants

#037: Jason Smylie on Using Google Glass in the Restaurant Business

You’ve heard us mention Google Glass a few times on the show, right? But what exactly is Google Glass? And more importantly, does it have any use...


What's Up With the New Twitter Profile Design?

What? Which is Twitter?
Social Media

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Kickstarter?

In a previous post, we examined crowdsourcing as a tool for high-quality content development. This week we explore the technique as a way to fund...

Social Media

035: Liz Lessner on the Power of Well-Defined Restaurant Concepts

A 2005 study conducted by researchers at The Ohio State University found that while a clear business plan and strategy is important, the most...


Why and How Should I Optimize for Mobile Search?

Whenever we get a glimmer of insight on how to keep Google working in our favor, we're all ears.


This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Facebook's Organic Reach Limits

This week, Brandon and I are back with our third episode of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

Series Restaurants

Check Out Twitter's New Features: #FirstTweet, Fave People, and View Counts

When you're active on social media, you can quickly become obsessed with numbers.

Social Media

What's Up with WhatsApp Data Security?

By now, most people have heard about Facebook's intent to acquire WhatsApp Messenger, an early stage Silicon Valley startup that develops and...

Social Media

032: Geraldine Blanchot on Patterns and Colors in Restaurant Design

When you walk into your favorite lunch spot, do you notice what’s hanging on the wall? What about the carpet, or the upholstery in the booth where...


Meet the SXSWi 2014 Tech Achievement Awards Nominees

Tonight, the SXSWi 2014 Technical Achievement Awards winner will be announced. These thought leaders represent “projects reinventing and...

Disruptive Innovation

How the Google Hummingbird Update Gets People Talking

Content Marketing

Why You Should Join the SlideShare Community Today

In a previous post, we discussed the major benefits of creating community-driven "living lists" with Listly. Today we explore the same concept of...

Social Media

Real Customer Loyalty for Restaurants

Restaurants are quickly adopting technology to measure and influence guest loyalty.

Crowdsourcing in #Sochi2014 with OpenStreetMap

Yesterday, we highlighted digital social media trends surrounding the Winter Olympics. Today, we examine a specific digital marketing technique...

Marketing Insights

#028 Live with the Ohio Restaurant Association at NAPICS Conference

In this special edition of the show, we’re broadcasting live from the Columbus Convention Center at the Ohio Restaurant Association’s NAPICS event.


#027: Kate Finley on PR and Media Relations for Restaurants

The media landscape has fragmented in a big way. And because of this, what used to be a clear process for creating PR ad media relations outreach...


#026: Cynthia Hess on Mixing Farm to Table and Family Business

The “Farm to Table” movement is on just about every restaurateur’s mind in 2014.


Social TV and the Second Screen

Social Media

#023 Michael Atkinson on Investing in Restaurants and Technology

Perhaps you’re considering investing in the restaurant or technology businesses in 2014. If that’s you, then you already know the stakes are...


Using Social Media Unleashes the Love Chemical

Checking your Facebook news feed or your Twitter timeline may happen once, twice, ten times a day for you.

Social Media

#020: Jon Ferrara on the Evolution of CRM

How much do you know about CRM? Have these strategies, processes and tools found their way into your organization?


#017 Jonah Berger on Viral Marketing and STEPPS

Ever heard of a $100 cheese steak? It’s a restaurant marketing idea that spread virally, making Barclay Prime one of the top upscale steakhouses...


#014: Kevin Cain on How To Build a Content Marketing Factory

A few weeks back, I interviewed Joe Pullizzi, author of EPIC content marketing. A lot of marketers will point to Joe as the father of the current...


#012 Carl Howard on Building the Fazolis Brand

Does the modern Italian trend in fast casual interest you? Are you wondering how this segment will grow in 2014?


#009 Facebook Marketing for Restaurants with Mike Gingerich of Tabsite

In this week's episode of the Social Restaurant Podcast, we're talking about the world's largest social network and how your brand can get more...


Want to Use Twitter for Business? You'll Need to Change Your Habits

Consumer habits are changing, especially around Twitter.

#006: Exploring the Rise of Social Media Executives

In this week's episode of The Social Restaurant Podcast, we're going to explore the rise of social media executives.

During the show, I share...


#004: Jay Baer on Youtility Marketing

Did you know that you can create marketing that's so useful that people will actually pay for it?

When our friends, family members and peer groups...


Sales (in a Nutshell)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Is There a Difference Between Social Media Influence and Brand Advocacy Programs?

The original version of this post was originally published over on my bi-weekly column on I wanted to share it with you here....

My Father's Day Story for 2013

Each Father's Day, I find myself remembering the times when my brother and I, my dad and my grandfather would get dressed up and attend the annual...


4 Compelling Reasons for Approaching Twitter as a Social Executive

photo credit: beachinrn
Social Business Design

Dear Content Marketers: Find Your Niche as Fast as You Can

Image Credit:
Content Marketing

Content Marketing Examples and Heros Behind a Whiteboards

As a marketing professional, I find it incredibly inspiring when I see students doing incredible work.

Content Marketing

How To Triple Your eBook Downloads in 4 Weeks: Part 1

It's no big surprise that eBooks have become a huge part of the content marketing mix. You can be sure that that trend will continue to grow into...

Content Marketing

Content Igloo Magazine - Content Marketing from Down Under

I'm really excited about what Wes Ward is doing in Melbourne Australia! Especially after coming off the back of the second Content Marketing World...

Content Marketing

Content Marketing World is in Columbus Ohio - What You May be Missing

Marketing conferences seem to pick up again during the fall months, and this year our marketing circles in Columbus, Ohio have been given a very ...

Social Media Content Marketing Speaking

Chick-fil-A: What You Missed in Dan Cathy's Biblical Definition of the Family

The Chick-fil-A PR crisis has commanded a ton of our attention this week.

Create Infographics with Gusto (5 Design Tips You Can Use Right Now)

This summer in Columbus, Ohio, one of the most exciting things for parents has been the unveiling of the recent expansion of Nationwide Children's...

Content Marketing

Facebook Ads: The Sticky Shift to Facebook Promoted Posts

Today, I'm pleased to welcome Christopher Wallace, VP of Sales & Marketing for Amsterdam Printing with an interest guest post on Facebook promoted...

Social Media

Summer Internships: 3 Ways Colleges Students Can Get Noticed

Today's post is a guest post Ben Wise. By day, Ben is a rich media campaign manager at Google. By night, Ben is the co-founder of,...

5 Pinterest Boards Every Content Marketer Should Follow

Today's guest post comes from Brandon Williams. Brandon works with AdMedia, an online advertising network specializing in PPC, Remarketing and...

Social Media Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Small Business at the 2012 Ohio Growth Summit

This is the week you've been waiting for - at least if you're an Ohio small business owner.

Social Media Content Marketing Speaking

Pinterest Analytics: Install the Pinerly Browser Extension

It seems that the Pinterest bubble has burst, but all is not lost for marketers looking to tap into the power of visual niche-network's...

Social Media

Our Unbelievable Propensity to Keep Scrolling Down

While checking LinkedIn this morning, I got sucked in ... again

5 Social Media Measurement Tools for Building More Effective Marketing Channels

It's debatable as to whether or not Peter Drucker actually originated the statement: "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

Social Media Content Marketing Marketing Insights

If You Had Only a Few Months

I attended the calling hours of my good friend's father this week. He'd tragically lost a two-year battle with Cancer. I couldn't help but be...

4 Screenshots of How the Web is Evolving

In reality, the major thing that has changed on the web since January of this year is simple - it's the layout that's evolving.

Facebook Page Milestones: Case Study on How To Choose, by Karah Finan

Today's guest post is from Karah Finan, a junior studying Online Journalism at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. She is...

Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

Is Klout Really Influence? Mark Schaeffer on Return On Influence

I remember the quick backlash in the comments when I wrote a post a year ago on how to improve your Klout score.

Social Media Content Marketing Marketing Insights

Community Manager Interview: Jennifer MacDonald from Engage121

As part of the work I'm doing to try to help you understand how Facebook's Timeline update for pages will affect what you do with that tool, I'm...

Social Media Guests

How Spotify Reduces Backlash and Retains Customers for the Long Term

Try as we will, one thing is certain - no business, no matter how wonderful the product or service - will deliver perfectly, all of the time.

Facebook Timeline: How To Design Your Facebook Cover Photo

Hi folks,

Social Media Strategy Marketing Insights

7 Practices to Help You Warm Up Before Making an Ask

One of the great things about living in a world where the web (potentially) connects just about everyone, is that we can make things happen by...

Social Media

Karcher Group Acquires Social Business Strategies to Grow in Columbus

Today's post is pretty long.

Social Business Design

An Open Letter to the PRSSA Students of Ohio University

Dear Students,

Social Media Content Marketing Disruptive Innovation

Mobile App Utility: The Secret to Winning the Hearts & Habits of Consumers

According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, the share of adult cell phone owners who have downloaded an app to their...


Wanting to Be Like Mike

We as consumers are willing to buy just about anything our favorite celebrity endorses. We want the experience of being just like them, don't we?

How To Combine LinkedIn and Hootsuite to Listen for Job Opportunities

In a few months, there will be a ton of young talent hitting the market after receiving their sheepskins from various colleges and universities.

Social Media Strategy

On Cheapening Your Brand

The more traditional school of marketing thought is that price cutting cheapens your brand.


A Modern Approach to the Facebook Timeline

I like this idea ... a lot.

Social Media

3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week - Search Marketers Edition

I'm glad to be bringing back my cool kids series. In 2011, these posts were by far some of the most fun to write.

This week we'll take a look at some...

Social Media

How To Use Flanking Maneuvers on Facebook

According to the wise collective on Wikipedia, in the context of military strategy a flanking maneuver is defined as:

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy

Nate Riggs is indeed still alive...

Hi there. Missed me? I've missed you.

Live From Content Marketing World: Sally Hogshead on The Power of Story

You hear me talk about the new art and science of content marketing a lot on

Social Media Content Marketing

Here's My Next Move

I promised you yesterday that I would share some news today. And, I always keep my promises, so here it is...

3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week

Hey now! Welcome back!

Social Media

5 Quick Guesses for the Future of Google's Business

We're a little over 2 months into a world with Google+, and as expected, some of the buzz has died down.

Social Media Disruptive Innovation

On Choosing Entrepreneurship

My friend and mentor, Jim, once told me about the importance of establishing congruency it in your work-life balance.

Disruptive Innovation

How To Build and Sell a Solo-preneur Business

We can learn a lot from listening to Cory Montie.

Personal Brand Wins: Checking In With Hannah DeMilta

If you've ever seen me do my talk on dead resumes and Building Brand YOU, you may have heard about my friend Hannah DeMilta already. She used Twitter...

Social Media Guests

3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week #8 - Content Marketing Edition

Happy Monday, kids!

Social Media Content Marketing

Location-Based Marketing: 5 Critical Lessons from Last Night's Retail Experience

Sarah and I are watching the skies for storks ready to drop dancing peanuts any day now.


Google Plus Photos: 5 Reasons Why This G+ Feature is an Amazing Blog Tool

It's well over a month in, and the web is still buzzing with content about Google Plus.

Social Media Content Marketing

Blogging Style Guide for the Week of July 25th, 2011

Content Marketing Strategy

The Impact of Brand in the Rise of Google Plus

Yeah, I know. More with the Google Plus stuff. Humpf.

Social Media Disruptive Innovation

Blogging Style Critiques from the Week July 18th

Social Media

Why Mac OSX Lion is So Cool - And Why You Shouldn’t Install It Just Yet

Hi there.

Disruptive Innovation

3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week # 5 -- More Detroit

Happy Monday, kids!

Social Media

3 Google Plus Updates That You Need To Know About + 1 More

There's still lots of incredible buzz flying around about Google Plus this week. Here's some of the lastest snippets to keep you in the loop.

Social Media Disruptive Innovation

3 Cool Kids Your Should Talk This Week #4: Detroit Edition

We're back! And this week we've got the sights set on stalking some of the super cool kids who make their home up in the great state of Michigan....

Social Media

Get an Sneak Peak of My New Blogging Styles Book on Spin Sucks Pro

I still have one more post coming out this week on Google Plus, so stay tuned for that regularly scheduled programming later today.

Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

Google + -- My 25 Random User Insights and Observations

Well now. We've been sucked in, haven't we.

I've had to start a new tag in Diigo just to catalog all the perspectives, ideas and commentary that's...

Social Media Disruptive Innovation

Blogging Style Critiques from the week of June 27th 2011


Facebook Page HOW TO: Using Page Design and Custom Tabs to Call Fans to Action

For the next three days, I want to help you dig into Facebook Pages so that you can get more from the effort you are putting into building the...

Social Media Social Business Design Content Marketing Strategy

The Art of Flight ... and Digital Video Production

If you stop for a few minutes while online today, do it to watch this incredible work of art.

Content Marketing

Hootsuite How To: Schedule Tweets for Content Marketing

If you were hanging around here yesterday, we talked a little about the three critical success factors that concoct the secret sauce to short form...

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3 People You Should Stalk This Week - # 1

Happy Monday folks.

4 Rocking Examples of Video Storytelling to Wrap Your Week

Since I've been spending some time with Eric Leslie in the last few months, my fascination with video storytelling and the growing boom of DSLR...

On Social Network Frequency and 43,829 Minutes

Dear friends - the social marketing frequency debate rages on.

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Trust is a Choice

We all find ourselves in a situation where we are faced with a choice to trust someone. The kicker is that most of us have been burnt, once,...

Heather & Mike Whaling on Love, Marriage and Business

I'm posting this as I sit in a room surrounded by other small business owners who are all looking how to grow their business with a little help...

Establishing Congruency and Work-Life Balance

Going to bed late seems to create sluggish mornings. Who knew?


If You Ran Facebook

"We are not seats or eyeballs or or end users or consumers. We are human beings -- and our reach exceeds your grasp. Deal with it."

While I've never...


What's Your Take on Whole Authors VS Bloggers Thing?

This is one of those posts where I'm hpoing the really smart and valuable stuff comes from you, down there in the comments.

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On Hype and Adoption Life Cycles

Since 1995, Gartner has used hype cycles to characterize the over-enthusiasm or "hype" and subsequent disappointment that typically happens with...

Disruptive Innovation

How I Jam

See that picture? I was in that crowd during Saturday night at Bonaroo 2008. Pearl Jam was about to take the stage.

I think I listen to music...

Upgrade Your Conference Calls

For years, we've used sites like or even the local conference call features on our desk phones to get groups of dispersed...

How To Blog: Harnessing the Power of Number Lists

I never thought I end up teaching. Then again, I never thought I would enjoy it so much.

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Shave Your Members

I met Greg Kaple down in Athens, Ohio.

Disruptive Innovation

5 Post Blogging Challenge: Using the HTML Tab

Are you blogging? Great! Here's a challenge that might just take some of you out of your comfort zone.

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Blended Show and Tell

Rather than talk to you about blended families and what it takes to make a divorce work out for the kids, I thought show and tell might make more...

How To Pitch for a Guest Blogging Spot

Yesterday, you read a post from David Murton on how businesses can use Flickr as a promotional tool. It was solid info and a good post.

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The Resume is Dead

The resume is dead.

Social Media Speaking

15 of My Favorite Photos from SXSW

My good friend, Becky Johns, was the one who finally persuaded me to get a decent camera and start taking photos. A few chunks of change later, I...

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Happy Birthday Sarah

Dear Sarah,

Time to Get on the 'Bus

Are you on the 'Bus yet? The time is now...

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Do You Need to Diversify Your Income Sources?

I'd like to announce the winner of my contest last week for Jay and Amber's new book, The Now Revolution.


Who Is Nate Riggs?

Seeing as I'm at Social Fresh, maybe now is as good a time as any to post this one...

5 Reasons Why Monologue Videos Are Critical to Connecting With Your Audience

Do you listen to live talk radio on Saturday mornings? It's a nice way to wake up and kick off a weekend.

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5 Survival Tips for Work Overload (Please Add More)

We're cool, so I'm going to come clean.

Is Social Media Killing the Killer App?

This week's guest post comes from Greg Jordan. Greg has been active in the internet business in one fashion or another since 1997. He's run the...

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Groupon Super Bowl Ads: 5 Reasons Why Groupon's Offensive Spot Wins BIG

Wow. It seems that Groupon may have messed up in a BIG way.

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Editorial Calendars: An Age-Old Collaborative Work

It's Thursday again and time for another guest on Since Mike was in town this week, I'm pleased to share something that he'd...


How a Dancing Peanut is Changing My Life

Yeah, that title probably got your attention, huh?

5 Tips to Use HARO for Free Media Coverage

Would you like some really practical advice you can use in your business or marketing career right now?

Social Media Guests Strategy

The Thing About "Ex"

It's Sunday.

Social Media Makes It Real - By Jim Joseph

A few months back, I had the chance to attend the AMA Marketing Research Conference in Atlanta. It was during that conference that I first met...


Using a PMIR To Get Customer Feedback on Your Work

I've been hanging out in Kansas City, Missouri this week with Mike Brown and Barrett Sydnor of The Brainzooming Group, cranking out some work on a...

Strategy Disruptive Innovation

3 Feature Suggestions That Would Make Me Love BatchBook Even More

For years I was focused on doing business development for different companies where I worked, and with that, CRM became a part of my vocabulary...

Social Business Design Disruptive Innovation

What Will You Do With The January Stretch?

20 Posts I Loved Writing in 2010

Everyone this week seems to be focused on the wrap-up party for 2010. I've never been one to shy away from a party, so count me in.

Social Business Design

Using Positive Opposites for Benchmarking Your Competitive Position

We've nearly reached the end of 2010.

Social Business Design Strategy

Jess Ostroff on Being a Virtual Assistant

About two months ago, I finally made the decision to hire a virtual assistant to help manage the workload at Social Business Strategies. This...

Guests Social Business Design Strategy

Using Twitter to Stay Top of Mind

I met Cheri on Twitter because she tweets from @ArveyColumbus. She tweets a lot and is always up for a conversation.

Social Media

Skype Session: Sam Falletta on Building Social Media Into Your Company Culture

I talk about Incept (client) quite a bit here, and there are a few reasons for that.

Social Media Social Business Design

22 Ways You Can Make Time for Twitter in Everyday Life

"I'm so busy! I barely have time to keep up with everything I have to do. How on earth can I keep up with Twitter too?"

Social Media Strategy

Enjoy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you.


On Facebook Deals and the Death of Circular Ads

It's coming.

Social Media Social Business Design

Building Human Business Teams - Episode 1

You've heard me talk about what we're doing at Incept (client) for about the past 6 months. It's a big project in the making.

Social Media

Thank You

Thanks to all of you for the kind birthday wishes.

Value Innovation and Fall Leaves

Lois Kolada and her husband Paul are nice examples of creative and driven entrepreneurs who call Columbus home.

Disruptive Innovation

Five Ways to Improve Your Company's Communication Skills

There have been a few guest posts on this week. The reason for this is that I want to be able to give the iCME's at Incept a chance...

Social Business Design

Culture is Your Brand Experience

Lots of people have written about Chick-fil-A, their unique organization, and excellent brand and advertising work. Rightly so. It's...

HOW TO Immortalize Your Experience on iMovie

I'm pleased to have one of my young Padawon learners and new friends, Timothy Johnson, as a guest on Right now, Tim spends his days...

Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Thursday at Blogworld 2010

If you're Twitter savvy, you've probably been following tweets Cheryl's tweets from a few of the Blogworld 2010 sessions.

Social Media

Consumer Profiles: How To Get Started on Building Yours

Do you use consumer profiles in your business?

Social Business Design Strategy

Building a Collaborative Blog Content Strategy at the Schey Sales Centre

The young professionals who are a part of Ohio University's Ralph & Luci Schey Sales Centre (client) are the cream of the crop when it comes to...

Jamie Turner on Why Your Brain Buys Stuff it Doesn’t Need #AMAMRC

This week Cheryl, Tim and I are leading a Human Business Team of 20 cool kids at the American Marketing Association 2010 Market Research Conference...

Social Media Speaking Marketing Insights

Experiencing Aloha Culture: The Hawaii Social Media Summit

When Quincy Solano of Technology News Bytes approached me a few months ago and asked me to speak at the Hawaii Social Media Summit, I jumped at...

Social Media Social Business Design Speaking

On Delivering Happiness (Sideways)

And by sideways, I really mean sideways.

Social Media

Apture - Two Birds & One Stone

For me, applying the idea of augmented reality in web browsing makes a ton of sense.

Disruptive Innovation

Getting EPIC in Detroit: #EpicTweetup

The fact that Twitter has now become a reason to gather fascinates me.

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Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today, I woke up at about 7:00 a.m. to find Amy sitting straight up in bed, holding her cell phone. The look on her face was...

Critical Questions in Building a Content Marketing Practice

I'm pleased to again have the chance to share some ideas on Junta42's Content Marketing Institute blog. Not only am I contributing, but I'm also...

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Good News for You

Sometimes we feel trapped. Stuck. Motionless. Sometimes we just need permission.

Niche Communities & Curating the Conversation

I've been thinking about these two things a lot recently:

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy

While They Sleep

As a Dad, sometimes the most cherished moments happen while they sleep...

How To Lead More Productive Collaboration at a Distance

Do you have clients outside of your backyard? How about business partners? In most cases, that's pretty common in today's business environment....

Social Business Design Strategy

Curation, Content Marketing & Building Collections

This is a damn cool collection.

10 Tips to Help You Do Better Interviews

I received this message from Andrew Dechellis on my contact form this week:


5 Ways to Assess How Influential You Are on Twitter

I have the pleasure of lending to Cheryl Harrison for this guest post. Cheryl has over 10 years of experience using social media...

Social Media Strategy

Don't Be Afraid to Fail...Really

Education Strategies - Blogging & Social Media in the Classroom

Here are two questions to think about:

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Quick Updates on Social Business Strategies

I feel like I haven't really been keeping you up-to-date on what's happening at Social Business Strategies.

Social Media Social Business Design

Interpersonal Communication Styles & Managing Conflict

(Just so you know in advance, there's a contest at the end of this post. If you want to play, please keep reading...)

Yesterday, I met with...

Social Media

HootSuite5: My First Review

I've been a HootSuite user for some time now, and while I won't be signing up for the HootSuite Certified Professionals program anytime soon, I'm...

Social Media Disruptive Innovation

Jeffrey Hayzlett on His New Book, The Mirror Test

Out of all the presenters I saw at BMA Engage this year, Jeffrey Hayzlett wins first prize. Hands down.

Marketing Insights

Presence Building on Twitter: The Art of Creating Illusion

I'm thinking about writing a short eBook that I'll host on my blog and provide to you free of charge.

Social Media

Running Dash for Donation to Get You to Donate Life

When you go to renew your driver's license, do you say "yes" to becoming an organ donor?

Social Media

Engaging Professional Services Buyers at BMA Engage

I've spent a good majority of my career living the agency life, marketing and selling professional services. It can be challenging, especially when...


Ohio Growth Summit - Meet Your BIG Personal Brand Panelists

For the past few months, I've had the privilege of partnering with Mike Bowers and Tonya Wilson, of the SBDC, on building out content for some of...


ROI by Using Social Media from the Inside Out

Maybe a theme from this week is actually the idea of "inside out."

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Foursquare Badges May Tell Stories of Consumer Behavior

Do you have many Foursquare Badges?

For some Foursquare adoptors, earning badges adds a whole new dynamic to the game. Some are funny. Some are...

Social Media Strategy

HOW TO Be a Good Agent Zero

For me, one of the most relevant chapters in Chris and Julien's Trust Agents describes the idea of being "Agent Zero". In June of last year (prior...


Building a Social Media Strategy at Fort Hays State University

Sometimes a wonderful opportunity just happens to fall in your lap.

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy Disruptive Innovation

7 Reasons Why PromoWest Wins at Using Email to Build a Facebook Fan Base

Sometimes we get so focused on using social media as a stand-alone tool that we forget about all of the other tools we have available to help us...

Social Media Strategy

Hootsuite Certified Professionals Directory Fails at Customer Policy

Most of you know that I use (and support) Hootsuite as a social media management platform. I mention Hootsuite here all the time and have even ...

Social Media

HOW TO Use Twitter Lists for Self Benchmarking in 5 Easy Steps

Twitter Lists have been one of the best innovations our friends in San Francisco have come up with, in my humble opinion. There are so many...

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

HOW TO Promote an Event Using Twitter - Guest Hannah DeMilta

I'm pleased to feature the very talented Hannah DeMilta as a guest blogger today.

Social Media Strategy

Customer Experience Marketing & iPhone Apps

My choice of banks has usually been dictated by location and proximity.

Social Business Design Strategy

13 Plugins To Make Your Wordpress Blog Better

When Joe, at Inline Bits (affiliate link), and I were building the development strategy for the new, selecting and installing the...

Social Business Design Strategy

HOW TO Rebuild a Blog with Joe Payton of Inline Bits

Today is the day! As you might have noticed, I have some new digs!

Social Media Strategy

How To Be Better Social Media Consultants

Will you indulge me in a scenario for a moment?


Finding Release

Most people are surprised when they learn I love listening to bluegrass music.


Skype Session: Interview with Jason Baer of Convince & Convert

Today, I'm delighted to bring you a very special Skype Session.

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy

Live Streaming Video from the Skyline Exhibitor Exchange - Using Social Media Tools for Trade Show Marketing

Today we have a special treat, largely brought to you by the digitally talented Eric Leslie of OnScene Media & Marketing.

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy

How Do You Define a Technologist?

The term "technologist" is perplexing. My friend, Will Burrus, has been called one. I've heard a few people call Dave Culbertson and Joe Payton...

Disruptive Innovation

5 Ideas Marketing Agencies Can Use to Generate Revenue by Helping Clients Blog

We all know why companies (and the humans inside those companies) should be blogging. There is significant qualitative and quantitative information...

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy

HOW TO Leverage a Relationship With Your Foursquare Mayor

There's a flurry of activity around Foursquare everywhere you look. It seems a certain sect in Columbus has instead decided to adopt Gowalla and...

Social Business Design Strategy

Some Damn Good Storytelling in Dublin, Ohio

This post has one purpose.

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy

Only Thing Constant is Change - Part 1

You rock. :)


Four P's of Being Interactive - Live with Mark Whitman & Columbus AMA

I've learned so much from Mark Whitman over the past six months. In fact, the way in which we approach large clients at Social Business Strategies...

Human Business Teams, Football & Brand

Will you be watching the Superbowl XLIV later this evening? I will. For the record, I'm rooting for Peyton Manning and the Colts. The Browns are...


How Columbus-Based DOmedia is Changing the Game for Out-of-Home Media Buyers

Out-of-home media buying can be a tough, painstaking process.


What We Can Learn About Trust & Brand from DK Diner

People around Grandview, Ohio know about DK Diner. Word of the fresh-baked doughnuts and the cozy environment definitely gets around local...

How To Use Google Wave to Get More from Events & Conferences

When I first received my invitation to Google Wave, I was less than impressed.

Social Business Design Strategy

Good Strategy Focuses on Business Objectives & Baselines for Measurement

There are plenty of ways to measure success outside of ROI. I hope that yesterday's post helped to shift your paradigm on the investment part of ROI...

Social Media Social Business Design Strategy

Make Sure Your iPhone App Solves a Real Problem

It seems like every business out there is hot to develop mobile applications related to their offering. It's a bandwagon trend. And with the...

Strategy Disruptive Innovation

23 Ideas to Help WNCI's Morning Zoo with Dave & Jimmy Get Better at Using Social Media

I was reared as a traditional media guy and have always had tons of respect for mass communication.

Social Media Strategy

Why I'm Now Using Tungle to Manage My Calendar

This week's been about what I'm doing in 2010 and my firm, Social Business Strategies. There's still more to let you in on, but I had to break from...

Social Media Strategy

Want a Video to Go Viral? Focus on Entertainment

In less than 15 hours, 2009 will be a memory. I want to wish you a happy and successful New Year!


Mark Whitman on How To Get a Job - Social Media has Made Recruiters Lazy

I'm back with Mark Whitman, yet again.


Mark Whitman on How To Get a Job - Know Your Strengths & Purpose

Mark Whitman and I are back with some tips on how to get a job. Today, we discuss how candidates can gain a competitive advantage by thinking through...


Mark Whitman on How To Get a Job - Working with Recruiters

A few months ago, I announced my affiliate partnership with Mark Whitman and TeamBuilder Search. You can read the details as to how and why we...


Social Media Mixology: How To Hack the System When Your Company Blocks Social Networking Sites

Companies are still trying to get their head around the social web. That's understandable. The change is still pretty new.

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Santa Monica's Public Electronic Network (PEN): Learning From the First Municipal Online Social Network

My brother, Nick, is pretty smart, and doing interesting work. He's currently chasing after his advanced degree in Applied Communications at the...

Social Media

What I'm Thankful For In 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


Making Your Own Social Business Strategy | Featuring Elaine Reese

I've started to build a professional relationship with Elaine Reese through Digital Relationship Context.

Social Media Strategy

Both Sides of Choosing to Disconnect, Un-Follow or De-Friend your Competitors on Social Networks

There is an interesting debate that has come up a lot recently as I'm out talking to business folks and organizations on how they can effectively use...

Social Media Strategy

Writing an Effective Mass Invite Message to Add LinkedIn Connections

You might be wondering why I'm suddenly cranking out a ton of content on using LinkedIn as a tool for business. There's actually a few reasons, and...

Social Media Strategy

How To Use the Answers Feature on LinkedIn to Connect with the Right Smart People

Okay friends. Show of hands. How many of you have the all coveted "Expert in..." badges on your LinkedIn profile? I have a few. You probably do as...

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Mixology: Using Tumblr to Bring More Functionality to Your Facebook Wall

Have you ever used a Tumblr blog? Here's mine. It still needs some work.

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

HubSpot Partner Program - Talking with CEO, Brian Halligan

Have you heard of HubSpot? If you're on Facebook and your profile contains a few keywords related to marketing or internet, chances are you may have...

Social Media Strategy

TweetMyTime is Ready to Rock the Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon

In less than 72 hours, Twitter and Facebook will be flooded with Tweets from racers in the Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon using ...

Social Media

Working Out with Pumpkins to Help the Make A Wish Foundation

It's getting close to Halloween and the smell of pumpkins is in the air. OK, not really. But you know we will be seeing a ton of these veggies...


Interview with AJ Gerriston of 451 Marketing

One of the first panel discussions I got to see at the Inbound Marketing Summit was Innovative New Marketing Programs Using New Media. Moderated by ...

Social Media Strategy

Social Networking, Business & Baseball Cards

We have a lot of friends on Facebook. Some of us may have thousands of connections on LinkedIn. Maybe our biggest "people collection" lives on...

Social Media

Will You Sport a TweetMyTime Shirt at the Columbus Marathon?

Race day for the Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon is getting closer. So is our little BETA test of TweetMyTime. It's exciting and, as of...

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Tweetdeck Just Changed Twitter & Global Communications

Tweetdeck just pulled ahead in the race for designing a better Twitter application. A recent update has, in my opinion, taken the company to the lead...

Social Media Strategy Disruptive Innovation

Thank You for Helping Us with TweetMyTime!

You rock! Yesterday, I asked for your help and you totally ran with it. You used your social graph and capital to spread the word about TweetMyTime...

Social Media Strategy

Know Thyself

Are you thinking about how to develop a personal brand for yourself on the social web? Here's a tip. Start by remembering what Plato taught us long...

Social Media Strategy

Who Owns Your Tools?

Here's an interesting debate. If you use social networks to make professional connections while on company time, does your company then have the...

Social Media Speaking

Brand Huddle

"There's no I in team." This famous quote hangs in just about every sports team's locker room you might step into.

Strategy Speaking

Digital Relationship Context defines the word "clique" as a particular social group: circle, coterie, crowd, set. Informal bunch, gang.

Social Media Strategy

Picking Your Coach

I wrote about what I've learned by working with a coach. But, in thinking deeper I never would have started had it not been for a few key influencers...


Collective Business

Are you familiar with Sandbox or Qwirk? These are co-working concepts based here in Columbus, Ohio. The general idea is that small businesses and...


Embrace Your Clients as Friends

I have clients that have become my friends. I also have friends that have become my clients.

In his book Foundational Networking, Frank Agin makes...

Social Media Strategy

Mobilizing People for Your Cause Through Blog Content

On Friday I shared a few opinions on the failing of Issue 2 in Southwestern City Schools. At the end of what some would call a small rant, I promised...


Ohio Innovators to Follow

I had a great conversation with my buddy Tom Williams after lunch today. After chatting with Tom, I always feel somehow smarter. (Thanks dude! I need...

Disruptive Innovation

Plate Spinning & New Media

Have you ever seen an entertainer spin plates? It's pretty impressive stuff, huh. The performer uses centrifugal force (yep, I actually just linked...

Showing Love for Social Media and B2B Marketing

Some of you may have attended my talk yesterday with the Columbus Business First and Sparkspace Social Media Summer Camp series. Thank you! I hope...


Total Internet Presence

Twitter is an amazing tool. It allows you to meet and develop relationships with people you wouldn't normally know from Adam. That's how I met Bryan,...

Social Media Strategy

Making Communication History

I'm not sure if people realize the full implications of just what is happening today with this whole movement toward social media communication.

Social Media

Being Transparent

Like my hat? Silly isn't it. That's OK. I can be kind of silly at times (just ask Sarah about that one). Part of doing what I do for a living is...


Creating Event Visability Using Twitter & Hashtags - Part I

I missed PodCamp Ohio 2 a few weeks back. It came down to a decision and I made a choice - work Saturday and get Sunday (Father's Day) with Kaden or...


Building Relatioinships and Onions

Please pay attention Twitter business users. Twitter is not a mass medium like TV or radio or print. Micro-blogging is NOT about pushing your...

Social Media Strategy

LinkedIn for Business Development & Boats

Meet my good friend Keith Lampe. He's a smart guy and a savvy business developer working for a background screening company in Columbus Ohio. Keith...


Why Your University Should Join the HubSpot Education Partner Program

If you missed last week's episode of The Digital Skillscast, we talked with members of Ohio University's Schey Sales Centre on how Centers of...

higher education The Digital Skillscast

Inbound Marketing Education at Wayne State: The Digital Skillscast Episode #002

Welcome to our second episode of The Digital Skillscast. This weekly podcast will cover trends in marketing, sales, technology and higher...

higher education The Digital Skillscast

Ohio Inbound Marketing Day 2016 Keynote Speaker: Isaac Moche

As marketers we know that in order to stay up on all the latest trends in the industry, you have to attend a bunch of boring conferences that may...

ohio inbound marketing day

Ohio Inbound Marketing Day 2016 Keynote Speaker: Marcus Sheridan

ohio inbound marketing day

HubSpot's State of Inbound Report Recap

"In five years, marketing and sales will no longer exist."

This statement was the focal point of this year's State of Inbound Report, which argued...

Inbound Marketing The State of Inbound

INBOUND 2016: "The One That Was Scheduled On Election Day"

Here's how I picture the INBOUND 2016 conference event planning committee:

Person 1: "Hey so how are we going to make this year different guys? I...

HubSpot inbound

My Quick & Easy Synopsis of Moz's Beginner's Guide to SEO

In recent years, eBooks have become some of the best content that can be found online. Unfortunately, at times, comitting hours to comb through...

Taking a Historic Publisher from Outbound to the Next Inbound Frontier

Franciscan Media, established by the Franciscan Friars in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the 1890s, is one of America's oldest Catholic book and magazine...

case studies

The New Facebook Reactions vs. HubSpot Reporting [The Showdown]

Confession time: While everyone else spent the last week of February concerned about the presidential election and the (possibly) tanking overseas...

HubSpot Facebook

Repurposing Content: 8 Methods to Diversify Your Content Strategy

Has your content strategy quickly become stale and repetitive? This problem seems to pop up very often in the content marketing world. You may be...

repurposing content

The Modern Marketer: 5 Critical Marketing Skills to Have In 2016

A wise man once said "the quickest way to become an old dog is to stop learning new tricks."

Being four months away from obtaining my college...

professional development

A History of New Years and a Special Thanks

As we approach the holiday season and our transition into 2016, I thought it would be fun to take a break from our usual marketing-focused content...

Interview with Ohio Inbound Marketing Day Speaker: Tim Farrel

Our long time friend and fellow Ohio Inbound Marketing Day sponsor Tim Farrel of Conrad | Phillips | Vutech sat down with us for a one-on-one...

ohio inbound marketing day

Deciding to Work with a Social Media Management Company

Businesses both small and large are looking to tap into social media as a part of their content and inbound marketing mix. With that, marketers...

Inbound Marketing Social Media

What You Need to Know Creating a jQuery Modal Popover in HubSpot COS

Disclaimer: This is not a post all about how to "block popups".

Despite the fact that Google records 2300 searches a month of some version of "how...

HubSpot COS development

Columbus Chamber of Commerce: Leading a Booming Local Economy

Ten years ago, if I would have told you that Columbus, Ohio would be one of the fastest growing cities for business, you probably would have...

Applying Inbound Techniques to Restaurant Marketing

When I started out as the event planner for a well established restaurant, I figured there was little I would have to do to drive sales.  

Inbound Marketing restaurant marketing

Meet the October Columbus HUG Presenters: Tim Farrel & Erica Malone

On this month's Columbus HUG webcast, we are proud to feature Tim Farrel and Erica Malone of Conrad Phillips Vutech. Their presentation will...

Inbound Marketing October HUG Webcast

HubSpot's New Predictive Lead Scoring Tool

We are still coming down from the high that is the annual HubSpot Inbound conference - with its thousands of eager attendees, prolific speakers,...


Top 5 Marketing Automation Systems and Why Your Boss Should Invest

So, what is marketing automation systems anyway? Just another buzzword?

 If your company has failed to step into the 21st century and update your...

marketing automation

I Need An Inbound Marketing Career, Stat!

I'm about to graduate, and I know I want a career in inbound marketing! Yay! ...Now what?

Welcome to the million dollar question. Regardless of...

Inbound Marketing Career

Should My Staff Complete The Inbound Marketing Certification?

If you follow my updates on Twitter, you probably know that I teach a course at Ohio University on Thursday nights that I call Inbound Habits.


inbound marketing certification

Impulse Purchasing with the Pinterest 'Buy it' Button

My Aunt LOVES Pinterest.


Top 5 Best Marketing Books for a Hip Marketer

As a recent college graduate, I cannot tell you how over reading textbooks I am.

As a marketing student, I wanted to be reading about things I...

Marketing Tools Content Marketing Digital Marketing

What is a HubSpot User Group (HUG)?

So you've heard about the monthly HUG meetings in your city.

You know they are about marketing something-or-other. Or perhaps your company or...

Columbus HubSpot User Group

So, What is HubSpot?

Inbound marketing is the golden child of the marketing world and for good reason - it is a proactive and fundamental shift that matches the way...

HubSpot Inbound Marketing

8 Essential Skills of the Inbound Marketing Consultant

Is Snapchat's Content Marketing Growing Up?

Snapchat started out as a photo messaging app. It had 14 employees and a cute Silicon Beach address in Venice.

Today, the company has an estimated

Social Media

Is an Online Content Destination Worth the Investment?



What is the difference between traditional content marketing and an online content destination?

First, we need to define...

Content Marketing

4 Podcasts for Essential Listening: Storytelling Edition

How many podcasts do you listen to on a weekly basis?

Or, are you a newbie who wants to listen to quality podcasts, but you aren't sure where to...

Series Marketing Tools Podcasts

Digital Marketing Conference Interact15 a Success

Interact15, a digital marketing conference that took place in Springfield, Ohio, was a jam-packed day of panels, presenters, marketing insights...

Content Marketing Speaking Digital Marketing Marketing Insights

What are the risks of LinkedIn's Elevate app?

LinkedIn's tagline for their new app Elevate is "empower your employees to share great content with their networks, and become a socially engaged...

Personal Branding Tips for Your Sales Team

Does your sales team have what it takes to build a personal brand? If the answer is no or not a resounding yes, read on.

Why do they need to?



Is it the Year of Content Marketing Distribution Companies?

Officially 2015 is the year of the sheep, but it can also be argued that 2015 will be the year of content marketing distribution companies.

To be...

Content Marketing

A Simple Check to Stop WordPress Hackers

This week, a huge Yoast SEO WordPress plugin vulnerability was uncovered.

Marketing Insights Search

Coke Killed the Sales Voicemail

One of the best sales training events I ran for a team was one on prospecting. It was focused on gaining accesss at high levels with a series of...


3 Media Production Hacks They Don't Want You to Know

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Video Media Habits

What a Black and Blue Dress Can Teach Us About Customer Engagement

Years from now, February 26th, 2015 will be remembered for the day Net Neutrality legislation was heavily discussed and analyzed. Just kidding....

Social Media

Being a Marketing Professional: A Blessing and a Curse


Register for Columbus HUG Meeting #2: Building Personas

Who are your ideal customers?

Inbound Marketing

The 5 Top Sports Marketing Jobs To Get Today

Sports extends beyond what occurs on the grizzly gridiron, the pristine pitch, the icy ice, the dusty diamond, and other playing battlefields.

Education Marketing Insights

Strategies for Tackling Organizational Change Management

According to Forrester Research, 70% of organizational change management initiatives fail. That means 2 out of 3 attempts at change, whether that...


Secrets to Creating Memorable Content: Super Bowl XLIX Style


Source: Wikipedia

At $4.2 million for thirty seconds of exposure, the purchase of a Super Bowl ad spot during face off XLIX was "the most...

Content Marketing

Calorie Counting and Expectations of the Menu Labeling Rule

Oh, the joy of counting calories.


B2B Marketing on Twitter - How Many Companies Are Failing

Twitter is in the top social-media echelon for B2B relationship building and lead generation. While there may be some debate about the degree of...

Social Media Strategy

What's the New Wave of Digital Storytelling in Sports?

Statistics show that people are digitally composing their own stories frequently.

Social Media Marketing Insights

The State of Consumer Research in Higher Education

The higher education research and development sector is a 65 billion dollar annual behemoth.

Podcast Marketing Insights

Use Facebook Apps for Business and Grow Your Email List

We live in the age where billions of people spend unbelievable amounts of time on Facebook, sometimes checking their news feeds multiple times...

Inbound Marketing

4 Continuing Trends for Restaurant Marketing in 2015

2014 proved to be a year of new developments for restaurant marketing, from mobile apps to kiosk ordering. Many restaurants took on the technology...

Restaurants Marketing Insights

Newcastle's Super Bowl Ad is the Most Refreshing in Years

Perhaps my title of this blog post is a bit misleading. At first glance it may appear that I am of the opinion that Super Bowl ads need refreshing...

Disruptive Innovation

Make the Most of Restaurant Marketing with Marvelous Merchandise


Marketing Tools Restaurants

Did You Know About Columbus HubSpot User Group?

It's been a long time since I have done one of these videos, but we have an event coming up that I think you might want to check out.

Inbound Marketing

Examining Government Marketing in Columbus Ohio

With the advent of the new year we are thrilled to bring you a brand new NR Media Group production - The Columbus Marketing Show.

Podcast Marketing Insights

3 Predictions on How Digital Media Services Will Evolve in 2015

It's that time of year again.

Inbound Marketing Content Marketing Media Habits

The Best Marketing Podcasts of 2014


Marketing Tools Content Marketing Podcasts

Making the Most of Your Brand with Marvelous Merchandise

Restaurant marketing is vital to the livelihood of any company, new or old. A key to success is having a catchy, identifiable logo for your...

5 Tips for Coming Up with Content for Business Blogs

Content and inbound marketing sit atop the marketing world and their right hand man, blogging, is a big reason for why they are there.


Content Marketing

HubSpot Pricing in a Nutshell

Inbound Marketing Marketing Tools

What Are Sports Marketing Videos Missing?

Is J.J. Abrams the man behind the sports marketing videos coming out of the Ohio State football office?

Video Strategy

Understanding Inbound vs Outbound Marketing


Inbound Marketing Marketing Insights

10 Mind-Blowing Video Marketing Statistics You Have to Know

Video Marketing Insights


By now you’ve heard the term GMO and may even know all about it. For those who are still in the dark with what it all means, a GMO is a Genetically...

Connected Products - The Future of Business Innovation

The Internet of Things has become one of the most highly discussed topics in general and in business. For those not familiar with the concept, the...

Marketing Insights Disruptive Innovation

How To Get Better Results from Video Marketing Services

Over the years, I've worked with a ton of companies to help them hire video marketing services so that they can begin to build libraries of assets...

Video Content Marketing Media Habits

Emotion in Marketing - The Single Most Powerful Tool

Before we jump into the meat of the post - take a look at this recent video from outdoor apparel producer North Face.

Strategy Marketing Insights

The Future of Storytelling: What Does Your Brand Voice Sound Like?


Disruptive Innovation

How Businesses Can Excel on Snapchat

Snapchat, the app based on sending photos to your friends that disappear, is rapidly evolving. The Verge reports that Snapchat Stories are now ...

Social Media Social Business Design Content Marketing

Preventable Social Media Marketing Mistakes

A national brand has an online presence in social media, including Twitter. A marketing team or individual looks at the trending hashtags, and...

Social Media Marketing Insights

Is Social Media Changing Civic Engagement?

from the City of Ventura
Social Media Media Habits

How to Track Competitor Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

How To Create Effective Infographics

Created by Carson Reider, NRMG
Content Marketing Stories

How to Listen to Your Customers With Social Media Customer Service

Chances are, you've heard of Zynga, the maker of games that take over your life such as Words With Friends and FarmVille. Zynga recently made an...

Social Media

A Unique Approach to Improving Brand Reputation

You are already an expert in the industry. Your brand has a strong reputation and you feel confident about the quality of your services. That’s...

Facebook's Latest Updates: Policy Changes and Mobile Payment?

So far, October 2014 has been an interesting month for Facebook. In the last week, their latest updates included two policy changes and a sign of...

Social Media

The Curious Case of Bethany Mota, YouTube Star

Who is Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota was just 13 when she started posting videos to her YouTube channel, macbarbie07. In those early days, she offered...

Social Media Video

The Social TV Reality

Before we went dark for a few weeks, we detailed a study being conducted by the Council for Research Excellence (CRE).

Social Media Media Habits

The Rise and Impending Fall of Anonymous Social Networks

What do you think of when you hear "social networks"?

Social Media

Marketing Technologists - Unicorns or Just Horses?

Content Marketing Marketing Insights

What Role Can Blogging for Restaurants and Breweries Play?

Did you know that there are over 3,000 breweries in the United States and that this figure is the highest it has been since prohibition? But what...

Podcast Restaurants

3 Ways to Make the ALS #IceBucketChallenge Better

I was helping my younger brother record his ice bucket challenge today, and while he was going through what he was saying, it donned on me that...

How Pinterest Works

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that has quickly become a top social media in the world.

Social Media

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #018: To Play Games or be Useful?

To play games or be useful? In this week's show, Brandon and I discuss the outcomes of game mechanics vs. being useful.

What Is The Social Sharing of Emotions?

Think why and what you share...

Social Media

Learn from these Brands on YouTube

Last week we introduced the topic of creating effective content on YouTube and took a look at The Fine Brothers, one of the best content producers...

Social Media

What's the Role of Marketing and Finance in Restaurants?

Fast casual is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry and Zoës Kitchen is championing the market.


Facebook's Celebrity App

Source: Facebook
Social Media

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #016: Big Data in Your Restaurant

In this week's show, Brandon and I open by discussing an interesting move by Applebee's to assure their customers that their staff won't steal...

Facebook's Emotional Contagion? About That

Thanks, Bill Watterson!
Social Media

Why Google Needed to Buy Songza

Google is years behind other companies out there. While their algorithms and wearables seem like they come from the future, Google falls flat in...

Media Habits Strategy

Why Kallpod's Communication Technology Works

In past posts, we've highlighted ways to improve content marketing effectiveness, operational efficiency and profits by means of numerous online...

Restaurants Marketing Insights

#044: Anthony Lye on Mobile Devices and Cloud Computing

Microsoft spent 90 percent of its 2011 research and development budget on cloud computing strategy and products, according to Wired. Since 2011,...


Mastering Social Media for Customer Service: A Workshop

Social Media Guests Strategy

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #013: The Latest in Restaurant Reservations and More

In this week's show, Brandon and I look at news articles and some supplemental information released this week that cover some strategic tech...

Series Restaurants

What's Polarizing About Brazil's Midia NINJAs During the World Cup?

from Twitter
Social Media

What's Up With All This Bragging On Social Media?

Image from Glossy Musings
Social Media

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #012: Content Marketing for Restaurants

In this week's show, Nate and Brandon look at 3 news articles released this week, as well as a review of some books that we think you need to read.

Series Content Marketing Restaurants Marketing Insights

What is Socialnomics' "World of Mouth"?

The way we live and how we interact have been transformed by social media.

Social Media

Who is the Ideal Content Marketing Manager?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of all business-to-business marketing firms utilize content marketing, with 58% planning to...

Content Marketing Strategy

#041: Jarod Kelly on the Craft Beer Business

Did you know 77% of America's hops come from the state of Washington, yet most Americans live within 10 miles of a craft brewery?


Millennial Search Behavior

Is your brand aiming to capture millennial attention?

Content Marketing Media Habits Search

This Week in Restaurant Technologies #009: Technology at the NRA Show

Technology at the NRA Show

In this week's show, Brandon and I dig into the Tech Pavilion at the upcoming National Restaurant Association Show in...

Series Restaurants

Why Do We Act Differently Online?

Have you ever re-read a tweet or post from you or a friend and thought, "Well, that doesn't sound like me/them at all..."?

Social Media

How To Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool utilized by over 70 million users to share and explore ideas and products. It stands out from social giants...

Social Media

How to Write the Perfect Apology Tweet

In this day and age, most business owners know the basics for how to apologize on Twitter, but now it's time to learn how to write the perfect...

Social Media Guests Strategy

The Challenges Facing Brands on Snapchat

In an age where the attention span of a goldfish outlasts that of a human, marketers are tasked with creating concise captivating content.

Social Media

Wait, You Can Search by Emoji on Yelp?

Are you ever so hungry for a nice cold ice cream cone that you only have the energy left to type a single character?


This Week in Restaurant Technologies #006: New Technologies for Restaurants to Consider

This week, Brandon and I are back with episode 006 of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

Series Restaurants

036: Dan Kim on Using Social Media to Grow a Frozen Yogurt Franchise

In October if 2013, CNBC reported that major American private equity firms have been pouring money into an early stage restaurant industry segment...


How Does Google Separate Authority from Popularity?

In some ways, building a great reputation online can be like politics.

Social Media Search

This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Social News and Online Ordering

This week, Brandon and I are back with episode 004 of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

Series Restaurants

Will New Options Increase Twitter's Photo Shareability?

According to Alex Roetter, Twitter's VP of Engineering, "It’s rare for a day to go by when we’re not releasing at least one experiment."

Social Media

What Is SoMoLo and How Will It Affect Your Brand in 2014?

At the heart of content marketing is the desire to build a customer-strategy that is formulated by standing in customers' shoes and understanding...

Marketing Insights

033: Michael Atkinson on Wearable Technology in Restaurants

Do you wear Glass?


What is the Future of Big Data?

Today, marketers and the businesses they serve are experiencing a new kind of problem. IBM, an industry thought leader on big data management and...

Marketing Insights

This Week in Restaurant Technologies: Google Cards and Pickle Data [VIDEO]

I love the way the internet works.

Series Restaurants

Nice Map! Network Mapping the Social Media Landscape.

New technologies have been beneficial to humanity throughout history: the sextant, the printing press, semiconductor electronics, the Internet,...

Social Media

Social Media Conversation Structures: If 3's a Crowd, then 6 is a Twitter Party

Do you recall the public squares of yore? You know, the ones where orators would deliver their message to those walking by who would care to...

Social Media

The Golden Circle at #Sochi2014

Wondering why brands having nothing to do with sports feature athletes in their messages? This post will tell you how technology is letting brands...

Content Marketing

#029 Matt DeBusk on Content Marketing for Franchised Restaurants

How important of a role does brand play when growing a franchised restaurant system? And, what about content marketing?


Fascinating Olympic Digital User Trends from Social Sochi 2014

Digital user trends are changing how we experience the Olympics...

Social Media

Listly Lists: Why HTML is a Thing of the Past

In this post we explore, the online center for social lists, and interview co-founder Nick Kellet about his involvement with the site and...

Content Marketing

Restaurant Marketing Goes Hand-in-Hand with Media Production

One of the best ways to connect with a target audience in today's increasingly media-saturated world is through recipe videos. These digital gems...

Content Marketing

The Psychology of Gamification and Social Media

Have you been awarded a trophy or a badge in recognition of an achievement?

Marketing Insights

#025 Kelly Roddy on Building Restaurant Brands

As a marketer by trade, the power of branding has always fascinated me. But for multi-unit restaurants, developing and stewarding a brand is a...


Your Brain and Social Media: Digital Storytelling

It goes without saying that social media influences our lives: it affects our self-image and simulates feelings of love.


#021 Firehouse Subs CEO Don Fox - Building Great Restaurant Franchises

What does it take to grow and operate a successful restaurant franchise system? One might imagine that it’s a huge undertaking that requires quite...


#019: Joshua March of Conversocial on Social Media Customer Service

How long do you keep your guests waiting for an answer when they reach out to your brand on Facebook or Twitter?

1/3 of social consumers expect...

#016 Fishbowl CEO Scott Shaw Talks Restaurant CRM

Email marketing is no stranger to the restaurant business. Why? It’s incredibly effective at driving up guest counts and opening wallets.


#013 Restaurant Catering with Erle Dardick of MonkeyMedia Software

Here's a tough question for any restaurant operator:

As we gear up for the holiday season, just how important are off-premise sales to your...


#011 Epic Content Marketing with Joe Pullizzi

Have you heard the term Content Marketing being thrown around online and in your marketing department lately?


How To Help Your CEO Rewire Their Brain for Social Media Engagement

Social Business Design

3 Tips for Managing Customer Expectations on Social Media (And Why Chase Bank Wins)

Social Media Social Business Design

Use Listly for Your Content Marketing (7 Reasons Why You Should)

Do you already use Listly as a tool in your content marketing program?

Content Marketing

What are the differences between Apple iOS VS Android Users?

My post on Thursday that discussed push notifications and social media engagement habits seemed to get a bunch of you all fired up.

Marketing Insights

How To Cause Brand Advocates' Story to Change (Part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of this story on brand advocacy and how to avoid changing the stories that your brand advocates tell. If you're just...

How To Make An Entrance (And Have Everyone Remember It)

For the