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What's the New Wave of Digital Storytelling in Sports?

By Carson Reider on January 26, 2015 |


Digital StorytellingStatistics show that people are digitally composing their own stories frequently.

In fact, digital storytelling has become such a compelling medium for displaying information that college courses have been built to teach its intricacies.

Digital storytelling is “a way of talking about something that conveys not only information, but emotion and significance as well”, according to the CIO at Ohio State. It communicates who we are, what we do, and why we care.

Why do we care?

When we view or hear a story, our brains light up like houses during Christmastime.

What are sports organizations doing to incorporate online storytelling into their strategy to excite our brains?

Digital Storytelling in Sports

Digital StorytellingOur lives are impacted by sports.

We've participate in and we watch sports through a wide scope of media platforms, including broadcast, cable, satellite, interactive TV, radio, social media, mobile media, online media, and location-based media.

Now, we can add storytelling to that list of media platforms.

Sports organizations are now utilizing digital storytelling to communicate what they do and who they are.

Teams are now raconteurs when they infuse multimedia into storytelling, and the power cannot be denied.

What is one platform that is being used to "artify" content in sports marketing?


Digital StorytellingExposure.co is an online platform that transforms what may have been a simple photo gallery into a stunning photo narrative.

These photo narratives convey a story, a theme, rather than static images of game action or player personalities.

For example, take this story by Clemson about a former basketball guard.

Or this story about the goings on behind the scenes at a B1G basketball game.

Or how about a uniform unveiling.

Exposure enhances visual storytelling with digital content that conveys a narrative storyline.

The Future

The fundamentals are not out of the ordinary. At its core, digital storytelling is simply writing and producing functional content for digital consumption.

What is exemplary about digital and visual storytelling in sports is that it conveys themes through the combination of copy and photos.

See more examples in sports at Social 'n Sport's blog post.

Photo and video are being utilized to tell stories now.

Is audio next?

Have you identified the future of storytelling?

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Carson Reider

Written by Carson Reider

Carson Reider is a sports business enthusiast in the digital marketing and media field. He currently works as Director of Social & Digital Marketing for Holy Cross Athletics.