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How Effective is Your LinkedIn Content Marketing?

Alex Foley
Alex Foley / July 16, 2014

LinkedIn's Content Marketing Source: LinkedIn

We all know that content is king.

The mission for brands is now to create the most effective content marketing strategy they can.

The market has responded to this need and there are a variety of new resources and tools pouring in to help. LinkedIn is one of the latest players to enter the arena, as they've launched a new content marketing product suite this spring.

Overview of the Duo

LinkedIn promotes its service as a “dynamic duo” – one part to measure your content marketing effectiveness and one part to analyze the latest content marketing trends.

It is important to note that their analytics are fixed in the LinkedIn realm. While this limits the product’s purview, it does carve out a niche for them to differentiate from the other resources out there.

LinkedIn's Content Marketing Source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

The first component of the dynamic duo is your Content Marketing Score. This is measured by a simple formula: unique members engaged divided by active target audience.

The score specifically looks at engagement with Sponsored Updates, Company Pages, LinkedIn Groups, employee updates, and Influencer posts.

To put the score into perspective, LinkedIn uses competitive benchmarking to show companies how they stack up. It also offers various filters to gauge a score by demographic, geographic region, industry, etc. The tool additionally claims to give actionable recommendations on how to improve your score.

LinkedIn's Content Marketing Source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

The second component of the dynamic duo is Trending Content, which gives insight into what topics are most popular with specific audiences.

This allows you to then tailor your content to the trends and ideally increase engagement as a result.

What's the Catch?

LinkedIn offers a basic suite of marketing resources as well as a more robust suite of Marketing Solutions. These are offered for companies with a marketing budget greater than $25,000.

So how can you take advantage of LinkedIn's Content Marketing Score and Trending Content? Your company must be a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions customer.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn's content marketing duo is really meant for medium to large companies who wish to have a dedicated account team and offloaded analytical responsibilities.

If your company doesn't fit that mold, there are tons of other resources out there (many free) to help improve your content marketing strategies that can easily have a positive residual effect on your LinkedIn content marketing effectiveness.

Need more information on this linkedIn feature? Watch this video

Do you have any experience with LinkedIn's new content marketing "dynamic duo?" Do you feel it's worth the investment? Let us know in the comments section - we'd love to hear your insights!

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