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Is the Second Screen As Influential As We Think?

Carson Reider
Carson Reider / August 25, 2014

TV Second ScreenThe definition of "watching TV" has been changing fast.

People are adopting second screens and tuning in to their favorite shows from their car, the classroom and the grocery store, just to name a few, in addition to their living room TV.

Because of this, Nielsen and Facebook, will begin tracking show engagement via these mobile apps.

This surge of second screen usage influenced the Council for Research Excellence (CRE) to investigate the dynamics of TV-related social media usage.

This week, we'll explain social media's influence on TV viewing and give an overview of the study. We'll give you a week to mull over some of the study's implications before our follow-up post in the coming weeks!

The Second Screen Influence

social tv second screen

Social TV -- the fusion of TV content and social content -- is a current industry buzzword. It's used so often that we might have the perception that people are chattering constantly with others and interacting frequently with actors on social networks while watching their favorite shows.

This infographic shows how social TV is emerging, but, how influential are our second screens, really?

That's one of the many questions the CRE looked to answer...

CRE studyThe Study

The CRE surveyed 1,665 respondents, ages 15 to 54, who were selected to be representatives of the online population. The participants used a mobile app to report any time they saw, heard or communicated something about prime-time TV shows between September 16 and October 6, 2013.

You can read some actual questions that were asked of respondents in this sample image of the app used to administer the study.

Your Thoughts

Are conversations on Twitter and Facebook a substantial driving factor in getting people to tune into TV shows?

Are people tuning in to watch specifically because of something they read or saw on social media, or are they spewing thoughts and opinions about the show they are viewing on social media?

Remember to come back to view the implications this study may have. Come prepared to share your own responses as well!

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