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My Summer of Facebook: Why Social Media is Social

Gentry Bennett
Gentry Bennett / August 19, 2014

As an E.W. Scripps of Journalism at Ohio University student and an aspiring public relations and marketing professional, I'm active on nearly every social network. Some of my grades are even based on tweets, my title at NR Media group is 'Social Media Specialist' and I'm working towards a social media certificate.

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So why did I stop using Twitter this summer?

Because social networks are social.

Think About It

Why do you scroll down your News Feed and like people's photos on Instagram? Why do you check in at your favorite restaurant?

Certainly not to let strangers know what you are doing or to see the new baby of someone you've never met.

You use social networks because they are social. You want to see what your friends, neighbors and family are doing and update them on your life as well.

So why did I stop using Twitter this summer?

The answer:my friends in Dallas, the city I spent my summer vacation in, don't use it. I was around a group of people every day that utilized Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat but didn't tweet.

At first, I found this strange. I've become a little addicted to the app that is constantly updating, constantly feeding me information about my friends, even becoming my primary news source.


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Every Monday at school I live tweet our Scripps PRSSA meetings, participate in Twitter chats and learn about events at my school through multiple social networks.

In Dallas this summer? I would check Facebook every day, upload pictures nearly once a week and even began posting statuses (which I hadn't done in a few years unless it was a big life event.)

Back to School Thoughts

In just one short week, I'll be back in my college routine going to class, attending meetings and tweeting away. While my summer of Facebook may have ended, it will live on the internet forever.

See you in a week, Twitter.

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