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#044: Anthony Lye on Mobile Devices and Cloud Computing

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / June 27, 2014

talk-radio-for-restaurantsMicrosoft spent 90 percent of its 2011 research and development budget on cloud computing strategy and products, according to Wired. Since 2011, mentions of "the cloud" have skyrocketed, along with use of mobile devices.

So how will the trend of mobile devices and cloud computing affect the restaurant industry? My guest this week tells us.

mobile devices and cloud computing @AnthonyDavidLye

In episode #044 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I welcome Anthony Lye, Chief Product Officer at Red Book Connect. Anthony has come to the States from across the pond, and has brought with him a great respect and understanding of the restaurant industry and it's needs.

Anthony's work for Red Book Connect has led them to become a top choice for large scale restaurant chains across the country, which clients such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Uno Pizzeria and Grill.

You’ll also want to hear about Anthony's take on how to address the millennials populating the work force.

Go ahead, turn up the speakers, click play and listen to episode #044 of the Social Restaurant Podcast!

What You'll Learn During the Interview

  • How disruptions like mobile devices and cloud computing have impacted Anthony's career.
  • What Red Book Connect is and how it can server your restaurant.
  • The perks of utilizing cloud technologies like Red Book Connect.
  • How millennials in the workforce impact the way you should do business.
  • The Red Book Connect business model for maintaining customers.

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Additional Show Resources and Notes

mobile devices and cloud computing Photo: Watchdog

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This week' restaurant news brought us interesting information on gratuities in restaurants. A Harris study indicated the average U.S. diner leaves an 18% tip. Men and older patrons were polled to have tipped higher percentages than others. This article from Nation's Restaurant News even breaks down tips by the region of the U.S., which the Northeast being the region with the best tippers in the country.

Have Millennials in your work force and don't know how to engage them? Anthony told Forbes his thoughts on Millennials- quit trying to engage them and begin to encourage, listen and adapt to them.

mobile devices and cloud computingAmong Red Book Connect's amazing solutions, Hot Schedules is one of the leading programs being used nationwide. The scheduling app allows workers to view, approve and trade their shifts. It can even alert them of what time they need to leave the house to get to work on time.

Interested in what Red Book Connect has to offer your restaurant? Check out their website for customer testimonials, case studies and free demos.

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