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How Pinterest Works

Gentry Bennett
Gentry Bennett / August 12, 2014

how pinterest works

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that has quickly become a top social media in the world.

The basic concept of Pinterest is to scroll through what seems like a never-ending screen of photos, quotes, infographics and more.

When you see a 'pin' you like, you can 'pin' it to your Boards and organize your Boards however you want (such as 'Home Goods', 'Career', 'Dream Closet', etc.)

How Pinterest works as a social media is it will link to your Facebook and allow you to follow all of your Facebook friends. Their pins will show up on your Home Feed, allowing you to 'repin' and 'like' their pins, which users receive notifications for.

how pinterest worksHow Pinterest Works for Your Business

Why would a business invest in a social media that has been stereotyped as the platform many women use to fantasize their dream wedding?

The Answer: With 70 million users.

Earlier, we posted an article on How to Use Pinterest for Business. Check it out to learn more strategies your business can utilize to drive business and engagement with fans.

Get to Know Pinterest Data

What's important when thinking about how Pinterest works for your business is how you can use Pinterest data. Luckily, Pinterest not only has a dedicated profile for Business users, but also a separate website. When used strategically, both pages can help in your journey to figure out how Pinterest works for your business.

Don't forget about the analytics through Pinterest. This can help determine how your company is doing with the social media. Social Media Examiner published a great list of six metrics worth discovering from Pinterest.

Pinterest Messaging and it's Business Potential

With the newest edition to Pinterest, messaging, the website appears to be becoming more and more social. This will entice more users to join a community of 70 million users who have pinned 30 billion pins.

Users (also know as 'Pinners') have always had the capability to send pins to one another if they are following each other. The issue was that you couldn't include a private message to explain why you sent it the Pinner.

Now, Pinners can go to the 'Messages' tab within 'Notifications' and see who has chatted with them and who they want to chat. Businesses can find a use with the messaging feature because it allows them to establish a personal connection with their followers.

Businesses can take advantage of the new messaging feature by engaging with their most influential followers and by engaging new followers. For instance, if you see via analytics (Tailwind being one great example, or using Pinterest's analytics service) that one of your users Pins from your website led to a spike in sales of that product or views to that page on your site, you can personally reach out to them.

Great Examples of Businesses on Pinteresthow pinterest works

TOMS, the shoe company that will send children in need one pair of shoes for every one that you buy, is a great example of a successful business on Pinterest. They implement boards like 'California Dreamin' to show company culture and 'World Sight Day' to highlight their eyewear products and philanthropy. Check out their profile to see visually enticing photos, inspirational stories and more.

Target is also an avid Pinterest user. Their boards look as though any one could be managing the account, with Boards entitled 'Beauty', 'Kid's Style', and 'Back to School.' This is a good example of how anyone could maintain a great Pinterest profile- make sure you are relating to those who use Pinterest and then they will want to follow you.

Interested in what you can get out of Pinterest? Start a page and let us know how it goes. Already have a page? Check out how Pinterest works with analytics and update us on what you find out!

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