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Google on Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / July 22, 2011

I've been so focused on Google Plus these last weeks that I almost missed winning the zero moment of truth.

No ... really ... that's what it's called.

Google's new eBook that you can download here is entitled ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, written by Google's Jim Lecinsk.

Here's a trailer video from June 20th. If you actually go to the YouTube page, you'll seen that there's a whole set of fully produced, nicely colored and well shot videos that tell an entire story that supports the download.

google-ZMOT-LinkedInWhat's Interesting

If you click through to YouTube you'll see that this campaign is not exactly what you call a viral just yet. At the time of this post, the highest number of views on any single video is just over 4000. Most of the rest of the videos have less than a mere 100 views. It's either really early in some type of announcement, or maybe this is a campaign that was forgotten in the buzz around Google Plus. You're guess is as good as mine at this point.

All that said, I did discover the ZMOT site by clicking through a banner ad that was served up inside my LinkedIn Inbox. The banner you see to the right is well designed in itself, and it was preceded by an bold red animation that contained a quote from a business someone who I would assume to be a C-level leader. The text faded away so fast that I couldn't finish reading it before the second banner was displayed.

After I thought about it, I guess that might have been part of the of the plan all along, adding a feeling of curiosity causing me to click through. Savvy...

Winning Zero Moments

So what is this Google coined Zero Moment of Truth? It's actually quite interesting and it's making me incredibly excited to see what's coming down the pipeline from search giant.

According to Lecinsk, Zero Moments represent the moments in-between the stimulus that creates first awareness of the option, and the final selection and purchase of the product or service where consumers have the option to gather a plethora of information that can include media, product details and reviews, opinions and recommendations from their friends -- all and from a variety of mobile internet-based sources.


Google Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

These added dimensions have to some extent always been present, but the speed and accessibility delivered by mobile, internet ready devices creates a world of opportunity for a company like Google to produce tools that businesses can use to effect purchase decisions at many different touch points.

The Question is...


In the end, this eBook is really designed for one purpose - to create buzz around an idea to help make it spread. It's a mysterious and savvy content marketing campaign, targeting many of the folks who can help share the experience which becomes the next persons ZMOT. And so on and so on does the cycle continue. We feed the buzz machine with the fuel of our own communities.

But, the question still remains -- what does it mean in regards to Google? Why focus on such a high level strategic concept for the buzz factor? Why this sudden and almost hidden push on Zero Moments of Truth? Will this mean an entirely new technology that enhances the mobile experience is one it's way? Will this be an at-retail QR code killer. Will it have some type of deeper integration with Google Plus? Will it have something to do with the all but ignored Google Places?

What do you think?

If you'd like to download and check out Google's Winning the Zero Moment of Truth eBook, you can download it here.

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