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Why Google Needed to Buy Songza

Gentry Bennett
Gentry Bennett / July 08, 2014

google needed to buy songza

Google is years behind other companies out there. While their algorithms and wearables seem like they come from the future, Google falls flat in one area: music streaming.

Music streaming isn't best completed by algorithms and computers, like the rest of Google's products. Instead, DJs and music experts can hand craft a playlist for you with much better success rates than a computer.

Where can you get this for free? Songza. How much did Google pay for Songza? Unknown.

What is Songza?

Songza is a music streaming website that launched in 2007. Since then, it has gained recognition for its expert-created music playlists.

why google needed to buy songza Soure: Engadget

Whether you're having a "Dorm Room Dance Party" or "Feelin' Good in the 90s," Songza has a playlist for you. The homepage, or the concierge, offers a selection of activities you may be doing on a Tuesday late morning, Friday night or whenever you log in to the app.

With options to search by Activities, Genres, Moods and Decades, you never find yourself without a playlist whether you're out with friends or cleaning the house.

google needed to buy songzaWhy did Google buy Songza?

When Songza announced its deal with Google, they chose "Walking on Sunshine" as their announcement song, stating "We can’t think of a better company to join in our quest to provide the perfect soundtrack for everything you do. No immediate changes to Songza are planned, other than making it faster, smarter and even more fun to use."

Pandora, the insanely popular streaming service and arguably one of Songza's biggest competitor, has been working on their Music Genome Project since 2000.

why google needed to buy songza Source: PC Magazine

This puts Google 14 years behind one of the most popular music service out there. Google needed to buy Songza to try to make up for lost time. Songza allows Google to see how its makes playlists, instead of providing access to music curated by a computer.

One interesting deal that Songza already has is a partnership with The Weather Channel, allowing the concierge to offer weather-friendly playlists.

What can we expect from Songza in the future?

Google Play Music is expected to incorporate Songza very soon as a part of their All Access subscription service. It is also rumored that Google's video giant Youtube will incorporate Songza in some way as well. Google has said they are leaving the site intact for now, but I think they can improve upon the app and will revamp Songza to potentially become the new Pandora.

My favorite Songza playlist is "Dorm Room Dance Party." What's yours? Try out Songza and comment on why you think Google needed to buy Songza!

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