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The Golden Circle at #Sochi2014

Morgan Meade
Morgan Meade / February 25, 2014
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Simon Sinek - #Sochi2014 - NR Media Group - Morgan MeadeWondering why brands having nothing to do with sports feature athletes in their messages? This post will tell you how technology is letting brands deep inside what makes our brains tick.

Last week, we covered how we become conditioned to social media habits, and how technology is changing the way everyone involved experiences the Olympic games.

Today, we discuss how brands are using technology to go beyond even the psychological factors discussed in Jonah Berger's STEPPS.

Background Example - Chipotle's Hulu Series


Emotion and Advertising - Image Courtesy of The Daily Meal

You may have heard of "Farmed and Dangerous", a four-part, satirical original series by Chipotle showing on Hulu soon.

Reports say the humor and hyperbolic antics of the show's characters are meant to sow the seeds of sustainable farming loyalty the brand planted in its first two video advertisements.

In an interview with The New York Times, brand and advertising executives cite the advertising strategy not as being focused on product integration, but values integration. Is a "newfangled" notion, or just a shot in the dark? Really, it's neither. Value-based branding is completely back by science, and its been done for years.

Where Simon Sinek's Golden Circle Comes into Play

Simon Sinek describes how messages that play to our emotions reach our reptilian brains, the cortex of our decision-making process, giving us the types of good feelings to somehow inexplicably (this part of the brain can't express language) motivate action.

That "gut feeling" you had about your last car purchase? Blame advertisements aligned with your deepest-seated values. Subaru's aren't sexy, but they've been calling my name lately.

Watch Simon Sinek's TED Talk below, and pay particular attention to how the Golden Circle facilitates brand loyalty.

What Makes Us Buy?

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." -Simon Sinek


Simon Sinek and #Sochi 2014 - NR Media - Morgan Meade Winning brands go for gold.

In his TED talk, Simon Sinek uses the example of Apple to point out what really reaches our motivation to act. Brands that align their messages with our own innate values and beliefs are then able to sell us whatever they want.

The positive emotions we associate with Apple's simplicity become deeply rooted in our intellect with the brand's image. Forbes' article about "Apple's Brand Loyalty to the Core" says it best: "Apple’s mission statement doesn’t really talk about what it does; it talks about what it believes in."

Want to learn more about the "Why" factor? Check out Simon's website - Start With Why.

[Tweet ""People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."-Simon Sinek via @morganmeade"]

How Brands Go for Gold - The Golden Circle at #Sochi2014

Does this explain why P&G spends million on its #BecauseOfMom ads? There are many examples of companies tying their brands to the unwavering dedication of athletes to their sports, and the caring people who helped them reach the peak of competition.

P&G wants to be seen as the company for those who care about their families. Red Bull has been riding along with extreme athletes since it first hit the shelves. Hashtags and Hulu are allowing brands to facilitate viral visibility.


Seeing is Believing at #Sochi2014


Emotional Advertising at #Sochi2014 Nike's Olympic Emotional Appeal (Image via Ad Age).

Today, brands are using the plethora of video-friendly platforms to promote their core values. From live-streaming Olympic coverage online, to tweet-a-long subtext about televised event, and now Hulu, they're wisely utilizing all the opportunities for visibility they can get.

Personally - Nike ads have always given me the chills, tempted my wallet, and really inspired me to be the best athlete I can. My teammates and I watch some of their videos before races! Their motto is "Inspiration and innovation for every athlete."

Maybe it's a win-win situation. What ads to you feel align best with your values? Follow the links below for some good case studies of this concept.

USOC Sponsor Nike is Concentrating on the Russian Market

Proctor and Gamble's YouTube Channel and Vines for Tide

United Airlines' "Welcome Aboard, Team USA" - "Carrying the hopes of the nation"


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