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Gini Dietrich on Breaking Down Silos

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / May 29, 2012

This year's Ohio Growth Summit was a huge success! Seriously, I've been involved for four years now and it was one of the best conferences I've seen in Ohio.

One of the highlights for me personally was finally having the chance to meet my friend Gini Dietrich for the first time in person. We've talked for years online, but her time in Columbus to deliver the closing keynote at #OGS12 was our first time standing face to face.

Gini's also recently co-authored her first book with Geoff Livingston entitled Marketing in the Round. I did some reading this weekend from my lake-facing camp chair and have really enjoyed their work thus far. If you're in any size of business, it's absolutely worth a read.

Thanks goes to Eric Leslie for producing this video of an interview I did with Gini, right before she took the stage at the Ohio Growth Summit. She shares some really interesting truths about how business silos once again became some prevalent in the last few years. He also adds in a little of his own outtake flare at the end, so keep watching.

Here's Gini...

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