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Facebook Status Updates: How Do I Reach More Facebook Page Fans?

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / September 14, 2012

I often get asked this question by folks figuring out how to use Facebook for marketing:

How in the world can I make sure my businesses Facebook status updates reach more of our Facebook page fans?

It's a GREAT question, and I can tell you that if you really want to be successful in using Facebook for marketing, the answer lies in understanding how EdgeRank works.

So what is EdgeRank, and why is it important in using Facebook for marketing?

EdgeRank is the behind-the-screens algorithm that determines which Facebook status updates published from your page actually make it to the news feeds of your Facebook page fans.

The benefit is as simple as this:

Learn to understand how EdgeRank works to distribute Facebook status updates organically to your Facebook page fans, and you can start saving significant dollars on paid media like promoted posts, market place ads and sponsored stories.

Surprisingly though, most business have no idea how to take advantage of this 'organic' side of Facebook for marketing.

So, I reached out to Facebook API expert, Chad Wittman to pick his brain on the how EdgeRank works to get your Facebook status updates to the news feeds of your Facebook page fans.

Chad knows what he's doing, too. He's the founder of a successful Facebook analytics company called EdgeRank Checker (which I have used at Karcher Group as well as when I was at Bob Evans.)

He has a lot of answers for you in the video below:

"Understanding EdgeRank is the secret sauce to getting content to your Facebook fans without paying ad fees" - Click to Tweet

When you’re all finished with the video, post a comment with a question that's specific to your business and how YOU are using Facebook.

Let me know what you struggle with in using Facebook for marketing so that I can help, okay?

Oh - and if you actually watched the video, you probably noticed the outtake. It gives you a heck of a reason to use Google Hangouts, right?

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