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How To Triple Your eBook Downloads in 4 Weeks: Part 1

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / November 05, 2012

It's no big surprise that eBooks have become a huge part of the content marketing mix. You can be sure that that trend will continue to grow into 2013. Content marketers everywhere are already fueling their email marketing database through eBook downloads.

That's why I'm delighted to be able to host a series by my friend, and digital native Liam Gooding with some killer tips on how you can get more people to download the eBook content you've worked so hard to produce. Here's part 1 in Liam's series. Enjoy!


Liam GoodingWant to triple your eBook downloads in 4 weeks?

Roll up your sleeves and start fixing the aspects of your content marketing strategy that suck. In this four-part series you'll discover tips to improve your Twitter marketing, eBook, landing pages and relationships with other bloggers with one purpose in mind...increasing your eBook downloads.

Part 1 - Your Twitter Followers Think You Suck. Let's Fix That.

Twitter is the place to share content. Your tweeps love to be enticed to explore new content. Click here, read there, and a couple of tra la las. That's how we tweet our day away at the Merry old town of Oz. When all of your munchkin followers are merrily tweeting throughout their day, you don't want to fly in on your broomstick disrupting their happy little world. The Wicked Witch sucks. When the Wicked Witch is in Munchkinland, all of the munchkins hide. When Glinda the Good Witch is in town, the munchkins gather round her anxiously awaiting her words of wisdom. If you want to triple your eBook downloads in four weeks you need to be more like the Glinda the Good Witch. You need your Twitter followers to like you; to click-through on your tweets to your eBook landing page.

Cast away your Wicked Witch ways. Are you scaring away your Twitter followers?

The Wicked Witch sucks. She has some nasty habits that make her unpleasant to be around.

If you wouldn’t show your mother, don’t tweet it.

It's important to share your personality with your Twitter followers. Everybody enjoys being around people with a good sense of humor. People also take notice of the saucy and the controversial. If you're too bland, you might not get noticed. Be yourself. Just be your respectable self. If you swear like a sailor when you've had a drink on a Friday night, keep your phone in your pocket. Don't tweet. If you like watching 'hilarious' videos on YouTube over the weekend that are a bit rude, don't share them on Twitter. Some of your Twitter followers will find swearing, or other content they find inappropriate, unforgivable. They will unfollow you or decide you suck. Don't damage your credibility with any of your followers for the sake of sharing something a little rude.

Don't bombard your followers with loads of tweets in a row.

In the Wizard of Oz, there's a scene where the Wicked Witch is standing at the window of her castle ordering her monkeys to "Take care of those ruby slippers. I want those most of all. Now fly, fly, fly." Don't deliberately send several tweets in a row, especially not self-promotional tweets. That's one nasty Wicked Witch tactic that your followers will see right through. Don't bombard them with request after request for them to download your eBook. They'll see that- that's what you want them to do 'most of all." Your followers will view you with suspicion and know that you're just after their 'ruby' email address. Even if you do make it less obvious what you're after, don't fill your follower's Twitter stream with evil flying monkeys. They don't want to see 10 tweets from you in a minute. True, you'll make sure they notice you, but do you want to be viewed as a Wicked Witch spreading annoyance with your evil monkey tweets, or would you rather be a Good Witch? Those evil monkeys don't look scary at all if you send them to fly one at a time.

The Repeater Tweeter.

Another Wicked Witch trick is to repeat the exact same tweet with quick succession. It's ok to repeat your tweets. You should repeat your tweets. I encourage you to repeat your tweets. In fact, if you want to increase downloads for your eBook, you should repeat tweets with a link to the landing page to download your eBook. Just make sure you avoid the 'evil flying monkey principle'. One flying monkey on its own is a curiosity. A sky full of flying monkeys is evil! Schedule your marketing tweets and spread out those flying monkeys.

The Crystal Ball.

Another trick of the Wicked Witch is to observe people from her crystal ball. Don't just watch people from afar and use what they tweet to try to manipulate them into getting what you want. It won't work. Don't think you can get your followers to like you by watching them and retweeting them. If all you ever do is share info and retweet, you won't be likeable. You have to stop staring into that crystal ball and start having conversations with people. Let's put that crystal ball down and learn how to be loved like the Glinda the Good Witch.

How to increase interest from your Twitter followers.

If you want more people to download your eBook, you need to be interesting. You need your followers to like you. You need your followers to respect you. When Glinda the Good Witch flies into Munchkinland, all of the munchkins gather around to greet her and listen to her. When you spend time tweeting, you want people to greet you. You want people to feel your presence and want to interact with you.

Be kind.

Glinda always has a smile on her face, is well presented and communicates warmly to everyone. Tweet with a positive, friendly state of mind. Don't moan and complain.

Be inspirational.

Glinda is always there to lend support when it is needed. She encourages. She supports. When you see a tweet that one of your followers is having a bad day or a problem, offer words of wisdom or support. Be there when your community needs encouragement. Share content that inspires and makes people feel they can overcome any obstacle.

Be helpful.

Glinda always offers help when it's needed. Watch for opportunities to help your followers. Answer questions. Share helpful content. Share your knowledge. Connect your followers with useful people and resources. Recommend and share content from your followers. Be helpful. Trade in those Wicked Witch behaviors and be a Good Witch. When you tweet from a kind, inspirational and helpful place, your followers will gather round to listen to you, converse with you and trust that your eBook is worth downloading.

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Liam Gooding is the co-founder and CEO of Virally, a social content marketing platform. He blogs about content marketing, conversion optimization, and occasionally goes off topic and talks about entrepreneurship and startup marketing.

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