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The Business Benefits of Bitly

Sarah Robles
Sarah Robles / May 21, 2014
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benefits of bitlyThe end goals of content marketing today are twofold: create good content that speaks to your target audience, and make that content easily accessible, shareable, and measurable to promote maximum impact. In reaching the second step of this goal, simplicity becomes extremely important.

Bitly is a content marketing tool that dramatically helps simplify content distribution and therefore increase the overall value of content marketing efforts.

Read about my take on enhancements to social media tools for business.

What is Bitly?

Bitly is an online service that allows users to save and shorten links from around the web. By pasting a URL into Bitly's search bar, the site generates a unique shortlink (e.g. that can be shared on social sites or through email and then tracked for engagement.

Each month, Bitly shortens over 1 billion URLs from publishers, brands, government organizations, educational institutions, non-profits, and individual users. From those 1 billion shortlinks, it generates over 6 billion clicks.

The Business Benefits of Bitly

Through a simple free account, Bitly gives users access to a wide array of valuable benefits:

  • Engagement metrics. Bitly provides a stats page that is accessible via tabs on your profile or by pasting your shortlink plus "+" into your browser. For each shortlink (or bitmark) you save, it measures valuable insight like 'Clicks via your shortlink', 'total clicks', and 'total saves'. It also uses bar and pie graphs to track clicks per certain period of time and referral traffic by web source and country. And all of this is important because it shows you which posts resonate best with your audience and which mediums drive the strongest and most consistent traffic.

benefits of bitly

  • Content-specific networking. If you create a free account by signing in with Facebook or Twitter, you'll be able to view the activity of friends and followers who post public links through Bitly. At the bottom of your stats page, you can view up to six users who shared a link to the same content you've engaged with.

benefits of bitly

  • Easy organization with bundles. Bundles are ordered lists of web content (like blogs, videos, and images) that can be easily created around topics or themes. They can be shared just like regular shortlinks and support collaboration with up to twelve friends. Content curation at its finest!
  • Bitly Brand Tools. If you have the budget for it, Bitly offers benefits of bitlya suite of branding tools to help you get the most from the service. From branded short domains (see right), to custom bitlinks, team management support, improved reporting and analytics, and workflow integration, Brand Tools are a great investment into improved content marketing and strategy.

The Link to You

What have been your experiences with Bitly? Have the benefits listed above made an impact in your business?

Let us know in the comments below!

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