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What's Polarizing About Brazil's Midia NINJAs During the World Cup?

Carson Reider
Carson Reider / June 16, 2014

brazil's midia ninjas from Twitter

Donatello. Snake Eyes. Scorpion.

Shredder. Storm Shadow. Chuck Norris.

These are just a few examples of some kick-ass ninjas.

There is a new breed of ninja raising a ruckus nowadays.

Who are they?

What do they do?

Why are they so polarizing?

Brazil's Unrest

Twitter recently focused on providing users with a "World Cup Starter Kit" in an effort to connect members with new networks of like-frenzied fans and distributing news. However, bigger news is connecting networks of striking public workers in the World Cup host nation of Brazil.

Thousands of Brazilian workers question the government's spending on stadium construction for the quadrennial global soccer/football/futbol tournament. Protestors wonder why nearly $15 billion has been spent on soccer stadiums in their country to prepare for the influx of fans from around the world. These protests began last summer over a 10-cent hike in bus fares in Sao Paulo. That's how serious this issue is for them.

Meet Brazil's Midia NINJAs

from Midia NINJAs Twitter

These protests originated as orderly demonstrations that have now spilled into riotous behavior after police responded to the masses of people with pepper spray, beatings and bullets, casting an eerie shadow over the global games that were about to take place.

This brutality, which included police violence against women, was live-streamed by Midia NINJAs, and hasn't been affected by what typically happens on social media during most crises.

Midia NINJAs are giving information to those who often find their news skewed or biased, which has exploded because of its emotionally-charged messaging and the World of Mouth phenomenon.

"We’ll get word out to everyone via Twitter about alternative events, protests happening in front of the stadiums themselves," said one of the collective's workers. "Ever since the eruption of protests in 2013, we’re trying to build a new reality that addresses the underlying problems."

With protests by activists angry at the money being spent by Brazil to host the World Cup expected to continue throughout the tournament, you can expect the chatter from Brazil's Midia NINJAs to grow, though folks in the stadiums may not see it.

Follow the posts of Brazil's Midia NINJAs (you'll need to use Google Translate unless you read Portuguese).

Your Thoughts on Ninjas

What do you think of these Midia NINJAs?

Are they Brazil's 21st Century Robin Hoods?

Start a discussion in the comments below!

Side note: What ninja is your favorite? (Go Raphael!)

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