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What's Up With All This Bragging On Social Media?

Carson Reider
Carson Reider / June 09, 2014

Image from Glossy Musings

There is an apocalyptic wave of information washing over you every second you're online. Some of it we skim over, some of it comes in the form of humblebrags, whinebrags, sorrybrags, photobrags and cats. Lots of cats.

So, why does it appear that instances of bragging on social media are increasing?

Let's take a look at why individuals like to brag and how social media creates the perfect platform for people to do so.

Bragging & Social Media

Gary Vaynerchuk has said "One of the absolute worst things a human being can do is brag about himself all the time."

We publicly display our identity or self-concept when we describe ourselves to others. Our appearance, achievements, attributes or character are typically the first to be mentioned.

People don't brag about plain, ordinary events or accomplishments happening to them; people brag about interesting things. No more is it gloating to one person, but to a multitude just in the click of a button!

Social media serves as the ideal tool for braggadocio. What diaries or journals once were to young teens, social media profiles have become to many now, especially Millenials, who disdainfully could be called the "Pay Attention to Me" generation.

We're obsessed with endless personal promotion. Aren't we all #solucky to have our "first world problems?" We're the photojournalists covering our own glamor tours of our photobraggable lives.

"As people continue to microblog and update their status via social media, it soon becomes a competition of who’s doing the coolest thing." -Erik Qualman

What's Next?

In his editorial, Braggers Rites, J.P. Friere writes, "When that champagne is there (because otherwise what’s the point?), you need to photograph it with your iPhone and post it to the Internet with all due haste, lest you miss out on a good photobrag. Sometimes people can’t visualize for themselves how well things are going for you, so why not include the airline cocktail napkin for good measure so everyone knows you’re drinking on a plane?"

What do our "first world problems" communicate to others?

Has our expression of our self-concept morphed into an infatuation with self-promotion?

You'll have to excuse me. I won't be able to read your comments because I'm taking my gold-plated yacht on a tour of the Galapagos with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. #humblebrag

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