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25 'Best Of' Blog Posts on in 2011

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / December 28, 2011

As I get ready for next year on, I always look back at what posts preformed the highest with you and all of the folks that visit here and read my stuff.

This year, I built the list by looking at three different metrics. First (and always first in my opinion) I started by digging into my Google Analytics to see what content brought the best traffic. Next, I looked at data from a free PostRank plugin for WordPress and whittled the list down to everything that ranked a score of 7 or above. Finally, I looked at posts that had been optimized using the combination of SEO Scribe and SEO All in One Pack for WordPress.

Using these three measures, you and I collectively came up with the list of 25 'Best Of' blog posts you see below. Going one step further, I've tried to give them some type of order by grouping together some of the similar topic areas.

Let me know what you think and if you remember any of these, okay?

About Building Brand

  1. The Resume is Dead
  2. My Take on Ted and Brand
  3. The Fascinating Personal Brand of Tim Tebow
  4. About Dark Periods

About Blogging

  1. How to Pitch for a Guest Blogging Spot
  2. On the Argument to Post Blog Content Daily
  3. What's Your Take on the Whole Authors VS Bloggers Thing?

About Using the Interwebz and Social Media

  1. Using GroupMe: Ideas on How Different Groups Can Take Advantage of Group Texting
  2. On Relationship Layers, Time and Facebook
  3. 9 Ways to Use EdgeRank to Rule Your Facebook Experience
  4. QR Codes - Driving Adoption by Doing It Right
  5. How To Use Google+ Sparks as a Listening Post
  6. How To Grow Your Google+ Network in 5 Easy Steps
  7. Google+s Photos: 5 Reasons Why This G+ Feature is an Amazing Blog Tool
  8. 5 Quick Guesses at the Future of Google's Business Model

About Strategy & Values

  1. Why You Shouldn't Automate a Second Ask
  2. A Different Take on Osama Bin Laden's Death
  3. Alone with Your Goals
  4. DJ Collier on Godfather Social Media
  5. Learning to Whittle
  6. 7 Content Marketing Philosophies That Will Change Everything

About People

  1. 3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week #6 -- College Edition
  2. 3 Cool Kids You Should Stalk This Week #4 -- Detroit Edition
  3. On Social Media Experts
  4. On Choosing Entrepreneurship

Your Comments?

What do you think? Did you remember any of these posts? Do you agree with the method of selection or the tools used? Were these the best posts or simply a result of good keyword optimization at the time of a search trend? How would you (or did you) measure the success of your own content differently?

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