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20 Posts I Loved Writing in 2010

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / December 30, 2010

Everyone this week seems to be focused on the wrap-up party for 2010. I've never been one to shy away from a party, so count me in.

Gini Detrich's end-of-year post on Spin Sucks is probably one of the coolest I've read so far this year. She does a nice job ranking the top-10 posts of 2010 by the amount of comments they receive.

My Take on The End

It's was a good exercise for me to walk back through the last year of writing. It's helped me get laser-focused for next year and also brought back some good memories.

I'm a bit selfish, I guess. I've selected my top-20 by looking at comments, shares and a little traffic stats - but, mostly, these are the posts that I loved writing. Fair?

20 Posts I Loved Writing in 2010

  1. What We Can Learn About Trust & Brand from DK Diner - I wrote this back in January of this year. Along with having killer doughnuts, DK Diner knows how to create a customer experience that makes you feel right at home - pajamas and all.
  2. How To Use Google Wave to Get More from Events & Conferences - What ever happened to Google Wave? Well, it's still there, but mostly off-radar today. Wasn't it supposed to be Google's next big thing? At any rate, this was another January post and an idea that worked pretty well.
  3. 23 Ideas to Help WNCI’s Morning Zoo with Dave & Jimmy Get Better at Using Social Media - Apparently, January was an "on" month. This list of ideas got your attention, as well as the attention of the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. Pretty cool.
  4. HOW TO Use a Foursquare Strategy for Customer Retention & Foot Traffic - Funny how my opinion on Foursquare has changed with the birth of Facebook Places. I still think Foursquare is viable, however, and here are some ways to think about using it.
  5. You Have Permission - This was one of my personal favorites in February, because it was written for one specific individual. Sometimes all we need is permission.
  6. 24 Reasons Why Students Should Start Blogging Today - Written with inspiration that came from watching my friend, Hannah DeMilta, find her dream job in Australia (in large part because she blogs and uses social media). Go Hannah!
  7. 40 Amazingly Helpful Business Software Tools - This one got a ton of bookmarks. Ever notice that the longer the list, the more people bookmark it as a resource? Go figure.
  8. Never Let the Lizard Send Email - In March, I read Seth Godin's Linchpin. That, and an experience with Incept (client), sparked the idea for this post.
  9. HootSuite Certified Professionals Directory Fails at Customer Policy - Don't get me wrong, I love Hootsuite. But, I had to call shenanigans on this program. Read the post, and you'll see why.
  10. HOW TO Use Twitter Lists for Self Benchmarking in 5 Easy Steps - Want to learn how to build a Twitter presence through content sharing? This post was where I started.
  11. Interview With Petco’s Director of Social Media & Commerce, Natalie Malaszenko - Talking with Natalie at BlogPaws was probably my favorite interview all year long. And my dog, Lenny, loves her.
  12. Foursquare Badges May Tell Stories of Consumer Behavior - My friend, Becky Johns, has told me a few times that this was one of the good ones from this year. Thank you, Becky.
  13. 35 Things You Can Do To Have Better One-To-One Meetings - I remember how much I enjoyed writing this post. That's all really.
  14. My Media Production Studio in a Backpack - This was shot while in Chicago at the BMA Engage Conference. My backpack has served me well so far.
  15. 6 Tips for Talking with Your Kids About Divorce - It's amazing what you can learn about your readers by sharing something personal. I really loved the comments this post drew.
  16. How To Build Corporate Social Media Guidelines for Humans - Here are a few downloadable examples you can use if you're working to build guidelines for social media within your company.
  17. 7 Tips You Can Use to Improve Your Klout Score - This one was fairly recent, but there's an interesting back-and-forth in the comments. Apparently, Klout is a touchy subject these days.
  18. Six Reasons Facebook Places Might Just Beat Foursquare - I had the pleasure of guest posting over at Spin Sucks earlier this year, thanks to Becky Johns and Daniel Hindin.
  19. 3 Strategies for Changing Your Company Culture to Support Content Marketing - I did this one over at CMI a few months ago. It was a different style than I'm used to writing, but it got me out of my comfort zone.
  20. The Internet Conversation Cycle for Brands - Incept (one of my clients) invited me to contribute on the blog we worked to build this year. The idea for this post was largely a result of watching the Old Spice Campaign videos.

Your Take on the End?

How will you write your end-of-year post this year? How will you reflect? Don't have a blog of your own? Will 2011 be the year you start?

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