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#027: Kate Finley on PR and Media Relations for Restaurants

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / February 07, 2014

The media landscape has fragmented in a big way. And because of this, what Wordpress banner SRPused to be a clear process for creating PR ad media relations outreach campaigns has also shifted. What is your brand to do in when the public now has so many media sources where they can find information?

My guest this week lives and breathes this challenge every single day. She and her innovative firm have also helped brands like Chic-Fil-A, Panara Bread and others to combat this challenging landscape head on and get their messages out to the masses of customers who now consume media more frequently than ever before, often times from the smartphone they carry in their pants.

Kate Finley @kateupdates

In episode #027 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I talk with Kate Finley, CEO of Belle Communications, a Columbus Ohio-based public relations firm that operates on a virtual agency model. Through an integrated approach, they combine pr and media relations with social media and content marketing to help startups, CPG brands and speciality food brands.

Kate and I discuss everything from agency business models, this past week’s Super Bowl marketing campaigns to Chipotle’s approach in releasing their original, Hulu-syndicated series, ‘Farmed & Dangerous’.

Go ahead, turn up the speakers, click play and listening to episode #027 of the Social Restaurant Podcast.

What You'll Learn During the Interview

  • The importance of breaking down separate silos to perform and operate through an integrated approach.
  • Why providing tailored, customized meal options can create a better experience for your customers.
  • Characteristics virtual agencies need to have to allow brands to overcome stereotypical fears of these types of pr companies.
  • Learn how media relations has changed but how its only stayed true to its traditional model.
  • How implementing transparency can create opportunities for your restaurant brand.

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Additional Show Resources and Notes

In this week's restaurant news, we discuss an article from AdWeek titled "Dunkin' Donuts' New Vine Spots Play on Super Bowl Memories." Here's one of their three videos. What do you think? Were these videos and hit or a miss? Share your thoughts by using the Speakpipe comment tool.

Kate talks about how she's embraced the Paleo lifestyle while also being a foodie. Read Kate's personal blog - Kate Updates: Live. Happy. Healthy. - to learn more about her experiences.

Farmed and Dangerous We praise Chipotle for their marketing efforts. Watch more of the trailer of for their upcoming Hulu series, Farmed & Dangerous, to learn more.

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