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#018 Jeffrey Rohrs on Developing Your Proprietary Audience

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / December 06, 2013

Did you know that you and your brand have the potential to build a Wordpress banner SRPproprietary audience?

If you've ever wondered exactly how viral marketing works, this next interview is jammed packed with all of the information you need to make your menu and promotions spread from one customer to next.

audience book jeffrey rohrs @jkrohrs

In episode #018 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I talk with Jeffrey K. Rohrs, Vice President of Marketing Insights for ExactTarget, a leading global provider of email marketing and cross-channel interactive marketing software-as-a-service solutions

I’m ecstatic that Jeff wrote this book. In the age of mobile, social and all shapes of digital communications, the ideas contained in Audience give marketers a blueprint on how to grow, activate and show the ROI of your proprietary audience.

Go ahead, turn up the speakers, click play and listening to episode #018 of the Social Restaurant Podcast.

What You'll Learn During the Interview

  • Harry Potter - Seeker Similar to Harry Potter's goal of catching the Golden Snitch, the seekers of your audience are looking for information.

    Learn who constitutes your proprietary audience and the value they hold.

  • Hear case studies and research on the predicted monetary amount of a fan, follower or subscribe.
  • Communicate and engage with the seekers, amplifiers and joiners of your brand.
  • Determine the most strategic strategy to build direct and exclusive relationships with your proprietary audience based on their individual behaviors, motivations and habits.
  • Where you can find the book and communicate with Jeff through his social platforms.

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Additional Show Resources and Notes

successful-content-marketing-audience-rohrsDuring the show, I mention the 2013 Syncapse Case Study which looked at 20 different global brands to determine than an average Facebook fan is worth about $174. Download the study to learn about Syncapse's research.

Jeff and the rest of the ExactTarget team have developed reports and tools on how to better communicate with your subscribers, fans and followers. Download The Audience Growth Survey, one of their most informative reports.

Melt Tattoo Family A Melt Tattoo Family member

Melt, a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant located in Cleveland and now Columbus, is mentioned by Jeff as a perfect example of capitalizing on the value of your propriety audience. With the incentive of receiving 25% off of all orders for life, dedicated grilled cheese super fans can join the Melt Tattoo Family by adorning inked images of the restaurant's sandwiches.

Find fun resources, printable posters and more of Jeff's ideas by visiting the Audience Pro blog. Continue to conversation by following @AudiencePro and liking Audience Book on Facebook.

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