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Frequently Asked Questions

How does HubSpot obtain the customer data used in the ROI calculator?

What types of customer data are used in the ROI calculator?

Which HubSpot customers are included in the data used in the ROI calculator?

How is the average improvement for each metric determined?

What does HubSpot (or the partner) do with the data I enter in the calculator?

Am I guaranteed to see the results I obtain from this calculator?

Maximize your HubSpot Software ROI

Even the best software is worthless if your employees aren't champion-users.  Give your team the premium HubSpot support they need grow faster, and produce a higher ROI on your company's SaaS investment.

My fractional, contract-based support model is designed to help you do more with less through personalize, premium HubSpot support.  I work to leverage HubSpot's software and increase your team's capacity, without the need to take on all the costs and risk associated with hiring additional staff.  I work alongside traditional media, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, and serve as a liaison between your team, their team and HubSpot.