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The Marketing Technologist

Morgan Meade

Morgan Meade

Morgan is a Brokerage Assistant for JLL Commercial Real Estate, holding a B.B.A., Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

As Mobile Search Surpasses Desktop, You Should Be Adapting

By Morgan Meade on June 15, 2015 in Strategy, SEO, Marketing

You've been following the news lately.

You've absorbed the news that mobile searches have surpassed desktop in some parts of the world.

Did it really surprise you? Probably not.

A Business Development Tool No Marketing Executive Should Overlook

By Morgan Meade on June 01, 2015 in Content Marketing, Strategy, SEO, Technology, Marketing

Are you building the game plan for your next marketing campaign?

Maybe, you're digging the foundation for your company as a whole.

Whether you're scouting the market for your next big business idea or testing the waters for expansion into a new...

Instantaneous Media Marketing: Capturing Micro-Moments

By Morgan Meade on May 04, 2015

Think back to how you consumed media ten years ago. Five years ago. Three years ago.

Even since last year, new habits have crept in to your daily routine. As you watched less "real" television, your digital video consumption swelled to fill its...

Secrets to Creating Memorable Content: Super Bowl XLIX Style

By Morgan Meade on February 03, 2015 in Content Marketing


Source: Wikipedia

At $4.2 million for thirty seconds of exposure, the purchase of a Super Bowl ad spot during face off XLIX was "the most expensive advertising choice a brand can make", according to Nasdaq.

You better believe the athletes...

The Latest Google Algorithm Updates: Panda and Payday Loan

By Morgan Meade on May 27, 2014


Source: themail.com

Millennial Search Behavior

By Morgan Meade on May 20, 2014 in Content Marketing, SEO

Is your brand aiming to capture millennial attention?

Three Problems Your Mobile Platform Must Solve for Customers

By Morgan Meade on May 02, 2014 in SEO, Marketing

Source: thinkwithgoogle.com

Why and How Should I Optimize for Mobile Search?

By Morgan Meade on April 01, 2014 in SEO

Whenever we get a glimmer of insight on how to keep Google working in our favor, we're all ears.

How Your Brand Can Advertise with Augmented Reality

By Morgan Meade on March 25, 2014

With all the talk about wearables lately, the advertising implications can get a little overwhelming. How can your company start to integrate new platforms today that will put you ahead of the crowd?