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5 Social Media Measurement Tools for Building More Effective Marketing Channels

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / April 27, 2012

Social Media Measurement Tools -- Peter DruckerIt's debatable as to whether or not Peter Drucker actually originated the statement: "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

But, no matter who's responsible for the famous quote, one fact remains - it's a true statement.

If you read yesterday's post on putting the cart before the horse in generating ROI from social media, you are already thinking about how you're going to build more presence and gain the right audience across your social media networks to make them more effective marketing channels for your business.

That's good, too. I promise you that in time, making the effort will lead to better business results that actually make an impact on your business KPI's.

5 Social Media Measurement Tools for Building More Effective Marketing Channels

When talking about content marketing and social media, there are three different genres of metrics that apply to nearly all of your efforts:

  1. Publishing Metrics - How much content are you publishing and how frequently? Are you meeting or exceeding your own goals?
  2. Presence Metrics - How is your fan or follower base expanding? Is it growing at an effective pace and among the right audience?
  3. Business KPI's - Are your social media channels and activities producing results that will make your CEO give nice warm hugs?

In order for social media networks to actually do something for your business and get those warm and fuzzy CEO hugs, you first have to build your social media outposts to be effective marketing channels.

Trust me when I say that doing that will take a concerted investment of time and effort from you and your team. You will need to consistently create tons of good quality content, and even task and train people in your business to be responsible for monitoring social media channels to respond to your brand's fans and followers.

But back to measurement - how do you know whether or not you're moving in the right direction with all of this effort?

Below are 5 of my current favorite social media measurement and analytics tools that I want to share with you. I've been experimenting with these for some time now and while they are low-cost to entry, they are incredibly effective.
I hope this helps...

1. SocialBro - Pretty amazing tool in open BETA, particular useful in gathering insights from your Twitter following that includes analytics on the best times to tweet, influencers insights, competitive analysis and about a dozen more sexy features.

2. PageLever - In my opinion, this tool is currently the best in chopping up Facebook Page data to provide much deeper and more relevant insights on who your Facebook audience really is, in what direction it's growing and how individual objects of content perform out in the network.

Social Media Measurement and Analytics Tools -- PageLever

3. Pinerly - Pinerly is in private BETA right now, but if you can entice some of your friends to drop their email address, they'll let you into the dashboard. This social media measurement tool is one of the first in a wave of tools that look specifically as to how presence is built on Twitter, as well as how Pins and boards spread. In order to get good data populated, users must first create campaigns in the system.

Social Media Analytics and Measurement Tools -- Pinerly

4. Crowdbooster - A different take on a social media measurement tool for Twitter, and an extremely powerful one. Crowdbooster focuses more on specific tweets in a content sharing scheme to show you what objects resonate with your following in terms of impressions and clicks. It then correlates that data against how your Twitter presence is growing.

Social Media Measurement and Analytics Tools -- Crowdbooster for Twitter

5. SocialFlow - SocialFlow is an interesting take on how follower analytics can be used to optimize content distribution on social media. Using natural language search algorithms, the tool will reorder content that users place in the queue to be distributed when the users Twitter following is trending for terms that relate to the tweet and title.

Social Media Analytics and Measurement -- SocialFlow

Go Forth and Build

Building effective marketing channels out of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter can be a challenge.

Let me know in the comments if any of these tools help you to get some perspective on whether or not your presence and audience is growing more effective, okay?

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