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#023 Michael Atkinson on Investing in Restaurants and Technology

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / January 10, 2014

Perhaps you’re considering investing in the restaurant or technology Wordpress banner SRPbusinesses in 2014. If that’s you, then you already know the stakes are incredibly high. One misstep can leave you jobless and with an empty wallet.

This year promises to keep restaurateurs on their toes as the intersection between restaurant operations, marketing and technology becomes a cross road that everyone in the business will pass at some point.

My guest this week has been traveling that exact road for the majority of his career, gaining experience as an frontline restaurant employee who climbed the ranks to open locations for major brands, found his own concepts and even build technology companies. He’s also an experience investment banker working to help seed new concepts and develop affordable technologies that help take the guess work out of running efficient operations.

Michael Atinkson @michaelatinkson

In episode #023 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I talk with Michael Atkinson, food, tech, entrepreneur and founder of and the former Foodservice Social Media Universe Conference.

Michael brings 25 years of restaurant and technology industry experience to the show, sharing his vision on where things are headed next year. I can guarantee that this is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Go ahead, turn up the speakers, click play and listening to episode #023 of the Social Restaurant Podcast.

What You'll Learn During the Interview

  • How the internet has transformed and evolved the restaurant industry.
  • Hear about successes of early social adopters and startups within the industry.
  • Why the fast causal segment is booming and thriving, making it the most appealing to investors.
  • Tips on investing in restaurants, including what investors should be concerned about in 2014.

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Additional Show Resources and Notes

FohBuzz Sample FohBuzz dashboard

Michael talks about one of his investments called FohBuzz during the show.

He describes it as the CarFax or a Klout Score for a restaurant. It's a platform which allows you to measure your social score and compare it to your competitors. Learn how more about FohBuzz by visiting their website.

Hot Italian


Michael explains why he thinks pizza shops are a great pursuit for investors. Check out Hot Italian, the Neapolitan pizza restaurant Michael's an investor in as well a recent blog post he wrote titled "Pizza on Wheels + Where is the Best Pizza in the U.S.?"

I mention in the show the Fast Casual 2014 State of the Industry Report. If you're interested in buying the report, click the link above.

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