How Gen Z Goes to College: The Digital Skillscast Episode #001

by Nate Riggs on January 12, 2017

Welcome to our newest podcast series, "The Digital Skillscast." This weekly podcast will cover trends in marketing, sales, technology and higher education so that faculty and administrators can work to position their institutions to close the digital skills gap.

The digital skills gap is somewhat of a new issue in today's world of digital marketing. You may be familiar with the term "skills gap" which is referred to as "the difference between the skills required to complete a task and the actual skills possessed by an individual."

However, in many cases, this is extremely present around digital marketing and sales. Although digital skills gaps exist in nearly every industry related to software or any type of disruptive technology, our podcast will focus exclusively on digital marketing and sales.

Proof? In a survey performed by Capgemini Consulting, 77% of companies consider missing digital skills as the key hurdle to their Digital Transformation. Learn more by listening to our very first episode, "How Gen Z Goes to College" below.



About our guest: Bill Faust of Ologie


To kick off our very first episode, we’re going to dive into a conversation on a major shift that is already happening. Colleges and universities have been facing a generational changeover as the millennial population begins to age and move into the workforce, while the younger and very different “Gen Z” population plans to earn their degrees.

Our guest is Bill Faust, Managing Partner of Ologie, a Columbus, Ohio-based branding and marketing agency that focuses on clients in Higher Education.

In doing so, Ologie has found a big gap in terms of specific research on Gen Z as it pertains to their motivations, communication preferences, aspirations, attitudes and identities around the college search. Such findings can be observed in Ologie's latest research: The Gen Z Report: Understanding the College-Bound Mindset and the Five Gen Z Archetypes.

This national study gathered 1,578 college-bound students representative of U.S. demographics, pulling from every type of race and ethnicity, community, region, educational background, and academic strength. Our sample ranges in age from sophomores in high school to sophomores in college, and hail from all 50 states. Check out their page below.



About Ologie

At their very core, Ologie is a branding firm passionate about working with purpose-driven brands. Their reach extends beyond the education landscape into organizations all over the country who bring their purpose to life every day.

However, Ologie believes education is the heart of impact and possibility. From public universities and private liberal arts colleges, to faith-based institutions and K-12 schools, they've helped shape the stories for more than a hundred schools all over the country. 


Next week's episode

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