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This Week in Restaurant Technologies #006: New Technologies for Restaurants to Consider

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs / April 17, 2014

TWIRT 006This week, Brandon and I are back with episode 006 of This Week in Restaurant Technologies.

Google has released some hot new inventions to utilize, and chain restaurants have taken to social media to resurrect past menu items.

Also, if you’re currently making some decisions for your restaurants' mobile presence, we've got some commentary on new research we've discovered.

How can you use new technologies in restaurants?

Selecting which new technologies to utilize in restaurants can be difficult. Brandon and I dive into some of the latest, new technologies for restaurants to consider in this week's video.

  1. Social Media Monitoring and Restaurants
  2. How the Internet is Accessed on Mobile Devices

We look at how brands like Olive Garden have used social monitoring to reflect their customers’ requests and how listening to their customers has helped them shape their menus.

We then talk about how mobile users access the internet on their devices, with some interesting insight for restaurants. Everyone loves utilizing mobile apps, and recent numbers have proven that, causing a question of whether or not to develop a restaurant app.

Watch the video to check out this week's thoughts on these new technologies in restaurants.

This Week’s Hangout Notes and Resources

new technologies in restaurantsGoogle Glass has augmented reality once again as Glass users were invited to attend the 2014 Northwest Foodservice Show in Seattle via a live stream on Glass, leaving many out of the loop as Glass had yet to release publicly. Did any of you tap in to the show via Glass?

We also talk about how Universal Analytics Beta is now open to everyone, and more useful than ever. This is a huge expansion from the start of Analytics, and a welcome one. Offline interactions can now be analyzed, opening up a whole new insight into things like smart ads.

To make sure you don’t get assaulted for using Google Glass in public, read this account of a man who wore Glass in the wrong part of San Francisco and left with a police report.

Tune In Next Week

Brandon and I will be back with another episode next week. You can tune in on Thursdays here on my blog to catch the archived recording.

If you'd like to watch and participate in the live Google+ Hangout, we'll be broadcasting at 11AM EST on the This Week In Restaurant Technologies YouTube Channel.

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