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Key Result
FROM 2.8 TO 4.7
Increase in MOZ authority in just 6 months


Homeside is a mortgage lender with offices located in Columbus Ohio. The company provides consumers with home lending products and helps customers finance what's next. Their loan officers work hard, from consultation to closing the loan, to provide an experience worth sharing with friends and family.

With a renewed brand and a strong company culture - Homeside is seeking to become a top 100 lender nationally.


Following their rebranding process, Homeside needed to expand its strategies to help promote awareness, provide the right tools for a small marketing team to operate effectively, and reduce their cost-per-lead by utilizing organic and inbound marketing techniques. Homeside was using WordPress as its web content management system and multiple disparate plugins that delivered no attribution of lead generation and sales from online marketing efforts.

Additionally, its newer website presented the challenge of low domain authority, making it difficult for content to rank highly in search engines. On top of their internal challenges, the competitive nature of this mature industry presented an innate challenge - albeit one they were eager to tackle head on.


Beginning with a strategic evaluation of their marketing efforts, current brand positioning, competitive set, and exisiting client base, NR Media Group helped Homeside create the foundation for their move into inbound marketing. HubSpot Enterprise was implemented and the website was transitioned to the easy-to-operate and secure COS system and thoroughly-research personas were integrated to expand understanding of the audience that was interacting with them online.

In tandem with HubSpot configuration, coaching and training was conducted on the inbound methedology, social media management, blogging, and technical implementation of HubSpot's platform. Finally, NR Media Group helped Homeside create a content roadmap, KPI benchmarks, and strategic goals to act as guides as they moved forward with their inbound marketing plan.


Over the course of 8 months since working with NR Media Group, Homeside Financial:

  • Increased MOZ Rank from 2.8 to 4.7 - gaining significant ground on top competitor - Quicken Loans
  • Reached over 880 blog subscribers - far beyond their target goal
  • Ranks on the first page of Google for 69 target keywords
  • Expanded blogging frequency from 2-3 posts per month to 4 per week
  • Increased blog views to 2,000+ per month
  • Gained 4,400+ new social media followers
  • Increased website visitors from 3,800 in June 2015 to over 22,000 in February 2016
  • Created 600+ leads to date with a visitor-to-lead conversion rate reach nearly 12%

Today, Homeside Financial is flourishing both as a resource for its customers and as a top-notch place to work for its employees - having recently been awarded the number 1 ranking in the medium-sized company category for Columbus Business First’s Best Places to Work. We are excited to see their continued growth and positive impact in the Columbus community and beyond.

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