Do you struggle with deciding which leads will best help you reach your business goals?

Simply fill out the short form to the right and download this free rubric created by NR Media Group. It will help you pick and choose the perfect client for your unique business. 

We recomend that you keep this rubric on-hand so that it is available for the all-important decision of picking your clients. 

This rubric was designed by a business owner for other business decision-makers to help them pick the clients that will best be served by their business, and the clients that will best serve their business goals. This rubric will:

  • Analyze various aspects of a prospective lead, including size, available budget, and company culture
  • Explain how each score is derived to explain the lead evaluation process and allow one to customize it to a specific business or industry
  • Assign a score to each potential client to aid in the final decision