Nate Riggs

Founder & CEO

Keeper of Culture, Teacher

Nate Riggs is the Founder and CEO of NR Media Group. A seasoned inbound marketing strategist, he’s helped a wide range of brands adopt new ideas and technologies that have evolved their marketing programs to meet a new generation of internet-savvy consumers.

Nate has delivered presentations at hundreds of industry conferences and regularly contributes to major business publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, USA Today, Chief Content Officer magazine and many others.

On the side, Nate teaches on the marketing faculty at Ohio University's College of Business. He is an active board member of OU’s Professional Marketing Advisory Board. Nate makes his home in the tiny Columbus suburb of Bexley, Ohio with his wonderful wife, three amazing boys, one old dog, and a cat that is convinced he is human.

Active Certifications

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Melissa Christian

General Manager

Operations Champion, Animal Lover

Melissa is the General Manager for NR Media Group. She handles the major administrative tasks for the company such as travel planning, meeting preparation and schedule coordination, as well as various HR responsibilities.

Melissa’s years of operations management experience gave her the perfect mix of skills to run day-to-day operations while continually coordinating and organizing future plans.

When she isn’t busy ensuring all office operations run smoothly, Melissa enjoys hiking, volunteering with animals, cooking and spending time with her friends, family and pets.

Active Certifications

inbound_marketing_cert_badge_16.png hubspot_cert_badge_16.png partner_cert_badge_16.png design_cert_badge_16.png inbound_sales_cert_badge_16.png context_marketing_cert_badge_16.png  


Eileen Kline

Director of Client Services

Resident COS Design Guru, Starbucks Lover

Eileen Kline is the Director of Client Services for NR Media Group, handling project management oversight for all clients, website design and strategy, and general marketing support.

Eileen graduated from Ohio University’s College of Business, with B.B.A.'s in Marketing and Management Information Systems. While attending school, she was a Copeland Scholar and the Marketing & Commercialization Intern for the Ohio University Technology Transfer Office.

Her passions include building sexy, user-centered websites in HubSpot COS, chasing after her cats Tonto & Starbuck, and watching Friends on a loop.

Active Certifications

inbound_marketing_cert_badge_16.png hubspot_cert_badge_16.png partner_cert_badge_16.png design_cert_badge_16.png inbound_sales_cert_badge_16.png context_marketing_cert_badge_16.png  


Cody Ferguson

Inbound Marketing Consultant

Content Marketing Enthusiast, Taco Connoisseur

As a recent graduate of Ohio University, Cody studied marketing and communication with a focus on social media. He has a strong passion for helping brands evolve in today's competitive marketplace through the power of digital marketing.

In the past, Cody had a social media internship with one of the largest building materials distributors in the Midwest where he led the charge in creating and implementing the company's social strategy.

When he isn't working, Cody loves crossfit, supporting local breweries and eateries around Columbus and planning which Netflix series he will binge watch next. 

Active Certifications

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Sam Little

Account Executive

Crafty Content Marketer, Adoring Aunt

Samantha Little, AKA Sam, is the Account Executive for NR Media Group, where she is responsible for client communication, inbound program strategy, marketing support, and more.

Sam graduated in May 2016 with her Masters in Business Administration, previously receiving an undergraduate degree in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism and Business Marketing. As a lover of marketing, she prides herself in having a variety of marketing experiences within different fields of the industry including non-profit, for-profit, and higher education.

When Sam isn’t at work she enjoys doting on her adorable niece (which she has plenty of pictures of, if you’d like to see!), traveling with her beau, and binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Active Certifications

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Jeff Siegert

Jr. Consultant Level 1

Creative Content Creator, Golden Retriever Enthusaist

Jeff Siegert is a Jr. Inbound Consultant, Level 1 for NR Media Group. He is currently studying Marketing and Management Information Systems in his Senior year at Ohio University's College of business

Digital Marketing is Jeff's passion and he is fully committed to helping brands empower themselves through any and all digital channels. He has had experiences with branding, social media, and creating promotional content for a variety of clients in different industries from Education to Recreation both in the states and abroad.

When Jeff isn't working or taking classes, he tries to have as many new and unique experiences as he can - eating at a new restaurant, trying a new beer, or visiting a place he's never been before to name a few.

Active Certifications

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Courtney Montanye | NR Media Group

Courtney Montanye

Project Intern

Erratic Project Master, Bad Pun Admirer

Courtney is our Project Intern, helping us expand the reach of HubSpot to higher education. As a senior at Ohio University, Courtney is studying marketing with a sales certificate from the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre.

With numerous social media internships under her belt and a leadership role within the top sales program in the country, Courtney has found a passion for digital marketing, sales, and all the associated magic. Courtney’s commitment to exceptional content helps put brands above and beyond the norm.

During her time outside of work, Courtney spends her time running (slowly, but surely), adoring her dachshund's constant need for attention, and rewatching The Office yet again.

Active Certifications

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