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Nate Riggs | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants Nate Riggs | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants

Team Member Since Day One


Nate Riggs | Founder & CEO

Background: For over 15 years, Nate has helped a wide range of organizations adopt and deploy cutting-edge marketing, sales and operations technologies that empower owners to more effectively grow their business. He speaks and facilitates workshops all over the world. Nate's two main passions are his family and racing in triathlons.

Favorite thing about digital marketing: Seeing people excited when they realize they've mastered new digital skills.

Favorite Online Tech Tool: I love and basically live on TrainingPeaks and MyFitnessPal to track all of my activities. I love Zwift for virtual rides and runs. Spotify and Audible are my guilty pleasures.

Favorite Northstar & Why: "Always keep your balance" - This Northstar works both ways. Sometimes you have to burn the midnight oil, but everyone works to have a life. I enjoy living mine.

Alma Mater: Massillon Washington High School, Otterbein College and HubSpot Academy.

Pets: Lenny the Dog - also our Chief Security Consultant

Favorite Song: "The Muse" by The Wood Brothers and "Traffic Jam" by the original Yonder Mountain String Band when Jeff was still around.

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Infinite Repair Chocolate mixed with Fairlife 2% Ultra-Filtered Chocolate Milk and some frozen strawberries -- although I do tend to make a bad-ass Moscow or Kentucky Mule.

Favorite Source of Caffeine: Sugar-Free Red Bull.

Melissa Christian | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants Melissa Christian | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants

Team Member Since 2014


Melissa Christian | Operations Director

Background: Before coming to NR Media Group, Melissa managed events and other front-of-house activities for a restaurant corporation in Columbus, making her the perfect detail-oriented person to keep the office running smoothly. She also holds all active HubSpot Academy certifications and is also certified in Google Analytics.

Favorite thing about digital marketing: I love that it allows us to market to our customers through education rather than distraction

Favorite Online Tech Tool: Trello! I love any tool that lets me organize my life, and Trello makes it easy and fun. Plus, their mascot is a dog!

Favorite Northstar & Why: "Gain Power in Vulnerability" - When we own and grow from our face down moments, we become stronger as individuals and therefore as a team.

Pets: Odin (doggo) & Bitten (kitty)

Favorite CBUS Restaurant: de-Novo, Philco, Market 65

Favorite TV Show: Real Housewives of (any city). I know it’s garbage and I don’t care.

Favorite Out-of-Office Activity: Spending quality time with my family on the weekends is my true happy place.

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Vodka with muddled berries and lemon.

Favorite Source of Caffeine: Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks.

Eileen Kline | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants Eileen Kline | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants

Team Member Since 2015


Eileen Kline | Director of Client Services

Background: Eileen holds degrees in both Marketing & Management Information Systems. She holds all active HubSpot Academy certifications and is also a Certified Scrum Master. She is going on 10 websites built on HubSpot COS, fully optimized for search and conversion and is now working on familiarizing herself with Wordpress.

Favorite thing about digital marketing: It allows people to come to you and express their interest in your company/product instead of interrupting their lives.

Favorite Online Tech Tool: Coolors. Color palette management/lifesaver.

Favorite Northstar & Why: "Embrace Teachable Moments" - We should always be welcome to learning new things.

Alma Mater: Ohio University Bobcat here!

Pets: Two mischievous rescue kitties, Tonto & Starbuck (not named after the coffee place).

Favorite CBUS Restaurant: Bar food: The Crafty Pint; Fancy food: de-Novo Bistro.

Favorite TV Show: Friends, Game of Thrones in a close second.

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Mojito.

Favorite Source of Caffeine: Starbucks' Venti Mocha w/Coconut Milk, no whip (yes I'm that person).

Evan Schultz | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants Evan Schultz | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants

Team Member Since 2017


Evan Schultz | Client & Creative Coordinator

Background: Evan graduated with photography and marketing degrees in 2017. Her previous work experience includes being a TA in Nate's digital marketing class at Ohio University. This previous experience makes her the perfect coach for our clients.

Favorite thing about digital marketing: It's so creative- there’s a way for anyone in any industry to build a brand through digital marketing.

Favorite Online Tech Tool: Canva!

Favorite Northstar & Why: "Engage to Your Greatest Ability" - I am passionate about whatever I do, this North Star rings true for every aspect of my life.

Alma Mater: Ohio University- Go Bobcats!

Pets: I have two dogs, Jackson and Reno.

Favorite TV Show: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Favorite Inspirational Quote: “My main goal is to blow up and then act like I don’t know nobody” -Riff Raff.

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: I could drink Moscow Mules every day for the rest of my life.

Favorite Source of Caffeine: Ideally, an IV of coffee…or an Iced Caramel Macchiato with Coconut Milk.

Ryan Barker | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants Ryan Barker | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants

Team Member Since 2017


Ryan Barker | Web Developer

Background: Ryan's experience includes building a custom application to help him with his day job as an award-winning meat-cutter at Texas Roadhouse. He's a self-taught web developer, cutting his teeth by building applications on a computer he built himself.

Favorite thing about digital marketing: I love that it's creative and more unique than just the standard in your face ad.

Favorite Online Tech Tool: JSBin allows me to quickly spin up and test code.

Favorite Northstar & Why: "Engage To Your Greatest Ability" - Passion drives me and pushes me which is what makes this North Star stand out.

Favorite Sports Team: Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones.

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Do or do not, there is no try." - Yoda.

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: A cold craft beer, preferably a Land Grant.

Favorite Source of Caffeine: Cold brew coffee, just a little sweet.

Lenny Dog | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants Lenny Dog | Sales & Marketing Technology Consultants

Team Member Since Day one


Lenny Dog | Badass Security Guard

Favorite thing about digital marketing: Direct marketing = mail people. Digital marketing means fewer mail people.

Favorite Online Tech Tool: Do office security cameras count?

Favorite Northstar & Why: "Keep Your Balance" - Work life balance means that sometimes it's okay for me to nap at the office.

Favorite Activity: Scaring the s*** out of the mail people.

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "The only reason I don't kick y'all asses is 'cause y'all outrank me." - Sgt. Bosco 'B.A.' Baracus, The A-Team.

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Alcohol is bad for dogs *wink wink*.

Favorite Source of Caffeine: Caffeine? I am all about the treats.

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